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Delicious Zahid Nihari Recipe in 1 hour

Delicious Zahid Nihari Recipe. This dish is just incredible it’s called nihari and it’s a dish that is popular in both India and Pakistan and has been requested me to make several times and I’m so glad that i did because it’s divine it’s so tasty and it’s a perfect dish that you know you can make and share you can make it ahead of time and it’s quite simple to make at home.

Now the recipe portion of this post is going to be pretty short because it’s it’s literally not long at all however i do want to talk about how you can adapt this to exactly how you want it for your home kitchen so let’s break it down nahadi is a popular street food that is dished up with a centerpiece of meat surrounded in a spiced gravy with oil over the top and according to the shadows in times.

Delicious Zahid Nihari Recipe

It was originally meant to be eaten in the morning during cold weather but it seems that there are also shops open late into the night now the dish is served in this kind of communal hands-on fashion with naan or some other type of Indian bread and what makes it special is both the succulent meat and the slightly thick and spiced sauce.

Delicious Zahid Nihari Recipe
Delicious Zahid Nihari Recipe

That surrounds it now each region restaurant and family are going to have their slight variations on their nihari however the cooking mechanics and components are quite simple and i’ll show you how this can be easily adapted to your home kitchen first and foremost it’s braised meat which is cooking to meat in a liquid for an extended time.

Exploring Nihari: A Braised Meat Dish

just about every cuisine has at least one popular braised meat dish in the states you may see pot roast in France maybe it’s red wine braised short ribs and an indian in pakistan apparently one of the most popular is nihari which is usually made with lamb or mutton the basic timeline looks like this first pick a piece of meat with plenty of connective tissue.

Secondly, brown the meat with aromatics like garlic and onions third add nihari masala and other spices four braise it in a liquid until tender five thicken the gravy serve it and pour spiced hot oil over top add your fresh garnishes devour with roti folka naan or whatever you want and from a flavor perspective the two big variables that are going to influence how your nihari turns out is the piece of meat .

Unraveling the Meat Choice for Shai Nihari

That you choose and what spices are used in the nihari masala for the meat choice most traditional recipes and videos online use lamb or mutton shank which is from the leg but you’ll also see beef shank like in mark wien’s pakistani post in addition to things like brains however if you break this meat choice down even further the key thing that you want in the cut of meat .

You choose is plenty of collagen or connective tissue because this is what provides the succulent and kind of unctuous texture in both the meat and the gravy how let’s break it down as mentioned in on food and cooking in order to achieve falling apart tenderness in meat it must get up to around 160 degrees fahrenheit or 70 degrees celsius at this point is where the collagen begins to dissolve into gelatin.

Delicious Nihari Recipe in 1 hour

And it gets this jelly-like consistently that provides the succulents that we know and love in slow-cooked meats now understand this is where knowledge becomes power so if you were going for a more traditional route reach for the lamb or beef shank but there are also a plethora of other cuts that are great for brazing and would work for this dish to provide.

That signature sauce and meat texture so here’s a short list that you can use to gather some ideas for depending on what you can get or find and if you are looking to procure some high-quality meats for brazing or any activity let me introduce you to my friends at porter road who are sponsoring today’s post porter road is an online butcher shop that delivers high-quality meat directly to your front door.

Delicious Sabri Nihari Recipe

It was founded by chef and butcher christian James on a mission to fix a broken food system by using things like regenerative agriculture and humane animal husbandry with their local farmers for cooking purposes the best part is they hand cut each piece of meat which gives us countless cuts that we know and love but they also have several ones that can be hard to find at the grocery store i use their lamb shanks and beef also buko in today’s nihari dish but there are countless great options.

That you can select a la carte just like if you were going to the butcher shop oh and if you like saving money all my viewers will get twenty dollars off their first order over a hundred dollars by using the link below which will apply automatically so take advantage pick up some meats and taste the difference at porter road now let’s talk about the second main variable the nihari masala.

The spice mixture powdered

So when you hear the term masala that just means a spice mixture it could be powdered form or it could be a paste many of us are familiar with garam masala which according to Madura jaffrey is typically a mix of cardamom black peppercorn cumin seed coriander seeds and whole cloves ground a fine from what I’ve seen nihari masala is really up to the cook or the region and here are three sources for spices used in nihari in addition to mine and each of these do have fairly different amounts used.

So leave the links in the description if you want to check them out the black cardamom may be a little bit hard to find at your local grocery store in the States at least but the others should be readily available for toasting and fresh grinding so just remember that the meat choice and the spices are really those key variables that can be adjusted to fit for your home kitchen and one day.

Delicious Shai Nihari Recipe

I will travel to sit down for some nihari but in the meantime here’s my at-home version which is quite easy it takes time but most of it is inactive time to start place the lamb shank and also buco on a wire rack and sprinkle salt over the exterior now I’m just going to set this in the fridge uncovered to dry brine for at least two hours

So you could go up to a day or more meanwhile let’s prep the nihari masala in a pan add two tablespoons of cumin seeds two tablespoons of fennel seeds about half a tablespoon of coriander seeds ten cloves a cinnamon stick five green cardamom pods one black cardamom pod then place this on the stove and toast lightly until it starts to smell fragrant add the toasted spices to a mortar and pestle.

Remove the husk of the green and black cardamom pods and then grind everything to a fine powder once it’s ground add a tablespoon of red chili powder and grate in some nutmeg to round out the spice mix and it is just unbelievable how good this shai nihari smells when you do it fresh yourself.

Delicious Zahid Nihari Recipe
Delicious Zahid Nihari Recipe

Next great three cloves of garlic a one inch knob of ginger and thinly slice a fourth of an onion and then let’s brown the salted meat set a dush oven over medium high heat and add about 2 tablespoons of ghee or a neutral oil then once hot add the meat pieces and brown as best you can on all sides set the brown meat aside on the wire rack and then turn the heat down to low and toss in the garlic ginger and onion.

Along with three bay leaves two tablespoons of the prepared nahadi masala and a spoonful of turmeric and then saute for about 30 seconds being careful not to burn next toss in a spoonful of plain yogurt to mix in with the spices then add the meat pieces back in to coat the exterior the last thing to do is pour water over top about three quarters of the way up leaving a little bit exposed so it browns.

Time During

While it’s in the oven then put the lid on leaving it partially off so the liquid does not boil right away and toss it into a 250-degree Fahrenheit oven for about four to five hours that’s it just sit back and relax During this time the collagen will break down in the meat becoming tender and also the fat will render out and start to create a layer on top this shot is from about two hours in you can see.

The meat is starting to pull away from the bone and i like to flip the pieces that meet once or twice just to avoid drying out the partially exposed spot well that’s continuing to braise it’s a perfect time to make some naan or roti and i’ll link my video on roti or you can check out babish’s post for nan with Floyd Cardozo and i just kind of whipped up an all-purpose dough.

Threw it on my cast iron to brown up and the key here is to get it a little crisp which will be perfect for soaking up that delicious sauce later on four and a half hours later the meat should be done and you want to test it with a fork it should break apart easily but still hold its shape also the marrow from the ossobuco makes a delightful treat to stir into the sauce remove the stewed meat to a plate .

Let’s finish this thing so if we take a look into the bowl you’ll see that layer of fat that has separated on top and you want to remove this to a glass or bowl and this will be heated up later on and poured over the top with the fat removed from the sauce as best you can add 30 grams of wheat flour and 100 grams of water to a bowl and stir it until combined this mixture will be used to provide a bit of flavor.

Back over medium heat

Also thicken the sauce set the dutch oven back over medium heat and pour in the flour water mixture stir it and let it come to a bubble and let the sauce thicken to your desired liking now before assembling the dish we need some garnishes so Julie and some ginger thinly slice some green chilies chopped cilantro and have some limes into a bowl .

Now to actually serve the dish add a spoonful of the thickened gravy then place a piece of the lamb shank right in the center spoon over some of the hot oil and admittedly i use a lot less than the typical street food preparation it seems and then hit that with your fresh ginger the cilantro and chilies get the indian bread of your choice and it is now time to consume all right everybody it’s taste test time.

I’ve been absolutely salivating over this this stuff is seriously so addicting and i feel like it’s as much about the sauce as it as it is about the meat just like soaking up this sauce which is some of the naan bread and then this meat just absolutely flakes apart it’s incredible i mean just get a good look at this meat it absolutely just flakes and peels apart incredible.

Add vegetables for garnishing

I don’t know what else to say this just is it’s comforting it’s a little bit fatty it’s unctuous the sauce is nice and thickened up um the the meat is just so tender and fall apart again from just letting it braise long enough that’s the key just enough time to for that collagen to break down of the gelatin and then pairing that with the fresh components you know ginger lime cilantro.

Then i love the hands-on aspect of eating it with you know the naan bread which is you know these are super easy you could just buy pitas or something if you wanted to but it is really easy to just make some at home or you could make the royalty I have a post on that or a variety of other Indian bread or i mean just serve this over rice it’s an incredible dish that can be eaten many ways um.


So hope you guys try it and i would highly highly highly recommend if you can find lamb shanks um use lamb shanks it’s it’s incredible ‘ve done this a couple of times i did one with chuck roast when i initially started this then I’ve done lamb shanks this is my second time using lamb shanks the also buco is really good the beefa sabuko sila shank um but yeah if you can get lamb shakes like check out porter road i would highly highly recommend it.

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