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Amazing Chicken Biryani Recipe

Amazing Chicken Biryani Recipe. I’m gonna cook the Biryani in a way with the chicken and the rice will be cooked separately we are still gonna use all the authentic spices and ingredients I’m gonna serve the Biryani with a nice mint pomegranate sauce without further Ado let’s get started we’re gonna start with the rice I’m using a Cela Basmati you could also use normal basmati rice preferably aged Basmati.

I will leave you links down below so check them out you want to soak up the rice in lukewarm water for at least 90 minutes of using syllabus Mari if using normal Basmati that should take you around 30 minutes and once you’re done with soaking wash few times to remove the excess starch and drain off the excess water for our Biryani spicing with the coriander seeds with the fennel seeds.

Amazing Chicken Biryani Recipe

White cumin seeds some of these black cumin seeds as well also known as Persian cumin few green cardamoms black cardamoms few cloves small maze which are the outskirts of nutmeg a small piece of nutmeg as well few bay leaves a small piece of cassia bark black peppercorns half a starboard nice and finally I’m using here a mix of kashmiri and normal red chilies you could add more .

If you like a bit more heat in the Biryani now transfer the spices onto a pan and toast them this will awaken your spices you know and release all the beautiful Aroma and they will be easier to blend toast them for around 2 minutes on medium-high heat now transfer the spices into a blender and with the citric acid turmeric.

Preparing Chicken Biryani Flavorful Journey

Now cover and blend this until it turns into a fine powder we will let the salt later and it really depends on how much chicken and rice you are using alright guys let’s check this that looks amazing and finally we’re gonna throw in some of these dried plums of amazing Biryani spice mix done I just set aside for later use you will also need to use some of these whole spices separately.

Now for the marinated with yogurt it with the fresh ginger garlic paste some of this Plum paste here with some of the Biryani spice freshly grounded black pepper salt a bit of this red or orange food color which is optional and finally in with the creature file now give this a really good mix for the chicken I’m using legs you could also use a full chicken if you notice .

I’ve given few curds to the chicken so we can marinate it properly down to the bone now give this a really good mix is to stuff those skirts with a marinade trust me this is one of the best chicken biryani that you’re gonna try now leave the chicken to marinate in the fridge for three hours let the chicken absorb those flavors and now for the Biryani mixture thinly slice some of the onions.

Crafting the Chicken Delight

Use fresh paste of ginger garlic green chili some of these lemon slices chopped coriander and mint in a small bowl I had some saffron some of this fruit color and some of this gabri has scents give that a mix and set aside all right let’s grab everything you will also need to use tomatoes and some of this yogurt alright let’s get cooking first of all we’re going to start with the chicken and as.

I mentioned we’re going to cook the chicken separately or so grab your marinade chicken now this chicken is at room temperature you want to take it out from the fridge at least 20 to 30 minutes before you start cooking it now grab your baking tray and we’re gonna start placing the chicken onto there add the leftover marinade onto there season with a light touch of salt and pepper and finely spray .

Perfecting the Chicken Biryani Cooking

With the light that you boil now this goes into a preheated oven at 210 Celsius until the internal temperature has reached 75 Celsius or 165 Fahrenheit always keep an eye on the chicken and you can brush it with the leftover marinade while it’s in the oven on let’s go cover Biryani turn up the heater on medium it was a really good touch of fire we need this all because we’re cooking a large portion of rice .

Oh man I’m so ready for this well the oil is nice and hotter with the onions we’re looking for a golden brown color on these onions I’m Gonna Leave it covered for a few minutes so we can soften up those onions but once you have this beautiful color in with your ginger garlic green chili paste give this a really good mix you want to cook the rawness of that paste give another two minutes if anything is burning or sticky to the pan.

Spice Perfection

You can always deglaze with a touch of water we need to make sure everything is cooked to Perfection from the start to the end then with your chopped tomatoes again give this a mix and leave it covered so we can soften up those tomatoes best time to throw in our Biryani spice our whole spicy as well.

Our salt a light touch of water in there a really good mix to that and cook the rounds of the spices you want to nicely toast those spices and over the yogurt give that a mix you want to let this cook until the yogurt separates from the oil or you can see how the oil is separated from the mixture now in with our chicken stock give that a mix and bring it to simmer also this is the best time to check.

Mint Pomegranate Sauce: A Refreshing Accompaniment

For any seasoning get just the salt if you need to slowly throw in your rice give that a mix and now you want to let this cook until there’s some water left it’s best to leave it covered thank you all right guys you can see there’s some water left at this point of time just gonna add our saffron water on the top catch some of the fresh mint and of course some coriander of 11 slices some of these crispy onions just here on the top when .

I place a clean kitchen cloth on the top place your lid and you want to let this steam up for around 13 to 15 minutes on low heat now for the mint pomegranate sauce grabe yourself a blender in with the main leaves and some of this fresh coriander as well two green chilies you can add more if you like with the dried pomegranate seeds dried mango powder some of the sugar to remove any bitterness.

Finally with a touch of water so we can blend this and get a nice and smooth consistency Now cover and blend this into a nice and smooth I had some yogurt in a bowl here with your mint mixture and finally some salt to taste because it’s a really good mix now you could add more or less yogurt depending on your liking but this is perfect I have a little taste and adjust any seasoning.

If you need to have amazing mint pomegranate sauce done our case of a Biryani should be ready for now let’s check this Bismillah have a look at that smells so good I’m just gonna add some of the ghee on the top trust me it looks so good I mean one of the best chicken biryani that you’re gonna try I’m just going to move this layer to the side carefully look at those rice so so delicious have amazing chicken biryani done.

Plating and Savoring the Culinary Masterpiece

All right because of our amazing chicken is done it looks so delicious all right guys let’s plate up over Biryani with your rice let’s set up our chicken and finally some of our sauce-foreign rice first you look and they smell amazing.

Bismillah wow that is so rich in flavor so so delicious trust me the Biryani has been perfectly cooked it has so so much flavor trust me let’s try with a bit of the sauce Bismillah wow this combination is perfect there’s so many different flavors I’m finding it hard to describe but it’s so so delicious trust me let’s try with chicken now the chicken has been cooked.

let’s try a Bismillah wow man the chicken is so juicy and so delicious I do like some of the Cucumber with the Biryani very nice chicken just falls off the bone look at that multi color let’s Shred the chicken with the rice I love the lemons and the plums inside the Biryani so tasty that chicken biryani was amazing you guys are gonna enjoy.

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