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Great GIA Vs IGI Certification Diamonds 2019

GIA Vs IGI Certification Diamonds. Often whatever is visible does not happen, whatever happens, is not visible. and I am just there to explain it to you, nobody else even explains it to you. post is upon, you have bought a cheap diamond and still, got cheated. by mistake, you bought a dear Diamond in this post, we will understand how you are cheated by the certificate in the market, and how different standards make you fool.

Before starting this post, let me put a small story in front of you. after that, I will start this post. Two friends passing by a road, one’s name is Mr. I and another friend’s name is Mr. G. They looked at a beautiful house and you asked them to grade this house that in the rating 1 to 10, how much beauty you keep this house in 10 means that it is the topmost beautiful.

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GIA Vs IGI Certification

And, 1 means a lot worse than you have ever seen, so, Mr. I and Mr. G looked at the house with great attention,, Mr. I graded that with 8 out of 10 but, Mr. G Graded that house a number 7 out of 10, meaning, according to Mr. I, the house’s beauty is number 8 out of 10. but, according to Mr. G, it is not that beautiful, it is a little less beautiful it should not be like number 8. It should be like 7.

Now, you please tell me, whether any one of these two has told me wrong? No, because they have graded this Diamond according to their respective standards. oh sorry, this House, which the graded both have their standards, both have their own rules and according to this rule, both have graded this house.

IGI Certification

The standard of Grading is different, but the scale of grading is the same. same, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 is the scale of one to ten in front of you someone kept 8, and someone kept 7 and, this happens every time, in our diamond industry, by different labs. The Standards of labs are different, but the scale of grading is the same, that scale is the same D, E, F,

The color from G, H to Z same as FL, IF, VVS1, and VVS 2 to I3 Similar Cut grades, the difference in standards we don’t know. in this post, I am going to disclose. you will be shocked I will show you in this post you bought an inexpensive Diamond but actually, It was an Expensive one. And, not a little, it may be too much, so, let me show you.

GIA Vs IGI Certification
GIA Vs IGI Certification

Chart Analysis

A diamond has come to me and that diamond has been certified by 2 internationally renowned labs now, how could we know that the same diamond was certified by two laboratories? because there are inscriptions of 2 different labs. It has got an inscription of IGI. It also has an inscription of GIA. First of all, I am showing you a Microscopic view of the diamond.

Here you will see the inscription of IGI on the Diamond’s Girdle. when I rotate the Girdle here you see The GIA’s Inscription on the Girdle of the Diamond means, the same diamond is certified by both GIA Vs IGI now, let me show you, which lab has certified it first. How could we know that? with the help of the date mentioned in the report on the IGI report check,

The date is February 27, 2018, this report was issued in 2018 let me show you the GIA Report GIA issued this report on July 8, 2019, which means IGI graded 2018, and the diamond was re-submitted in 2019, with GIA for Grading. now the same inscription is also mentioned at the bottom of the report let me show you the IGI report look at the left-hand side, downwards.

Lab Standards and Grading Scale

Here is “LASERSCRIBE” written IGI 305886143 and, the same Inscription I have shown you on the Girdle of the Diamond. It means this report belongs to the same diamond now, let me show you the report of GIA which was issued in 2019. see at the bottom side of the report GIA has mentioned its inscription 6332173104 which is visible on the diamond too See on the Diamond.

IGI report check
IGI report check

Plus, because the inscription was visible on the diamond so, they mentioned the IGI Inscription on the report see on the GIA report, both inscriptions are mentioned. because the GIA report was issued later. when they saw the IGI inscription, they mentioned the same on the report. but the main difference that I want to explain to you now will come in front of you here, you are seeing on both GIA Vs IGI Certification Diamonds,

GIA Vs IGI Certification

The color is the same, the cut is the same, the fluorescence is the same, rest of the parameters is almost the same, but the main difference is Clarity. IGI means the International Gemological Institute graded this diamond as “SI1” but, GIA has graded this diamond as “SI2” which means, IGI Grades “SI1”, and GIA Gades “SI2”. Only this is the difference.

Both the labs have kept the same – “M color” weight is 1.50 carat. and the rest of the Parameters are the same, meaning you will see that due to the difference in the standard of both Labs, there is a difference in Clarity Grade. which I told you in the beginning that the house is the same but different labs look at that house from different perspectives. Well, neither of the two labs did anything wrong here,

You can not challenge it in court, because Grading is the Grader’s Opinion, it is an opinion but yes, we have to understand that when we get more discounts on diamonds,s, especially with the IGI report then we should not be happy You become happy that you got a diamond at a cheaper price. So, now I am showing, that you have not got at a cheaper price, rather you have bought at a lower price.

Lab Grading Discrepancies

Let us understand, How. I have prepared this chart to help you understand. ok? I have put both the prices of diamonds in front of you, today’s date if I have a diamond of 1.50 carat. What will be of the M color and SI 1 clarity grade What will be its price? And, if the same diamond is of M color, SI 2 clarity grade, then what is its value?

We have to understand that, whenever in the market with a GIA report we find it a bit expensive because it gets less discount. but whenever there is a diamond with IGI report. we find more discount. Why? Because there is a difference in standard, That’s why. right? So, let’s understand this difference. and remove your confusion as to why you feel expensive even if you feel cheap.

Pricing Dynamics IGI report check

So if we will see, M, SI 1, the international price as on date is 3600 Dollars if a dollar is 73 Rupees in India, so, after converting in 2,62,800 Rupees let me get a 35% Discount for this diamond The trader is giving 35% less (35% discount) for the diamond. after doing 35% less the transaction price will be one lakh seventy thousand eight hundred and twenty rupees,

For an M, SI1 DIAMOND the total value of the diamond will be 2,56,230 Rupees. M If this diamond will be of M1 and SI1, then I will get the entire piece for about Rs. 2,57,000. And from the same system, if I talk about M, SI2, and let’s say I don’t get a 35% discount in it, I get 3% less discount, because often GIA certified gets less discount, even if getting a 32% discount Still, the total price of a piece becomes 2,53,000 rupees, the difference is 3000 rupees.

Color Grade Impact

So, if we are told that you take with this report, there is more discount in with this report in which discount is less, Still, we have the advantage of the low discount. Now, here you must be thinking? There is a difference of three thousand rupees only, is it too much to grind the forehead, buy such a big piece, Rs 3,000 is a big deal? Can you buy it?

Wait because we are talking about M color, instead of M-color, if we bring it to G-color, I am not talking about D, I am talking about G. G which number has the color? D, E, F, G, I am talking about the fourth number color, if all is the same, the only difference is SI1 – Si2 in Clarity, but instead of M in color, it should be G only, G –

Lab Standards Matter

In Grade, the difference that comes out of the nickel is about Rs. 96,689 / – Rupees because the International Price of G – SI1 is 9,100 / – Dollars and, the price of G – SI2 is Is 7,400 Dollars OH MY GOD What is The, Matter is The Shocked? So on this, both labs did their work, but we need to understand that there is a difference in the standards of both labs.

No lab has done wrong, this is the difference in our thinking because we have to think that we, Who are buying diamonds, are buying certified from which lab, and what are their standards? Every lab has its own standards, has its own scale, assume it is 97,000, assume only around 1 lakh, Think, just because of a difference in Clarity Grade. If the difference comes in Color too, then?

One grade Color is higher and one grade Clarity is higher How much can be the difference? And if the diamond is in Highet quality then the difference will be more. The 2 Lakh – 3 Lakh difference is obvious. My motive in making this post is not to say to you, “Take this lab’s report or that lab’s report” My motive to make this post is, ” if somebody tells you to buy a diamond that is cheaper in price because of this report” Thinking is your job.

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