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Announcement of government jobs, new jobs have been announced, cabinet division, government jobs have been announced, what is cabinet division is a loyalty. Apart from this, the educational qualification required is Matriculation, and very few Matriculation candidates can apply. Apart from this, Intermediate and Graduation candidates can also apply.

The number of posts in Assam is very high. The number of seats is very high. If there are a lot of people then you must apply. If you people are eligible then because there are more seats you can get a chance. Apart from this, how to apply, what kind of post is there, we will tell you all the details. If you people like this, then you will have a daily basis.

Government jobs of Cabinet Division

But if you want to know about the jobs of the entire Pakistan Advertisement of government jobs of Cabinet Division. I show people this is the official advertisement of these jobs, you people can see on your screen what is there in it, what is there in every state,

How many seats are there, how many seats are there, how are they, so I show you people this, you people can see in it. Can Cabinet Secretariat Cabinet Division Job Opportunity Applications are invited from Male and Female Citizens of Pakistan for the Recruitment of Cabinet Division Men having request Qualification Domicile and Age Well, the first post in this, you guys can see is that of Assistant, it is the 15th scale of Assistant.

Required Qualification for Government Jobs

And for this, if you people need only educational qualification, graduation, then those who are fresh graduates can also apply for this, this job will be very good, first of all, its scale is 15th, it is the job of assistant and only educational qualification is required, graduate, there is no discipline also. It is said that if you are a graduate in this or if you are in that then it is mandatory for anyone who has graduated to apply.

Apart from this, they have told the age limit that men and women between 18 to 28 years can apply. The merit list is from Assam, applied from all over Pakistan. Apart from this, Women Minority and Merit from Punjab and Merit Women in Rural-Urban Balochistan from KPK are also there, there are seats from many places, so you must apply.

Age Limit for govt jobs in Pakistan

Apart from this, the second one is Technical Assistant of NW NDW, which is there in this, it is also 15th scale. In this, whatever qualification or educational ability you have, it may not be a one-year diploma in any Government Polytechnic, Prescription Mechanics or Electronics or Instrument Technology, you can apply. Apart from this, if you have experience in the same field, you can also apply.

People between the ages of 18 to 25 years can apply. In this, they can apply only from KPK and the third one is Technical Assistant IT, you guys see this too, it is the 15th scale. These jobs are of a very big level because the scales are very high. If you are good, then the salary through scales will also be very good, then for Technical Assistant IT, you should have second class or grade C.

Experience in Gov jobs in Pakistan

Bachelor’s degree in the field of IT from any HC Ragna University and if you have one year experience in installation. You can also apply in confession hardware or software. You will be given preference. Apart from this, people between 18 to 25 years old can apply from all over Pakistan. After this, there is a Conservation Assistant. This also has a 15th scale. For Conservation Assistant, you are in science.

It is necessary to be a graduate. If you have graduated in chemistry or science subject then you can apply and if you have experience then you will be given a chance. Men and women between 18 to 28 years can apply and In this, you can apply from Punjab. After this, the job of a Steno Typist is very good. This job of Steno Typist is very good because, in this, only an intermediate training qualification is required from you and apart from this, its work is very good, you just have to sit at the computer.

Salary information

But typing work has to be done and the pay is very good because its BPS is 14. The 14th scale is good. Only intermediate training is required for stenotype. 80 by 40 words per minute is your speed. You should be good at typing in shorthand. If you know computer then you can apply. People between 18 to 25 years old can apply. People from all over Pakistan can also apply. Merit Women Minority in Punjab, Sindh Rural to Sindh Urban, KPK, Balochistan, FATA, all places.

Those who are interested can apply. After this, Sound Recordist also has a good job. It has a 14th scale. Its salary is also very good. If you have 3 years of experience in it, if you have matriculation, if you have You have 3 years of experience in electronics, you have a diploma, you can apply even with matriculation, men, and women between 18 to 25 years can apply, you can apply from all over Punjab, whatever is after this is DEO.

Scale information for govt jobs in Pakistan

The key for DEO is 14, which is a 14th scale, in this, you should have second class or grade C, your bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, statistics, and physics, you can apply from any HC-recognized university. Apart from this, a minimum speed of You should have R on depression of 10000. You should have entry and verification etc. Men and women between 18 to 25 years can apply from Punjab, Sindh, and KP. This is also a very good job. Apply for this also.

Apart from this, there is UDC. For UDC, it is 13th scale and only intermediate education has been sought, then this is also a very good job. If you have only intermediate education, then you can apply. For UDC, men and women between 18 to 25 years of age can apply. Apart from this, all over Pakistan. You can apply from Sindh Rural, KPK and Punjab. After this, LDC also has an 11th scale.

Car Driver jobs in Pakistan

In this, you should have matriculation and education and if you have typing skill and you have 30 words per minute, then you can apply. Age is 18 to 25 years, you can also apply on merit, Punjab Sindh, Rural Urban, KPK, Fata, all these seats are there, apart from this, the staff car driver’s Assamese is very high, watch the post carefully and whatever you want Even if you are eligible then you must apply.

It is only for car drivers, it is the fourth scale, in this you should have a primary pass. If you have studied primary then you can apply. Apart from this, you should have a valid driving license of 18 to 30 years. Those who have mails up to 1000 marks can apply. In this, only those who have a domicile of Islamabad can apply. The second job is that of Dispatch Rider.

Documents Require for Govt jobs in Pakistan

For this, only those who have a domicile in Islamabad can apply in this. You must have a primary pass and you have a valid license. Apart from this, DMO must have the primary pass and you must know how to operate duplicating machines. People between 18 to 25 years of age can apply for Essential and in this also only You can apply whether you have a domicile of Islamabad or if you are an ex-serviceman.

Apart from this, a record sorter must have primary pass, your domicile should be of Punjab, Islamabad and the book bouncer should be between 18 to 25 years of age. For this also you should have primary pass and if you have domicile of Islamabad then you can apply. It is the first scale of Naib Kas after Book Binder. It is mandatory to have primary pass in it and domicile holders of Islamabad can apply after this.

Chowkidar jobs in Pakistan

It is for Chowkidar, in this also it is mandatory to have a primary pass. People between 18 to 25 years of age can apply and this job is only for domicile holders of Islamabad. After that, it is for the cleaner, sweeper and nanny. All these are available now. The first scale jobs are Cleaner Sweeper and Aaya and for these three it is mandatory to have a primary pass.

Men and women between 18 to 25 years of age can apply and you can only apply for domicile holders of Islamabad whose domicile is only If you are from Islamabad, then you can only apply for this. Well, the eligibility conditions have been told in this, and now they have told how to apply, so all the candidates who are eligible and who are interested can apply online.

Last Date for Government Jobs in Pakistan

The job portal is or website. By going to this website, you guys [Sangeet] can apply online for all these jobs through this website and see, they have told us that the applicant can Apply online and submit an application in hard form to the signed within 15 days of the advertisement last late submission will not be entertained. You can also apply online and you will have to submit a hard copy if you want.

You can also submit hard copy, they have mentioned the address, apart from this you can also apply online and whatever is the last date, they have mentioned, before 15 days, within 15 days, you have to apply. So yesterday this advertisement came, what is there in it i.e. you guys can apply till 10th January, so apply before 10th January,

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