Great Allama Iqbal Family Tree 

Allama Iqbal Family Tree A person from the Indian subcontinent who is considered one of the greatest people in the world, who was given the title of Sir by King Johars of the British and who, through his poetry, made Muslims sleepless. Tried to awaken and revive Islam in its true form. Today we will talk about the poet of the Middle East and the thinker of Pakistan,

Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, which region of the subcontinent did Allama Iqbal’s ancestors belong to? How many children were there and are their descendants found somewhere in the world today? Iqbal’s son Javed Iqbal writes in his book Zinda Urud that this family begins with Baba Lul Haj, who was considered the ancestor of Iqbal’s family.

Allama Iqbal Family Tree 

It is said about him that he was the first in his family to accept Islam in the fifteenth century AD and after that, he became a disciple of Baba Nasruddin, a Sufi sage of Kashmir. His teacher was another sage Baba Nuruddin Wali. Weaver Baba Lul himself is considered among the famous sages of Kashmir. Who performed numerous Hajjs while traveling on foot.

This was the reason why he was named Lol Hajj. Meaning the one who loves Hajj. He spent his entire life in the company of his feet. And after his death, he was buried in the tomb of Sheikh Nooruddin Wali in Kashmir. Where his mentor Baba Nasruddin is also buried. According to Allama Iqbal, Sheikh Akbar comes a few generations before Baba Lu Hajj.

The Sufi Roots and Family History of Allama Iqbal

He was a practicing Sufi and a person living in the company of elders. Seeing the sanctity of his family, his mentor Syed gave his daughter in marriage to him. After the death of his mentor, Sheikh Akbar became his successor. Weavers come three or four generations ahead of Sheikh Akbar, and Sheikh Jamaluddin. It is said that at the beginning of the nineteenth century when the Sikh army was conquering Kashmir under the leadership of Rana Ranjit Singh.

So Sheikh Jamaluddin came to the city of Sialkot in Punjab with his four sons. His sons included Sheikh Abdullah, Sheikh Muhammad Rafiq, Sheikh Muhammad Ramadan, and Sheikh Abdul Rahman. Most of the descendants of these four brothers are still found in Sialkot. While a small part of this family is living in Dukhar, Hyderabad.

Sialkot CIty

Among these sons of Sheikh Jamaluddin, the most important Sheikh Muhammad Rafiq was the grandfather of Allama Iqbal. You spent your entire life in a small house in the Kashmiri neighborhood of Sialkot. Which is still present in its original condition in Sialkot. Which is known as Iqbal Manzil today. While living in Sialkot, Sheikh Muhammad Rafiq got involved in the cloth business. His first marriage took place in a Kashmiri family in Sialkot city.

But he did not have any children from this wife. And that death, so his second marriage took place in the Kashmiri family of Jalalpur Jatan. Ten sons were born from them, including Sheikh Muhammad Rafiq. But all died. However, after many vows, an eleventh son was born to him. This son was named Sheikh Noor Muhammad. Who was Allama Iqbal’s father?

Sheikh Noor Muhammad From Commerce to Spirituality

After his birth, another son of Sheikh Muhammad Rafiq was also born. Whose name was named Ghulam Muhammad. Weavers Ghulam Muhammad was employed in the department. And their descendants are still found in the city of Sialkot. As far as Allama Iqbal’s father Sheikh Noor Muhammad is concerned, he was a very noble person. He was not educated, but despite that, he used to sit in the gatherings of Sufis and scholars. This was the reason why he used to read Urdu and Persian books.

At the same time, while praying Tahjud and reciting the Qur’an with great enthusiasm, he started helping his father’s cloth business as soon as he regained consciousness, and when the business increased, he dyed caps and clays. It is said that in Sialkot, First of all, he ordered sewing machines, the hats made by him became very popular during that time and that’s why people started calling him Sheikh Nathu hatters, but as he grew older, he became more inclined towards Sufism.

Iqbal’s Early Years: A Divine Dream and Religious Upbringing”

I was born to Imam B in a Kashmiri family in Samridal, from whom four daughters and three sons were born. Their eldest son, Sheikh Atta Muhammad, was about eighteen years older than Iqbal. He was also associated with Allama and he had a big hand in sending Allama to Europe for higher education. Sheikh Atta Muhammad died in Sialkot and was buried with his parents in the cemetery of Imam Sahib of Sialkot.

Allama Iqbal Birthday

While living in Iqbal Manzil, his youngest son was born to Sheikh Noor Muhammad on Friday, November 9, 1877. Whose name was Muhammad Iqbal. Allama’s son Javed Iqbal writes in his book that a few days before Iqbal’s birth, his father had a dream. In a vast field, many people circled in the air, trying to catch a white dove like madmen.

The pigeon suddenly dived and landed in Iqbal’s father’s swing. Sheikh Noor Muhammad this Kh The interpretation of the sign said that a son will be born to them. Who will make a name in the service of Islam? Viewers Since Sheikh Noor Muhammad was a very religious person. So he took special care of the religious education of Iqbal, especially his children.

Iqbal’s Academic Journey From Sialkot to Cambridge and Munich

Iqbal learned the basics of the Quran and Arabic language from his teacher Syed Mir Hasan. who was the Head of the Madrasa and a Professor of Arabic at the Scott Mission College, Sialkot. While studying in the same college, Iqbal topped the higher secondary exams. And that’s why he got a scholarship in the famous government Lahore for BA.

He was awarded an honorary medal for his excellent performance in Arabic, he obtained the degree of Master of Arts in the year 1899. And managed to get the first position in philosophy at Punjab University. viewers Iqbal’s academic record was so good that he got a scholarship to Trinity College, Cambridge University. Received a Bachelor of Arts degree from there in 1966. The interesting thing here is that his BA degree obtained in London qualified him to practice as a lawyer.

Therefore, he was associated with Lincoln Inn, a barrister’s society in London, as a lawyer. Weavers is the same society with which Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was associated as a barrister. After that, he obtained the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Munich in Germany in 1988. During his studies in Europe, Iqbal started writing poetry regularly in Persian.

Allama Iqbal Scholar, Sir, and Family Man

Along with this, considering Maulana Rome as his guide, he also started focusing deeply on the study of Islam. Because of Iqbal’s knowledge and wisdom, people started calling him Allama. And in the year 1923, King George V of Great Britain gave him the title of Sir Muhammad Iqbal. Apart from this, he was also honored with five different awards.

If we talk about your married life, your first marriage took place in the year 1895 with Karim Bibi at the age of eighteen. She was the daughter of a doctor belonging to a Gujarati family. You had two children with Kareem Bibi. Among them are Meraj Begum and Aftab Iqbal. However, both of them separated after some time of marriage. But Iqbal helped Karim Bibi financially until his death.

Iqbal’s second marriage was with Mukhtiar Begum. He got married immediately after his mother’s death in the year 1914. A son was born to Iqbal. But in the year 1924, both mother and son died shortly after birth. After that, Iqbal married Sardar Begum for the third and last time. From whom your son Javed Iqbal and daughter Munira Bano were born.

Iqbal’s Legacy Surviving Family Members and Notable Contributions

So Weavers, two sons and two daughters of Allama Iqbal survived from three wives. If we talk about Iqbal’s eldest daughter Miraj Begum, not much is found in history about her, but her son Aftab Iqbal was a barrister After the establishment of Pakistan, he permanently moved to Karachi and after his death, he was buried here. Daughter Munira Bano is still living in Lahore.

Her son Yusuf Salahuddin, the grandson of Allama Iqbal, is a social figure from Lahore, a former politician, and a TV host. The most important and favorite son of Allama Iqbal is Javed Iqbal. He is considered to be a Pakistani philosopher, Chief Justice of Lahore High Court, and a senior judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He is also very important because he spent much time with Allama Iqbal.

Under his name, Iqbal has also written a book Javed Nama. Javed Iqbal died of cancer in the year 2015 at the age of ninety years. He was married to Nasira Iqbal. A Pakistani jurist professor who has been a judge of Lahore High Court. Justice Javed Iqbal had two sons Waleed Iqbal and Muneeb Iqbal from Nasira Iqbal.

Among them, Waleed Iqbal is a lawyer-politician serving as a senator from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. While Muneeb Iqbal is a barrister and also runs a private firm called Iqbal Law Associates and is also the vice president of Iqbal Academy. The purpose of which is to study and promote the teachings of Allama Iqbal.

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