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Cake Rusk Recipe Without Oven

We will not use a beater or oven in this Cake Rusk Recipe. We will make this Cake Rusk juice on the stove and we will dry it on the swing itself. The cake will be ready very easily and very tasty and crispy. From making the sponge to drying the cake, all the recipes will be shared with you step by step and we will only request you to inspect the recipe completely so that you can make it as great and as crispy.

I hope you will make them as good and crispy and you will like this Cake Rusk recipe very much. You will not need to buy expensive ones from the market and you can make them You can save them at home, you can keep them in an air-type jar and you can use them for a month, so let’s go ahead and start this recipe.

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Ingredients For Cake Rusk Recipe

Here I have taken, An open bowl in which I will do the mixing well. And in it, I am putting one big cup of oil, this is a map cup and two cups of this is sugar, I had ground it. I will mix them well so that when they get a creamy texture, they will be mixed very well, then we will add the rest. Sponge we have to make a Cake Rusk, if it is mixed very well, then it will be very good and lucky.

The mixing is also very good. We mixed the oil and sugar of the cake well and you can see how nice the creamy texture was. After that, we have taken six eggs but two. I will do two and add them so that I can mix them very well. We have to make it very fine. Look, we have gradually added six eggs, one by two, here if you use a batter, it will take you only two to three minutes to mix everything to the max, but it took me seven to eight minutes.

Make Dough For Cake Rusk Recipe

It was by hand beater beating and now I am adding two cups of flour to it. I will sift this flour well and at the same time, I will add baking powder and vanilla essence. This is a teaspoon of baking powder and this is a small spoon of vanilla essence. Now we have to mix it with this mixture. If our sponge gets damaged, then we have to mix the flour well to the bottom.

The cake mixture you have made in all the batter has become thick, so the mixture that is in it will not be able to be used. You will only use eggs. Our cake batter is ready. In this type, if you want to add color, then you can add color to it. Only one or two drops will be added. Too much yellow color is not good. Look, we have prepared the pan.

We had put butter paper in it and now we take the batter. I am not putting it in any baking pen. It is thin and large. I am putting it in thin. So that the shape of our Cake Rusk is the same size as the cake juice, I didn’t have a small pan that would be thin, I had a big pan that I’m showing you.

Time Duration Cake Rusk Recipe

On the big side, it cannot come in a thin shape, so I have made it in a circle shape, so there is no problem, most people use it, so today we will make it in a round shape and tell you that. See how you can make it. The claim is that the flame is very high. Our tawa and potila should be heated well first, just like you preheat the oven.

Many of us will lower the flame, then this Cake Rusk will be made very well and this is the second very important step that you must have seen. It should be cooked well from the other side and also from the bottom, if we turn on the flame, it will be cooked well and you have seen that in a short time, although it takes forty to forty-five minutes to make this sponge, this sponge It was ready in twenty-five minutes.

Cake Rusk Recipe Without Oven

These sponges are ready very well and very fluffy. You are keeping the coals because you preheat the oven from the upper side. Anyway, you have cooked the sponge of this cake from both sides very well, our sponge is ready, now we will make it dark color from the other side as well, and then we will put it on the baking tray.

So, we will change its color from the other side, although it has been cooked, looks very well, is not burnt at all, has not darkened, and our sponge is ready very well, now we have to darken the color of the other side as well. If so, we have to put it again on this pan.

We will cover it with the same vessel and you have to keep it on a very low flame so that the good color which is there comes from the other side also. The flame I am showing you is very low and after it cools down I will check with you. I am getting the Cake Rusk done from the other side as well, it is ready very well and right now I will not spoil it at all by cutting its extra sides.

Cutting Cake Rusk

You can see that I am cutting its slices of very fine size. The more finely you cut, the faster your KRS will dry. The drying process is also very interesting. Do watch it and see that I am cutting its sides very slightly. I have taken very big slices. Its sides are not sealed, you do not need only square shape mold to make cake juice,

If you have the wrong shape then you can make cake juice even in the wrong shape very easily and many of them have made it for almost half a year. I have prepared these at home in the size of two kilos and you can keep them in a jar and you can use them throughout the month, they do not spoil at all, they are very good and remain crispy whatever size you have made them.

Cutting has to be done, we have to keep it small, we can keep the slices small, may Allah bless you, you have prepared very wonderful and very tasty sponge. I have to keep the swing on the top so that the heat can reach here properly. I am not keeping them directly to dry, otherwise, usually, those K crosses get burnt.

Cake Rusk Recipe Without Oven

I had also kept one or two on the lower side but they got burnt. In the middle of this trainer, you can see how well I have tried one side. But his color has not changed yet. I checked him four to five times. This is just for the sake of the post, I am telling you the steps to change the side like this.

Keep it covered for fifteen to twenty minutes and you can see from its side again and again that the Cake Rusk has now been cross drawn. Both of them have got their color well. If you had kept them directly in the pot, they would not have got this color at all. Look, I have kept two to three of them below in the manner that I have told you.

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