History of Islam Great 9 Heros

The Great Salman bin Abdul Malik Masood took over the caliphate in Dabish and as a result of this, in Pratibha, the transfer of Punjab from the borders of China to France and Mohammad bin Kashim after Fateh Singh is an example of this. Apart from this, in 1402 AD, the place of his Amir Taimur was transferred.

The unfortunate defeat and arrest of the serial religion at the hands of the Ottoman Sultan was one such incident that suddenly changed the course of history and as a result, the entire Europe aspired for a picture where Manikpur would remain.

History of Islam Great 9 Heros

Similarly, it is said that if in 1815 the Left If Napoleon had not been defeated in the field of parties, then perhaps Ajmal would have gone to the world and the performance of both would have had to be faced. Today our fundamental is such a beating that R I’s till 25 Ramzanul Mubarak Monk 58 Hijri and 1260 According to this method Egypt and Sham On the day of or K.N.

History of Islam Great 9 Heros
History of Islam Great 9 Heros

Nehru is present at his house and as a result of this Islam, which had recently reached the brink of destruction, is surprised to escape from the complete snowfall. Our educated class also enjoys the plunder and its hero Sultan Ruknuddin. Very little can be recovered about the fabric, however, as a result of the RI of this route, not only did Islam get a political new lease of life,

Ottoman Empire

but the biggest threat to Harman Sharif Khan’s faith was also averted. Why this carnage? Let’s try to understand the picture of how the occupation took place. Friends, to understand the importance of Mark and Chalu, we will have to see the political scene of the thirteenth century AD. This was a crucial place of worship for Islam in all those years and probably the number of Muslims who were martyred in all of them.

Muslim history

This number of Muslims had never been martyred before. This is a newspaper published by a scholar of Muslim history that in 1219, Mongolia was stormed and took out exactly 10 1 crore Muslims. Genghis Khan first destroyed the Sultanate of China of a strange date, then he destroyed Mataram. While covering the canal areas, Samarkand and Bukhara, from Tanum Rooh and Vishal to Crown areas,

History of Islam Great 9 Heros

This night and from Nishapur to Sahil areas of Darya-e-Sindh, stories of devastation and destruction, recovery of money, after Asia and China, fish and Villagers near the areas of Russia have become victims of Genghis Khan. After the death of Genghis Khan in 1227, Gupta Khan became his successor. In 1240, Yog Khan, son of Avtar Khan, the third Khaka, today became Mamta Bua, and in 1251, Mangu Khan, who was the son of Ali Khan. The son was the fourth ear vs nose.

Despite the ear problems, the attacks of the Mongol Sultanate continued in the areas of this song and now the target of arrows started becoming other committees apart from the Muslims, in which Yar Phir Rusi Ko was also included. In 1258, Halaku Khan In the capacity of the governor of Mangu Khan, he attacked Baghdad and ended the Caliphate of Abbasiya.

Along with Baghdad, now Ramesh also got destroyed in the hands of Halaku Khan except for the raid because the ruler there had made a promise to Halaku Khan. Most of the cities of Iraq and Sham were targeted in massacre houses like Baghdad. This Real Pregnant 10 came out from Iran, Afghanistan, China, and India,

History Ottoman Empire

The areas frequented by A. R. Rahman, towards Wasim and from Iraq, the machine reached the doorstep of Egypt in 1241 by the Mongols. While attacking Lahore, he even destroyed this city. In 1237, a flood storm captured Bulgaria and in 1241, he destroyed Shahrukh in the Field of Lights. In the same year, the Mongols also defeated Shahrukh.

The main thing is that Under the control of the thirteenth century AD, the Mongols spread out from the Sheikh settlement and their massacres took place everywhere and the fatwa continued. The Mughal Sultanate was divided into four parts, but the Khan of Mongolia was now considered to be the entire Sultanate.

Friends, in such a situation Halaku Khan, the commander of Delhi Lashkar of Rs 3 lakh, attacked Egypt after finding the cities of Palestine in the evening. After Egypt, now Rajmangal was in danger. This ship had come in front of the muddy land in which the Sherawat of Mecca Mukarrama and Medina Munawwara i.e.

If Halaku Khan If had trapped his friend too, then till the holy month of Hajj, there was no one’s intention to come in his way. In the month of Ramzan-ul-Mubarak of 1260, Halaku Khan’s three lakh five Egyptians were killed in the border area of ​​N Chalu in Egypt and Sham. The issue of Sultan’s head of 20,000 members standing in front of them and that the perpetrators of the enemy and bomb attacks in Egypt had ruled for 300 years during the reign of these Sultans,

There would have been a tough time for the Chinese and the powerful Khula Amir would have become the Sultan, i.e. he would have been killed as his successor. But the son was not able to achieve the rule. On the other hand, in 1234, a son was born in the house of a courtier of every problem and he was named Mahmood according to his taste.

The Remarkable Tale of Mahmud’s Transformation

On the other hand, he got angry with the rain on some issue and he was imprisoned. In this way, the Amla family was born. During this time, the Sultanate of Khasam was destroyed due to the British attacks and the rulers started protesting by imprisoning Muslim children and soldiers and making them slaves. Mahmud also became a slave like those children and kept sleeping with different hands and legs.

Finally, the frock was brought to the Egyptian market through the hands of Mahmoud Fatma in Egypt. It came to light in the complaint of one Khaslat Khatoon that Mother India had already had a son whose name was Best. Mahmoud’s face was changed by her son’s brush. Fatma changed the name of Mahmoud and made him her son.

A brother of Fatma could meet him in the court of Najmuddin, the Sultan of Egypt. All Books. Ever since he met him, he took him to the court of Ghahra Sultan and the Sultan was different. Many abandoned boys were there only for themselves. These boys are given good training and upbringing, they are taken full care of and if their health gets tough,

They are supported by cameras. In this way, these boys become loyal to the Sultan and are included in the Sultan’s army. The well-known Mahmoud Rasta, who was on the way to Egypt, joined the Egyptian army under the name of Ruknuddin Brush, and due to his skill and expertise, he became famous in the Egyptian army. He fought on the border areas of Mr. Shyam and Palestine.

Enjoy Loot Ground is of a date, this ground can be visited by Angels, it is said that from here Dawood Alaihissalam had defeated a tyrant named Javed Badshah, Allah Taala has described the man of this path in Surah Baqarah and Dawood murdered the procession and may Allah grant him Sultanate and wisdom and teach him whatever he wanted. A

l Bakra verse number 2nd account and ongoing, which is accepted by Luthra Chashma in 658 safes in that area, Halaku Khan along with Lashkar worth 3 lakhs. The attacker was at that time a friend said that the affairs were Sukant Saifuddin and Ruknuddin Viewers How Money Kick Sultan’s army was in no way capable of countering the tide of 3 lakhs and now the defeat of Egypt meant that Halaku Khan’s kitchen where .

The cities of Muqaddas and Harman Sharif would have reached us and then Marakkash Nibhani together with the Muslims of Africa and then those Ras would not be able to escape from this havoc but on this occasion Allah Taala recently saved these people. Khan had to go back to Karo with a large part of his army.

The fourth Khan of the artists, Azam Mangu Khan passed away and gave updates from all over the world. Few left to participate in the Maggi Jirge of the artists which was called Khela Hai. Gaya Halaku Khan returned 20 thousand urns to his brother Kun Tula Khan and said that 15 thousand 658 will come on the way and according to 1260 free Mongol Salwar Kurta Khan in the field of Angelou,

Ruknuddin Baby

It was possible with his Lashkar that Sultan and Amiruddin would conquer the snow. After the departure of Halaku Khan, the friends who were present with Mishra, the balance between the two nations was almost equal because Halaku Khan had taken a major part of Tari Lashkar with him. Actually, the command of the voice was with Ruknuddin Baby.

After listening to the stories of the British, He used to say that let the time come, we will tell you that not only he knows how to fight, but there are also some people in the world who can strangle his neck. Some Adhoora Khan was instructed by Halaku Khan to fight till his return. When Amiruddin Everest got the information about the return of Halaku Khan, he advised the Sultan to immediately attack the Mongols.

Ruknuddin Barsane attack

In this way, Ruknuddin Barsane went ahead and attacked the Mongol army. On which date did Ruknuddin rain in the war, he used his own method, he made special use of his few hands, he made the Dalits sit in one place, he prepared a style to achieve the purpose, and the Mongols fell prey to his trick and got trapped in the valley and got ambushed.

Ensnaring the enemy by bringing them to a physical place, his own style of stars, which Ruknuddin himself used on them in the brush, and under the influence of his mother’s hand, the calm youth, under the influence of the Congress, laid an ambush in the valley of fire. The safe Egyptian squad annihilated the Mongols. Incarnated in the Mongol army,

Halke and massacred Mangal Pushya in two ways in the house of Muslims and beat him so badly that this had never happened before with the stars before in date. Khurram Khan was arrested by the fabric and Everest killed him, Mongol army was completely killed or arrested, and Shahrukh Khan’s dead body was displayed in the streets of Cairo along with his heels and the king, those prisoners were developed in the grounds of famous absolutes present.

Sham and Palestine

in Tal because the news of the defeat spread like fire along with the Mongol honey of Sham and Palestine that Salman rebelled against the Mongol hands and news started coming from everywhere that the Muslims started taking back the city from the stars. Within no time, Sham and the Akshar Madhu of Palestine were freed from the Mongol invasion.

Secondly, the black storm rising from Mongolia, after drinking the blood of oppressed Muslims for 40 years, enjoyed its fate at the hands of the Ruknuddin tree in the battlefield for 1260 free rupees, if not five. Even after that, many attacks were carried out on the areas of those Muslims, but their life of being unsuccessfully busy was over and now the Muslims used to hang out everywhere and fight them.

Ottoman Empire
Ottoman Empire
Turkish Kabab Recipe
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