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Govt Jobs Municipal Committee Okara 2023

New Govt Jobs Update that too on the Jobs site only for you so that you can apply for every new driver jobs and stay updated. If jobs have come in any province of Pakistan, you can get our news on this platform. You will get those jobs on this platform.

The jobs that we are going to tell you today, readers, are the jobs of Municipal Committee Okada and before telling the details of these jobs, let me tell you that the main objective of our platform is that the department which There is a lot of Assamese in India. There are more opportunities out there, our effort is to share its advertisement with you first so that other channels or any such information that could not reach you can also be shared and there is very little competition in it.

How to Apply Govt Jobs 2023

If you are in such departments, then we bring their jobs in front of you and we bring such jobs in front of you in such departments where the number of seats is also more and you get a golden opportunity to apply in it and secure it. Before telling the viewers about the jobs today, if you are new to our channel or any of your relatives or friends who are unemployed and want a govt job,

Then please share our channel with them also. Along with that, if you are on our channel If you are new then definitely subscribe to the channel so that every new upcoming job update can reach you timely and you can be aware about it. OK, there are jobs in Municipal Committee Okada and World Bank Funds in the city of Okarra which is Punjab.

Age Limit for Government Jobs

The citizen program has a project for solid waste machinery, and there is an initiative that many Assamese drivers have to fill out. Today’s post is for those candidates who have passed middle and want to get some To apply for a government job, this post is only for you. If you have a middle pass or matriculation pass then you can apply for these jobs. If you only know how to read and write, still you can apply for these Government jobs.

These are the jobs 2 years contract in Municipal Committee Okada and there are posts of drivers the age limit is 18 to 25 years and after adding 5 years of age relaxation it, the maximum age is 18 to 30 years. Now, before telling you the jobs, which driver posts are there in it, let me also tell you that the method of applying for it is also very easy, first of all, we will tell you the jobs, we will tell you Assamese.

Qualification Required for govt jobs in Pakistan

What are the seats of the people in it, what is the weekend, they will tell the category, after that, they will tell the number and they will tell you what is the qualification required for that. First of all, in the post of driver, the category they want is that they should be the driver of a dumper truck. If one person has a vacant middle pass, he should have an STV and LTV license and one year’s experience, he must have the ability to operate a dumper truck.

After this, the job of the driver is that sir. Water truck, bomba spray system is fine, for water truck and bomba spray system, they need one driver, and his number is also one, he should have a middle pass or have an STV or LTV license and the most important thing is that he should have an STV license. And he should have 3 years of experience.

Required documents for Driver jobs

The next job in the same field is also that of a driver jobs but he is a driver of the bribe category. A post of mechanical road sweeper is required. He should have a middle pass. For this, this person should have an LTV license and 3 years. Fresh is necessary for this, after that comes the driver. Yes Brive front blade tractor is ok, there is a post for this also, the middle pass is required, this should also be an STV or LTV license and 3 years of experience is necessary.

Next with me. The driver who comes is a Brive Front End Loader, which is fine and for this also middle pass is required, An STV or LTV license should be there, they have said that they will give preference to STV people, and along with that, they should have good knowledge of the year. After this comes the post of helper who operates the connector truck and water truck spray system that we have and the seats here are four. For this, he must know how to read and write and be healthy.

Apply for a Helper’s Government jobs in Pakistan

But it does not mean that if you want to apply for a helper then it is okay, then you should know how to read and write. Okay, now let’s go viewers, first of all, the important thing is that we have told how to apply this, viewers, there is a very easy way for this. You have to write an application, okay and let me tell you the documents you have to attach along with it.

You have to attach two passport-size photographs. You have to attach your result cards. If you have a diploma in a computer course, you have to attach it to it. You have to attach a copy of the grandson’s card, which is computerized, you have to attach the certificate of domicile, you have to attach it, and what do you have to do with the driver’s license, you have to bring it, you have to bring it, it is okay after applying, now what do you have to do, ,

This is You have to arrange all the documents and after arranging them, you have to attach them along with the application form. After attaching it with the application form, to which address have you sent it? Yes, you have sent it to Municipal Officer I&S Branch Municipal Committee Uka OK What do you have to do in its office? This application has to be sent. It is okay.

Last date for Government jobs in Pakistan

I hope this is clear to you till now. After that, when you send it, if I move towards its last date. What is the date, so viewers its last date is 22 December 2023, you have a lot of time, you can apply for jobs in Pakistan before that time and cash your future, if I want to tell you the detailed details. That is, the actual documents are the ones which you have to appear at the time of interview and the same principle is followed for the driver’s driving test for Assam.

Well, readers, I have told you that you can do this in this. You can apply till 22122. Along with this, let me tell you that the interviews will be held on January 2, 2024, at 11 am and it will be held in Government Jobs Municipal Committee Okada only. It is okay now all these posts are there for drivers of dumper trucks. Gaya Brick Technical Road Sweeper, all these are done, to apply for these, first of all, you must have all these documents so that you can deliver them timely.

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