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Auditor General Of Pakistan Jobs 2023

How to apply for auditor general of Pakistan jobs online? Today I am writing my second job, that is, Pakistan, what is in it, what is in it for men and women from all over Pakistan, the vacancies have come, what is in it, you people come from all over Pakistan. You can apply the complete details of the application.

Vacancies for Auditor General Of Pakistan Jobs

How is it? Without wasting time, I will show you the advertisement for the job. After that, I will guide you through the procedure to apply. Here, as you can see, is the Auditor General of Pakistan. Audit House Constitution Avenue Islamabad Situation Vacancy The first vacancy in it is G. Steno-Tapist Steno-Tapists The total of your vacancies is G. Twenty-two. And the quota in it is the regional quota, I will tell you that there are three seats on merit.

Merit And Seats For Govt jobs

Fifteen seats are from Punjab, out of which twelve seats are on merit, three are for women and one is a minority seat. Similarly, there are a total of four seats from Sindh, of which one is for women and three are on merit. After that, there are three seats from Sindh, two on merit, three of which are from KPK, two from Balochistan, one from X FATA, and one from Azad Jammu and Kashmir, your education should be FA or FS only. It should be fine and your typing speed should be 40 words per minute.

Age Requirement And Location For Government Jobs

Your age should be up to 18-30 or 18-35 years after that which is on second yes let me tell you which is the second vacancy yes that is staff driver there are fifteen seats yes drivers are ok including seven seats from local based Rawalpindi and Islamabad. There are four seats from Lahore, one from Multan, two from Karachi, and one from Peshawar. It is ok. Education, a primary pass, and a driver’s license are required. The rider has one seat in it. It is a local person from Islamabad.

Vacancy For The latest Auditor General Of Pakistan Jobs

Anyone can apply. Education and driving licenses should also be there. Your age in it is from eighteen to thirty-five years. After that, no. Yes, Naib Qasid is fine, there are a total of one hundred and ten vacancies in Naib Qasid. It is also quite a large number of one hundred and ten vacancies, which thirty-three people from Islamabad and Rawalpindi can apply for. Five from Peshawar, two from Peshawar, and one set for Multan is fine in this your education is primary pass and your age should be between eighteen to thirty years.

Qualifications Required For Pakistan jobs 2023

The organization is the Auditor General of Pakistan, so you can apply for it. As it doesn’t require much education, it’s ok for primary and so if you have the qualifications then you can apply. From all over Pakistan, what are the application procedures that are not included in it now, I will tell you this by going ahead. Okay fine. In it, it is written that from the fourth number of ah I start the work items can also apply to a candidate job but for that the job form and details are separate, you have to make a set of it.

Where To Apply For govt Jobs 2023

Okay fine. After that, it is written that yes, it is written here that yes, it is written on the tenth number to say that if your job is available, you can send it to any place in all the offices of the department in Pakistan. You can go there. And after that the application form is fine, you can also download it from your official website. And there is another option. That’s right So you can apply online also official website will go above ok.

Important information For Auditor General Of Pakistan Jobs

So after that, it was written that it is ok, now this advertisement is yours that the newspaper may publish in December, which is the last date to apply. OK, so now it is written in it that the application form will be yours first, which you will fill up in the system and take a printout of it, along with this application form, copy of your NIC, and passport size. Your photos are fine. One by one, of course. So, your documentation along with your application form should arrive before the last date that you mentioned.

General Procedure For Pakistan Jobs 2023

Ah, that is the office, well, like the office, I will tell you its address. Of course, you can also write that Muhammad Amjad Raza, Director, Establishment Office of the Auditor General of Pakistan Constitution, Islamabad, you have submitted all your documents to this address. It’s okay inside, so I thought that it won’t be difficult. Well, that is it.

More information For Auditor General Of Pakistan Jobs

I have pasted the images below, through which you can learn more about the jobs. Have a good day thank you. You can apply online as well. By going to the website, whose link I shall paste below. Click on “Apply Here” and you’ll be directed to the website where you can apply. Once you’re at the website, you need to scroll all the way down til you see the Auditor General of Pakistan.

I’d suggest you go through the images I’ve pasted below, and then if you feel like applying online, then you can do that as well. Personally, I’d consider going through the images below, before applying. But that’s just my personal opinion. I hope you have a good day.

Yours respectfully,

The Admin.

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