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Instant Creamy Rubbery Recipe

We will share an Instant Creamy Rubbery Recipe. This rubber bus will be ready in ten to twelve minutes. Many times we order results like mal poa hai gulab jamin hai or make it at home or order it. But all these things seem incomplete to us without rubber. Jalebi also goes very well with Rabri. And sometimes it’s just fun to eat rubber. If guests have come to your house and you don’t have enough time to make a result.

So make this rubbery in ten minutes. It doesn’t need much. All the things will be available in the kitchen. Cooking with Benazir is not only about the taste but also about the emotions. We have placed a large pan to heat it. If you are not afraid of falling, then use a small pen. Our milk will stick to what is there, otherwise, sometimes the milk will stick to the bottom and burn, and then its smell is not good.

Prepare Milk Mixture Rubbery Recipe

We will add milk to it. Here we have used one letter milk. The results are very good. After putting the milk in the pot, we will add half a cup of milk powder to it. Its taste is also better, it becomes creamy and also it is made quickly, it takes more than an hour to make such rubbery, so it is made very quickly in this way, so we have not turned on the flame, or milk powder.

If you don’t have it available or you don’t want to add it, then skip the milk powder and let it dissolve first. From time to time, we will continue to stir until the milk boils, and then we do some preparations, but we also have to pay attention to it, don’t forget that we have taken four slices of bread. These are small slices of bread. We have to use white bread.

Ingredients For Sweets Creamy Rubbery

We will cut the sides. If you are using a larger bread, just cut it into two slices. We have to break the bread loosely like this and put it in the jar of the mixer grinder and make its powder. We cut the bread and ground it in the mixer. It has been three to four minutes and the milk should have boiled. Just in it we will put the bread that we have prepared. Adding bread will not spoil the rubbery test at all.

No one will even know that you have made this instant Sweets rubbery by adding bread. Let it cook for two to four minutes. We have kept the flame medium to high. We cook for two to three minutes on high flame. It is perfect. The rubber becomes very thick when it cools. So we have to take care of this thing here. It only needs to be cooked for two to three minutes after adding the bread.

Sugar Add Rubbery

On medium to high flame. It has reached the perfect consistency. We will now give thanks. We have taken six tablespoons of sugar here. Milk powder also contains sugar. you are not adding milk powder. So you should use eight tablespoons of sugar ie half a cup. And use five slices of bread instead of four. So your rubber will be ready. We will put about four tablespoons of it. And two tablespoons will be saved.

One thing to take special care of in Rabi is as we told you. Do not overcook it. Do not make it too thick to the point. Because it thickens twice after cooling. So take care that you never turn off the flame. Thank you we put. Have taken the flame for a while. Add around two tablespoons of almonds and pistachios. We cut it dry and keep it. Two tablespoons of Kajomi that we cut into pieces.

Almond Pistachios for garnishing

We have also kept some almond pistachios for garnishing. It is a half teaspoon of cardamom powder. You can take three to four cardamoms and coat them in it if the powder is not oilable. We will put mud in it. Which is the life of rubber. We put only three to four drops. no more than that. By the way, if it is not livable, you can soak a little saffron in it. Or you can add daily. Even two to three drops.

After making the flame, we will keep it on one side while preparing the other. We have saved a little search for gold.. We will put the remaining two tablespoons of sugar in it. We are telling you this one secret tip. Which will make your rubber very full of flavor.

Deliecios Haleem Recipe

For one, its color will be perfect. Its color will look like you have cooked the rubber for one to two hours. Furthermore, the flavor will likewise be excellent. Just a few things you have to take care of. Time to make it. We have kept the flame low. We will let the sugar melt. It will not be operated until it melts little by little. Little by little sugar is melting at this point.

We have to run it, the Flames have to keep our throw-outs low. What we have to take care of here is its color and its cooking timings. The chashni sweets first has to let us melt. In this way, we will continue to run little by little so that a good even color comes from all sides. The sugar has melted and its color has changed little by little. Just when we take it, the color has changed a little bit like this.

At this point let us flame to close. In one flame itself, it has to be run for ten seconds so that its color becomes a little better. Just so much better. Don’t overcook it and make it dark. If it gets dark, don’t add it to rubbery. Otherwise, the rubber may be bitter. So just take care of this thing. will put The rubbery that was cooking on low flame. We have poured it on the rubber.

The taste will also be very good

It will run like this. You will see that it will have a lovely color in no time. The taste will also be very good. You just have to take care of what we have said. As soon as light golden sugar becomes caramelized, switch off the flame. And cook it in closed flame. the cute color has arrived. If it looks like this, a little bit of sugar.

So there is no need to take tension, just cook it on low flame for half to one minute, and those pieces will also melt. So just melt those pieces. So long we have to cook. Our instant creamy rubbery is ready. So the next time you have guests in your house or you want to eat things like gulab jamun, jalebi, or mal poa, then definitely add this rubbery along with it.

See its final consistency. You can see that it is not very thick like it is rubbery. Because it will become like rubber when it cools. At this point, we have to close the flame from the idea. So our rubber has become cold. We have not kept it in the fridge. Put it in a serving dish and keep it in the fridge.

Refrigerate for two hours. And then eat it. So you can see how it has become a cool car in a short time. This car has reached the consistency of perfect rubber. So you can easily prepare one kilo of instant creamy rubbery in one letter of milk by following the steps just in ten minutes.

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