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Latest AD Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023

How to apply for AD Intelligence Bureau jobs How you can become ADIB What will be your education to become ADIB What will be your height What will be the test etc etc? All your many queries To become AD intelligence bureau jobs you What should you have? How much will your test be? Which forum will take your test? How can you get this job? What will be the salary scale?

I will discuss and explain all those things. Peace be upon you reader. First of all, listen to what is your selection criteria. What is the physical quality of your education? GMA MSc should be graduation. People can also apply. Those with an MA will be preferred. It’s a simple matter. Graduation is approved by HEC. Your degree must be higher education commission.

Qualification for AD Intelligence Bureau Govt Jobs

Do you approve the degree from which you obtained this degree more than fifty percent forty five to fifty percent your marks should be second division your height is NA in it not applicable you will go as much as you want. In the chest, NA is not applicable. After that, your scale is seventeen. In the seventeen scales, your salary is approximately between sixty to seventy thousand.

There are other allowances. Your salary increases when you become permanent, come to the department, get training, and get posted, your salary keeps increasing, and your scale keeps increasing. Take NANA meaning not applicable after that your vision should be six by six with that without glasses your medical will not be done yes your running push up situp will not be picked up but you will apply for medical with a medical student sir Go to the government hospital,

Government Hospital Medical Certificate for Govt Jobs

Go to the GMS, sit in the government hospital, services hospital, DHQ, THQ, GHQ, and wherever you can get the medical certificate from the government hospital, they will attach the documents to you. Go to this website of WW dot FPSC dot Gov dot PK and you will apply on the same website you will get information and forms federal is a federal institution and federal is federal only you are federal Yes, if the department says so, PPSC can also process you.

The quota for all provinces for govt jobs in Pakistan

Well, this post is for all provinces. Yes, it is for Sindh. For KPK, for Balochistan. This post is for JK Azad Kashmir all over Pakistan, so you will submit through the same criteria and apply through your public service commission and you will get roll number slips and SMS from the same domicile. Minorities can also apply. Minorities channel so apply. You will attach a certificate of the minority. You can come in the general quota and you can also come in the minority quota.

All people can apply for govt jobs in Pakistan. You can do it. You should be a Pakistani citizen. Dual nationality will not work. If you are a dual nationality, you will have to leave dual nationality. You will have one nationality. All documents of Pakistan should be tested. Make three sets of testimonials and keep them. Also, notes are available, take those notes, take advantage of them, with a very modest free photocopy of eight to ten rupees, I am giving you those things for a whole money.

Govt jobs in Pakistan

You are eligible for Govt jobs in Pakistan. Now when the exams will come, the seats are coming, you should apply for it and now what will be your steps, listen carefully. First of all, submit your documents. Scrutiny will be done. You will receive an SMS. In the second stage, you will be called for writing. In this test, you will have a paper of one hundred multiple chest questions and one paper of descriptive, i.e.

One hundred marks of theory. It can be of grade seventeen and above as many seats as there are two papers for them, one paper will have multiple chest questions and one paper will be descriptive of your hundred marks in your English SA Urdu SA English Grammar. and composition All portions, idioms, synonyms, and antinums of Urdu grammar and composition are yours.

Multiple Question Paper for Govt Jobs in Pakistan

All these things can happen in it. It may be your comprehension. It may contain frazil verses or frazil sentences. Um, things can include g. When I say English grammar and composition Urdu grammar and composition then all the things will come in it. After that, you will be able to see how your written form is. how do elaborate How do you describe things?

How do you see things? in the multiple chest question paper, there are as many things as we have mentioned in our notes. All those things have to be prepared within the topic. They have to be taken advantage of and you never know where or how to find things. I told you all these things. After that gave the list of books. I have given you the timetable. Give the schedule and do all those things according to it.

Testing Process for Government Jobs Apply Online

You will be successful. You have qualified in writing and you have succeeded in writing. Then you will be called for your psychological assessment test. What is checked in it, what are the steps, how do you have to succeed in it, and due to what mistakes do you fail in it, then this psychological assessment test is your short talk on two things.

It consists first of all of your return yes there are small questions you have to tick very simple questions in fifteen to twenty minutes after that you have an interview with a psychiatrist or psychologist. You are interviewed and then you have a psychological viva. There are members, there is a chairman, a psychiatrist, and a religious scholar sitting with him.

How do you have to pass the interview for Government Jobs?

This is how you are interviewed. How do you have to pass the interview? I have made sixty to seventy posts in detail. They are lying on top of the post, they will see it and take advantage of it. In the intelligence bureau, in IB, you can start your job service as an assistant director. Your car, your salary is good, you are promoted.

Reports, your dossier, your punishments, punishments, your recommendations for promotions, your inquiries, your shows, all things are discussed in the DPC, besides, P is the departmental promotion board. In the first stage, an offer letter is given to you, you sign the offer letter, then you come to the department, after that, the department itself arranges a medical for you, from this medical, your salary starts and the department’s After you become a part, your training starts.

Training For Govt Jobs in Pakistan

After the training starts, you come back from the training and you are made nine for two, four, six months. Public administration, public speaking, public dealing, these things are taught to you. You are told about the department, how the department works, what is your jurisdiction, what is the office work, and after you learn all these things, then you are given a posting.

After that year, you get confirmed, and in this way, you become assistant director IB. Most frequently, in the questions you have, you first say, “Sir, can we go to another department after that?” improve and go by doing CSS and you can go to PSC. Of course, you can go. Yes, there is no ambiguity in this. Take departmental permission and take NOC and you can go to other departments.

Government Jobs Apply Online

govt jobs Apply Online. You can do it, there is no issue with CSS, after that, your question is whether I can continue my education further. Yes, you can study privately on your own. You are a govt jobs official, you are not allowed to attend classes regularly, you can study on your own, after that the department gives you permission, when the exam comes, you take the exam, you can continue the further study, sir. I told you that you got a house and a car. Yes, you get a car and a house.

Children also have this question. Of course, a law degree is also equal to an MA. It is also a master’s degree. Apart from that, there is a graduation. Have you done a master’s in any subject, you can apply. All law students. Can we also apply Government Jobs? Sir, if we do PhD in it, then we can benefit from promotion. Of course, yes, you are for promotion. This is what happens if you do your MPhil and get your PhD, you get five thousand rupees separately. yes yes, why not then you can become assistant director of IB.

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