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How To Apply For Election Commission of Pakistan Jobs In 2023? Assalamu Alaikum my dear viewers my sisters brothers ah friends first of all I have a small apology to you guys and sorry because I couldn’t make posts so I received all the messages from you guys. Through emails and through WhatsApp, those who know me,

A lot of you people have made a lot of prayers and so on. May Allah grant you good health. This post, this coming week will prove to be very beneficial for you guys. Today, I am making this post. I am making this post, so my efforts will be resolved through your support.

Election Commission of Pakistan Jobs

There are old viewers, they know that I don’t make posts too long, and I take it directly to the job, but I had a few things from you that the messages I have from people were coming that the ECP Jobs you created were very useful, but they The purpose of the jobs was not to get married, so look, as many viewers as I can see, I am just becoming a medium to deliver the job to you people.

This thing is fine, but yes, I know that there is a certain percentage of anyone in the government, the merit is very low. I have paid, but look, my job is only to reach you people to medium, you guys just try, hard work will give you success, ok, you guys, just keep working hard, leave it to Allah, leave it to Allah, so today is the day.

How To Apply For ECP Jobs

What is in the post is that he has come to the Election Commission job, date and because the job has come, there is a good job in the Election Commission. It is a govt jobs. On top of that, this website is the official website Election Commission of Pakistan dot government dot PK. Ok, I will also give you the link. Whoever my brother or sister needs, let me know. You guys don’t tell me.

If I do, then the links go back and forth, so please tell me, OK, look, what is the data entry operator, this is also the number of post ten, the last date is ten, twelve means December ten, the details are fine. If we go to the details,

Last Date To Apply For Govt Jobs in Pakistan

It is a must to have a good batchless degree and in this you must have done computer IT diploma, you must have working knowledge of Microsoft Office and computer applications which is basic, not Microsoft XL Word and power office all these things you must have. What is basic is ability to type a minimum of forty words per minute.

What is 40 words per minute is fine. Multitask should be strong. Writing communication should be comfortable. Working independently with minimum supervision is fine. Ability to transfer data from paper is fine.

Age Limit To Apply For Govt Jobs

Format into detail format means all these things should be inside you one limit which is eighteen to twenty-eight years the post post has come domicile one of you who is merit will move five will move inside Punjab in which one person who is women Quota is one more rural than sim, ok you are, which is KP, which is one Balochistan one,

Then this total becomes your ten post and liable two anyone in the country. It will be OK. It is good that you have to apply for the job brother. How do you apply? OK, what do you have to do? Heart copy of application of the following format CV. Good CV. Yes, it is fine and passport site one with a copy of CNIC, a passport site PO box number fourteen eighteen within twenty days of obligation of the advertisement is already done because December 10 has to be found.

Interview And Application for Pakistan jobs

The application will go. It’s fine. According to this, you guys will get a call and then if you guys are called for an interview, then friends, today’s short post and how to apply, you guys should go to apply now. You have to click on apply now, here you have to enter your seniority number, you have to enter your password and you have to enter this security code,

Verification For govt jobs in Pakistan

Which is above, if you are new, here is your registered account, here you have to create your account, you will get a verification code. And you have to go there, logout, login, and apply. Here is a short postof anything you have, it is not an address. If my brother and sister are confused about something, you can ask me in the comment section, you can ask me through e-mail.

I am available at night. I will reply you guys with emails at night. Give him success and what is due to him It’s okay, you watch this postyourself, you can show it to others too, maybe you send everyone’s review, today is the day ahead, so it is possible that whatever you have,

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