History Of Holy Roman Empire 550 BC

Roman Empire or Holy Roman Empire or what you know as Rome will try to know about this civilization today so are you ready to know when, where, how, and who started it? How was the life of these people? How did those people fulfill the necessities of life? And what religion did those people follow? Peace be upon you, the Roman Empire, but you must have heard its name before.

Let’s try to know more about it. It is about 550 BC when this great empire began or rather a great power came into existence on the Latin land which people now know as Rome. What were the first seven civilizations, We have tried to provide you with information about these civilizations in great detail in these posts in very simple words.

Holy Roman Empire

There are many myths behind the foundation of ancient Rome, however, at its height, it ruled over a huge area of land as you can guess from the fact that all the modern-day Mediterranean countries were part of ancient Rome. In the beginning, Rome had a monarchy like other civilizations, but after only seven kings, the Roman people took control of Rome and ruled themselves, introducing a council known as the Saints. they were ruled over them.

After that, Rome came to be called Roman Republic Rome is known for having more mythological gods and tales represented in works of art and literature. The Romans have consistently trusted in the powerful, which is reflected in their convictions . Myths of strength and heroism were one of their common and important themes.

Children of Mars

We will briefly mention some of these legends in this post First let’s talk about the legend of Romulus and Remus According to Roman mythology These were twin brothers who were the children of Mars and Rhea Silvia. Virgil and many other historians attribute his adventures to the founding of Rome Born in Alba Longa,

They were considered a threat to King Amulius and so to save himself he ordered them to be abandoned on the banks of the Tiber River. The newborns were left to die but were rescued by Tiberius, the legendary father of the river, and they survived under his care. A she-wolf nursed them in a cave near Lupericle. Later, they were adopted by Faustulus, a shepherd.

Fall Of The Roman Empire

Unaware of their identity, they reach their youth working as farmers and shepherds. But no matter how far he came from his original birth parents and home, his roots never left him and his inner leadership skills helped him gather many supporters. As he matured, he became involved in a feud between the supporters of Amulius and Neumeter.

As a result, Remus was imprisoned in Alba Longa, the place where he was born. The king and Remus’ grandfather were suspicious of his true identity. Meanwhile, Romulus was busy trying to find ways to free his brother. While all this is happening, the two learn their true identities and join forces with their grandfather to restore the throne.

The Roman Civilization

Eventually, they won and Amulius was killed. When they got back to the Seven Hills, they got caught up in an argument about where to build the city. Romulus favored the Palatine Slope, yet Remus maintained that it should be on Aventine Hil. Since they could not reach an agreement, they asked the gods to help them through Istighfar or omens.

Romulus saw 12 birds and claimed the win as Ramus only saw six. And from here a new conflict started which engulfed Remus. Then Romulus founded the city of Rome. And so Rome, the Roman civilization, began A legend is also known in Rome referring to Aeneas Aeneas is a legendary hero of both Rome and Troy. Homer mentions him in the Iliad as the first cousin of King Priam and Troy.

In the Aeneid, Virgil describes him as a hero and ancestor of Romulus and Remus. The Aeneid states that Aeneas was one of the few Trojans who was neither killed nor enslaved after the defeat of Troy. After gathering a band and being ordered by the gods to escape, he traveled to Italy to raise the Romans. This team was called the Aeneads.

How Long Did The Roman Empire Last

He took with him the statues of the Trojan gods and installed them in Italy.They meandered for quite a long time and finally got comfortable with Carthage. Here Aeneas and the Carthaginian queen named Namdido had a year-long affair, after which Dido proposed to him so that they could rule both the Trojans and the Carthaginians together.

Aphrodite, the mother of Aeneas, with the help of Jupiter made Aeneas realize his true intentions, which led him to sneak away from the place. In pain of her departure, Dido casts a fierce curse of enmity on Rome. Afterwards, he stabs himself with the sword he gave Ines in their first meeting It is said that The Aeneid then returned to Sicily and Aeneas made his final settlement in Latium To honor his father who had died the year before,

Roman History
Roman History

Roman History

Aeneas organized a series of funeral games. After his death, he is said to have descended into the underworld and met his father and Dido and learned about the future of his successors, in other words, Roman history This story about the ancestry of the Romans was laid by Aeneas many more interesting myths cannot be covered in one post if you want to know about them then tell me in the comments and I will make a separate post for you.

These people depended on trade and agriculture for their livelihood These people made great advances in manufacturing, agriculture, and mining, which allowed them to develop the skills to make a variety of goods they traded. The Romans lived an extravagant lifestyle with luxury goods, servants, and slaves following behind them, holding many feasts and enjoying exotic cuisines.

Roman Festivals

But this was only the life of those who were the best in lineage, the poor Romans lived in their servitude. Regarding religion, the Romans had their distinct religion, and adherence to this religion was important for both the elite and the common people. Apart from this, these people used to celebrate many rituals and festivals.

Roman Festivals
Roman Festivals

A fire was lit in every house which was considered very sacred. These people believed that as long as this fire was burning they would be safe, when it went out some trouble would befall them. These were the beliefs of many gods such as Jupiter or Zeus Juno means diamond Minerva means Athena And many more It should be remembered that after the introduction of Christianity,

There were many changes in the Roman religion. these people Humans or animals were offered as sacrifices to the gods Religious festivals were celebrated loudly Like Adonia and Agonalia In addition, these people strongly believed in forces like Numina, which they felt controlled many aspects of their lives.

Roman History Julius Caesar

These people also believed in vows and prayers and considered them very sacred These people believed in death and resurrection after death and many funeral rituals have been found among them These people used to build temples and shrines as places of worship which were decorated very well Romans also made many inventions during their time which we will talk about in another post-Rome saw the rise and fall of some of the greatest emperors in human histories, such as Julius Caesar,

Trajan, and Augustus. But eventually, the empire became so vast that it was impossible to bring it under a single ruler. Eventually, the Roman Empire was overrun by millions of barbarians from the north and east of Europe. This was a small part of the history of Rome, from time to time we will bring more posts about them,

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Jalaluddin Khwarazm Shah
Jalaluddin Khwarazm Shah

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