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Kabuli Pulao Recipe 1 Hour

The recipe we are making today is also a recipe of Pakhtun culture, which is the Kabuli Pulao Recipe. Like other Pakhtun recipes, just as Dum Pakht is their piece, similarly, Kabuli Pulao is made with very few spices because the taste of meat is kept prominent in Pakhtun culture, it is not suppressed by spices. The most important thing is that you will pick up any dish, and you will find a maximum of two or three spices in it.

It is made in beef. If you want to add, I also have boneless, this is the beef that I have kept in big pieces. This is the thigh meat of the beef thigh. it is kept big, when we break it, its fiber is formed, which is a very good presentation and best taste. If you are making beef, then the quantity of beef is kept almost double in it.

Kabuli Pulao Recipe

Those who have tried this recipe in Namak Mandi will know how good it taste is, so now we have to make sure of what it is and we have to cook this meat first, we have to boil it. The original method is to cook it in an open pot. The way we take out the gravy of something, let it cook for two hours. So that it becomes completely soft and the yarn also comes out.

Because there is no time even inside the house and I don’t have enough time to cook it for two hours. If you want to do it, the procedure is the same. It will take us 20 minutes in the pressure cooker, it will take two hours, ten times the time, so we will save what we have. I will add cumin and big cardamom inside it just for a mild taste. Apart from that, there is no spice in it.

Kabuli Pulao Ingredints

And if you add cinnamon and many other spices like nutmeg, nutmeg, ginger, and garlic, then it will not be Kabuli Pulau as I always say, as simple as the dish is, so much flavor. If it happens to him, these two things will go inside it, only ginger and garlic will not go inside. To do this, I will add half and salt to it, then we will add that which is for water, and the salt which is added inside the Kabuli pulao is added inside the yakhni later in the pulao.

Similarly, if you see someone cooking and they don’t add salt, it looks like they are cooking rice without salt, so the water will go inside it, which is freezing. I will tell you how much time you have to use. These herbs are a little big and we have to soften the meat for sixteen to seventeen minutes after it whistles. Yes, seventeen minutes have been completed, now I am removing the weight and after the steam comes out, do not open it first.

Kabuli Pulao Recipe

It is broken even though there are so many big plants and they should all be scattered here. When it gets cooked inside, it will become more soft. Yachni is ready. Our beef is ready. Ghee is to be added inside. You always use ghee inside Kabuli Pulau. Oil is not used. So I have ghee. Banas leaves are ghee. So what is there is this. I have five hundred grams. Total.

Half of that means two hundred and fifty grams we will add in it. For one and a half kilos of rice, I am telling you that it was five onions of medium size, chopped like this, finely chopped so that it is well mixed. When they are fried, they will be added in the same ghee while frying these onions, you should not darken their color, otherwise, the color of the pulao will become dark and the onions should start turning light brown.

Kabuli Pulao Cooking Time

So what is inside it, cut three medium-sized onions and put them inside the slices like this, then add this tomato and cook it well so that the tomatoes are completely dissolved and it becomes like gravy inside it, now tomatoes. There is a small discrepancy in Kabuli Pulau that some versions of Kabuli Pulau do not use tomatoes, but in Namak, the Kabuli Pulau you will eat requires the use of tomatoes.

See what tomatoes are. They have started to rot, now they need a little water, so water, you have to use the same ice in it that we used in the street, so it is two or three I am putting the machete in it so that it becomes a good gravy, the tomatoes will rot well, then yes, now the spices, when our spices are cooked a little, add the boiled meat that we have taken out, this beef and add it to this side.

Kabuli Pulao With Red Chili

It has to be fried well because we haven’t fried it before, so we will fry it here well, then no masala will go inside it, the salt we added in the pan, we will check in the pan if more salt is needed. We will put salt inside it, nothing else will go, neither red chili, nor turmeric, nor garam masala will go, so the total that will be cooled inside it will be around two and a half liters, which is the best for raw basmati for one and a half kilos.

If so, I have added ice to it. After adding ice, let it come to a boil, then the rice will go. Check the salt before that. Yes. I have checked the salt, so what we put two and a half teaspoons is perfect, we don’t need more salt, if you eat normal salt, it will be perfect for you too. I had soaked the water and drained it. Look here, the rice turning white like this after soaking means you will see that the rice has drunk water.

Pulao Recipe

So now we will add the rice inside it. We will let the rice cook in this water. I will tell you how much to cook. The flame should be medium to high, because if it is too low, it will melt in the water. Now let me tell you how to prepare the most special thing of Kabuli pulao which is topped with fruits and carrots. Check this rice, Masha’Allah, it’s very good. It will take some time to prepare its topping.

Here, I have a pen. In it, we will still fry a little of our vegetables and what we have here is carrot and what I have here is nuts according to our taste because this is just a topping, we will soak them and add them to what we have. And here we have to cook them a little bit in oil so that these fruits will swell due to a little heat.

Kabuli Pulao Cooking Time

But there is no trace of sugar inside the authentic dish, which is the sweetness of this fruit, this raisin, the sweetness of carrots, it comes after frying them a little, so they become soft. And there is a sweetness inside them which is used as the inside of this casserole. So, what is here is that our rice is perfectly ready. Look at the condition of the rice.

The condition of the rice should be that you have to dry almost all the water in it, because it will be cooked in about 40 minutes. So the water inside it will be like this is a tissue with rice stuck inside it. Now we will add the fruits that are there. These fruits will come. Now we have to put it on top. We always use paper for the tail but inside it we will use a wet cloth.

Kabili Pulao

And in this way, you will steam it with a cloth, then this is the table with which I have steamed it, now you have to cover it well from above with another cloth so that the steam does not come out from inside it at all. You have to let it simmer for 30 to 35 minutes on low flame so that it does not burn from the bottom and it also cooks in its own steam inside the heat.

This is the specialty of Kabili Pulao it is very light. If they pick up what is there, then they open what is there. Mashallah ji, look at the very best rice, and see how it is roasted. Yes, it is very good. It is a long grain. Look at this. The rice is not sitting. You see how juicy and tall the rice is. Grains, if I show you this, look at the same way all this rice is perfectly cooked.

Kabuli Pulao Presentation

And look at the greens of the rice separately, we can see the greens of the rice, look here, mashallah and overall the presentation is great, you can see it like this and if we check the beef, how tender it is. If so, look here. The bill is falling over here. And the fibers are separating. This is the thing that should be inside this pile. Serve it a little to test it. So I am putting it here.

The sweetness that is inside it. And which is slightly salty. Both give us a very balanced flavor. Ah, the test here was very good, when I tried it, the saltiness and sweetness gave us a great balanced flavor. And the same thing happens inside the Kabuli pulao instead of a lot of flavors, you get the beefy flavor of meat and the main flavor of salt. And what is saltiness and what is sweetness is what you get from fruits and carrots.

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