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ISIL Ismail Industries Limited No 1

Will try to form an opinion about the company. That is Ismail Industries Limited. Ismail Industries Limited was established as a private limited company on June 21, 1988. The company was converted into a public limited company on November 1, 1999. The main business of the company is sugar products,fanty candy bakery items,cocomo, fanty candy, biscuits, and potato chips.

Their production is to sell them by marketing them with their own brand Candy Land,cocomo, Disconi, Snack City, and Astro Film. If the equity profile of the company is seen, then the market capital of the company is twenty-six billion four crore twenty-seven lakh seventy-six thousand rupees. If seen, the free float share of the company is 333,778,47 shares.

Quarterly Earnings Performance in Ismail Industries 2021

In 2017, if the annual earnings of the company are seen, then it was eighteen rupees and twenty-seven paise. In 2018, if we look at the share of his earnings, then it was 22 rupees and 13 paise. In 2019, his share of earnings was 15 rupees and 15 paise. If we look at the share of his earnings in 2020, it was fourteen rupees and fifty paise. We will look at the last four quarters, where is the company’s earnings performance in the last four quarters.

In the third quarter of 2020, the share of the company’s earnings was one rupee and twenty-three paisa. In the first quarter of 2021, the company’s earnings were The share was four rupees fifty-one paise, in the second quarter of 2021, the share increased to nine rupees and fifteen paise, and in the third quarter of two thousand twenty-one, the share became eight rupees and ninety-eight paise. We will look at what is shared and what is its performance

Unveiling the Success of Food Product Companies

If the performance of the company’s share is seen in three months, the value of the company’s share has increased by 11.11%. Within six months, the value of the company’s share increased by about five percent. And within a year, the value of the company increased by about fourteen and twenty-eight percent. You must have seen here that the company is always increasing. What caused it? In the whole world, we say that Covid-19 came.

And the code destroyed everything. Why did nothing happen to such a campaign? These companies are such companies, they produce milk chocolate food products. Now look, their products are like candy land. They continue for years and years, these twelve months. Biscuits are available for twelve months of the year. Biscuits are available throughout the year.

A Promising Outlook for Shareholders

Such a campaign never results in losses, only what happens to these companies is a little, these campaigns are such campaigns that a person should buy their shares and sleep peacefully, this campaign is his profit. They will continue to put in your share and their rates and the losses of these companies also have very minor chances that these companies will have losses.

If the company’s share is seen on the latest earnings of the last nine months if it is combined, then it is 22 rupees and 62 paise, now it is 22 rupees and 62 paise. Only 322 rupees and 13 paise, but now it has become 22 rupees and 62 paise in nine months, so you can do that there is a good chance of having a share of 30 rupees on its earnings in one year, which is one hundred fourteen decimal eighty-one.

Chips Cocomo Biscuits

If we look at the sales growth bases, the ten index has increased by forty-nine percent. If sales growth is seen on a quarter-to-quarter basis, the four indices have increased by forty-seven percent. If the book value of the share is seen, then it is one hundred and sixty-five rupees and eighty-four paisas while at this time this share is trading around four hundred rupees. The express rate was October 16, 2020.

How Dividend Payouts Reflect Company Stability

When the company gave a thirty percent dividend payout. Apart from this, the company which is from 2013 onwards I have got data. This company has been continuously paying good dividends to its investors. In 2013, the company paid a twenty-two percent dividend. Twenty-two and a half percent in two thousand and fourteen. A sixty percent dividend was given in 2015. Sixty-five percent dividend was given in 2016 Twenty-seven percent dividend was given in 2017.

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A forty-five percent dividend was given in 2018. A thirty percent dividend was given in 2019. And gave a 35% dividend in 2020 and also issued 4% rights. Three hundred and fifty rupees per share. Apart from this, if the material information of the company is seen. So the company has about twenty-four forty-three percent stake in Bank of Punjab Bank of Khyber Ismail Industries’ Impact on Bank of Khyber Ismail Industries’ Impact on Bank of Khyber

Ismail Industries’ Impact on the Bank of Khyber

Twenty-four and forty-three percent shares of K of Khyber belong to Ismail Industries, and about twenty-five and one-fourth of Bank of Khyber belongs to Ismail Industries. This year, the Bank of Khyber has paid one crore two hundred and sixteen thousand nine hundred and fifty-one rupees as a bonus to these industries because Ismail Industries is a shareholder of the Bank of Khyber.

So when the Bank of Khyber If you have announced your bonus, it is 1 crore two and two million, and the Bank of Khyber has paid the next amount to Ismail Industries as a bonus. The volume is not that much. The volume is more in the companies whose free float is more. For those companies whose free float is 5% or 7%, the volume is not high in them, but the volume is less in them. Shares of companies depend on the promoters of the company,

The Importance of Reading Company Reports

On their business plan, how they are people, and how they are running their company, according to my analysis, small industries is such a company if its share comes to a little dip, then those who are eager to take dividends and want to enjoy dividend for years and also have a light profit should invest in it, so this is a good opportunity for them. There is a company but invest in it after seeing the rate. Read the reports of the company once and invest in it.

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