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Amazing Pecan Pie Cheesecake Recipe 30 Min

Pecans belong to Thanksgiving just like a Christmas tree to Christmas! To make the crust use a medium-sized mixing bowl Let’s add graham cookie crumbs and make sure they are ground finely so they are no big pieces!
combine it with ground pecans Then add brown sugar which gives it a great caramel note! and melted butter to make it stick together. You can use unsalted or salted butter! Mix it with a hand mixer until everything is evenly combined or you can use a spatula It is ready if it looks like wet sand.

Pecan Pie Cheesecake Recipe

Now let’s bring in a spring form or you can use a cheesecake pan! Usually, I grease it first and then add the parchment paper Then let’s fill in the cookie crumbs Just dump it all in there and then press it down with a cup or anything that has a flat surface like a measuring cup .
You can either make it flat like I did or you can make the crust go up the sides if you prefer . When it is all pressed nicely bake it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes Now let’s make the cheesecake batter add softened cream.

pecan pie recipes

Cheese it is best if it has softened for a few hours at room temperature brown sugar for its great flavor and health benefits add some pumpkin spice for more flavor And extra cinnamon because if you are like me you can never have enough of it vanilla extract.
is a must for every recipe start mixing it on a low speed You don’t want to mix it on high because it will whip a ton of air into the cheesecake Which will lead to cracking and the texture is not as silky smooth Make sure to .

pecan pie cheesecake

Read the recipe in the description for all my tips for a crack free cheesecake When it’s nice and creamy Lets add sour cream for some tanginess just cream it until it is smooth when it is all combined add a splash of heavy cream to make it creamier.
Then mix in eggs You can either add them one by one Or you can mix them all at once For me honestly I have never noticed a difference in the texture of the cheesecake When it is creamy like this lets bring in the crust Make sure the crust has chilled for at least 20 minutes before adding the filling so it stays crunchy!

Cheesecake recipe

Let’s pour in the cheesecake batter It is easier if you use a spatula to clean it out completely You want to fill it up right to the top because cheesecakes won’t rise like regular cakes When it is completely filled up Let’s smooth it out until it.
is completely even Then set it aside and let’s prepare a water bath or Bain-marie for that I use a bigger baking pan and a silicone baking pan to cover the cheesecake Then fill it up with hot water about 1 inch high and it is ready to.

Bake While the baked cake is chilling in the fridge let’s make the pecan pie topping Add butter it can be softened or unsoftened brown sugar to give it that caramel flavor corn syrup which makes the topping shiny a bit of water to make it melt easily add a bit of salt to give it a contrast.
And cinnamon for a better flavor Make sure to whisk it while it is heating up Then Let it boil for a few minutes until the sugar forms a nice caramel.


Then remove it from the heat and mix in heavy cream Make sure to pour it in slowly so it does not splash Add some vanilla for a better flavor And toasted pecan pieces It is really easy to toast them and it gives them such a great flavor You find all the info about that in the written recipe.
Let’s stir them in with a spatula.

When they are nicely coated it is time to decorate the chilled cheesecake It is easier if it is still in the baking pan so you have a border to hold the topping in place Make sure to smooth it out until it is completely even then let it chill for around 20 to 30 minutes or you can keep it in the fridge for up to 5 days and that’s it . This pecan cheesecake is a modern version of traditional desserts and it is super easy to make.

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