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Crispy Gol Gappa Recipe

Crispy GolGappa pani puri Recipe I will also make chutneys. And what are the tips and tricks that if you have them, your balls will become perfect and very crispy? It will bloom like a football, God willing. So let’s go to the recipe first. Here I have taken a cup of semolina, which I have carefully selected. Here you can’t reduce or increase the quantity of anything else your recipe may get spoiled.

So a cup of semolina will go. Let’s go yes and the other thing that will go into it is flour two tablespoons will go into it just flour ok let’s go yes this was the main thing you didn’t forget fourth tea spoon will go into it for the salt test and this There is food soda, sweet soda, one teaspoon, it is fine, that is, just two pinches, you have to mix all these things well, and at the same time, So it will take half a cup of water.

Ingredients for Crispy Crust GolGappa Recipe

I add half a cup of water. So now the work of the spoon is finished here, we have to knead it with our hands. It has to be kneaded, but before kneading it, we will knead it well. It is ok to add a cup of water to it. After kneading, you have to put water on it for about two to three minutes so that it does not become dry. After that, you have to cover it with a wet handkerchief or a wrapper like this.

We have mint, green coriander and green chilies. They will take a cute Chatto and add all these things inside them after washing them well. Let’s go. And they will take the coat and grind it. We will add a little salt inside it for the Ah test. Just a pinch. And cumin powder will be added. Now we will grind it well. Now they are making fresh. So mashallah it will smell very good.

Pani puri Chutney

In this way our chutney will be many times better than the chutney of the market because it is fresh, so what was the purpose of letting the dough sit for about 15 minutes so that the semolina becomes soft? Once the dough is finished I will knead it again and this time it will be completely smooth and soft. Then we will dust the stomach and make a beautiful pieda.

Now here is the next and most important tip say cicarette. It becomes soft. The reason why it becomes soft is because the bread you make is thick. Look how thin it is. You have to make it so thin if you go to the market. See how thin it is. Even if it is transparent. You have to do it this way. does not have this cutting, this thing, you can cut it from any bottle cap that is of this size, so look carefully, the most important secret is that it should be thin, then you know that you are round.

Fring Tips Crispy pani puri

There are bubbles, why do they become soft because they are thick, here you need the oil to be fully warm, and when you want to add it, you have to immediately press the oil inside it and it should swell fully. Go and push the spoon up. Look at this pani puri. I didn’t cut. read the whole post. I put the oil inside. It is hot. I pressed it and you will see.

Within a few seconds, it will come on top of the flower and It will put pressure on the spoon which is coming from the bottom. Look at the beautiful golden color pani puri. It’s so fluffy, sorry, how much it’s puffy, we’re filling it with air from the pump, so it’s fine because of the baking soda and the perfect quantities we used, so today you must like the post. One of your likes is very simple.

Crispy crust Pani puri with green sauce

Say that it is a matter of respect and honor that you like our post and make a chat. The pulp was soaked in two tablespoons of water and a pinch of salt is added to it and a pinch of cumin powder was added to it. Here is a pinch of red pepper. Some water will be in it. And to make it special is this green sauce that we made. Believe it, its fragrance will be like that of four moons of crispy crust pani puri.

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