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Karahi Keema Mutton Qeema Recipe

How To make the most popular item in our house Qeema Recipe, which I have been making for almost twenty years, but I am reaching you today. Let’s start in style. then we View All Our pan is preheated. First we will add oil in it. Around four to six tablespoons depending, if you want, to add more or less. The fried mincemeat looks a little better. The first thing we’re going to put in is our crushed ginger.

Put it across a tablespoon. Now we will put a little of our red and green chilies in it. We will suit him. Thirty seconds will do. Just thirty seconds have passed, now we put our jatpit and spices in it. Which is something like this.

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Qeema Recipe Ingredients

One tablespoon of regular red chilies, one tablespoon of crushed pepper i.e. chopped pepper, one tablespoon of chaat masala, one tablespoon of kasuri methi, which I have ground it by hand. One tablespoon of Kashmiri red pepper, one tablespoon of chicken powder or Noor or Maggi cube, one teaspoon of black pepper, half a teaspoon of spice powder, one teaspoon of tartar and two teaspoons of maida (flour flour). Now we will put a tablespoon of water in it and we will fry it well.

If you add one more tablespoon, it will not burn the spices. This is a very good bathroom. Add a little more. You know this Kadhai Qeema, which is about twenty-two years ago, I invented it in this way. That we had gone to eat with one of our relatives. There were some other unexpected guests. So now I was getting worried that it would be fulfilled or not.

Time Duresion Keema Recipe

So at that time, I said, “Brother, what is edible in the house, I will make it.” Everyone said, “No, it will look so good with it, no, I think the gas makes me gentle or something like that.” And nothing will be done about it and then everyone will have trouble. Everyone was very worried. I said, “Hey bro, take out the keema and that’s when I invited this kadhai keema”.

And he moved so much that no one noticed the lack of humility that he is, he remained on the side. And since I have been making it till today and everyone in my family likes it very much. My kids like it too. And incidentally, I shared this with you guys so late, but what? Now you will be happy too. Let’s go now while roasting our spices in it, it has been five or six minutes and they are roasted well.

Mutton Keema Recipe

Now we put two cups of the tomato puree we made in it. I remember we used to make tomato puree, it was very dangerous and it was magic. If you have not seen tomato puree, I will give you the link here. You will see it. If so, those who have seen it should add a teaspoon of salt. And now at the same time we will put our mincemeat in it, it is two pounds.

And mutton is ours, if you want, you can make it with chicken, you can make it with big or small. So let’s go inside us. Will mix it well. So basically you can make it from any meet. I remembered that song. From the small, from the big, from the big, from the small, from above, from below, from below, from above. So it has to be put. Oh brother, just look at it. Let’s go now on this point we will mix our good quality.

Pakistani Recipe in Ghalib Restaurant

They will break it well if there are any chunks, etc. Hey, my kids, when I make this Ghalib Restaurant Style kadahi keema, they make kadahi nachos with it, which look great. If you guys are interested, let me know and I will give you the recipe soon. Now let’s cover it and cook it for five minutes. Our heat is medium-high. So see you in five minutes. It’s been five minutes and the aromas are coming.

Let’s see how it looks now. See how beautiful it looks. Now we will add some things to it. That’s basically what we want. We will add a little green coriander at this point. And we will add a tablespoon of ground ginger at this point. We had put it in the oil and now we will put it at this point. Let’s go once again, we will cook it for seven minutes and then see you in seven minutes,

Ghalib Restaurant style Pakistani Recipe

It has been seven minutes, the aromas are coming dangerous. It is done, if you want, you can keep it for five more minutes. So we have closed the stove and now we will keep it covered for two minutes in the closed stove. So that a little bit of our tri is on top, because the pan is minced, there should be a little bit of tri. So see you in two minutes.

Let’s see, it’s been two minutes. What’s up with Teri? Let’s see, Teri has come. And more will come soon. Before taking out we sprinkle a little something else. Sprinkle a little green coriander. A little sprinkle of this juli and ginger. We also save a little for garnishment. This is our new green, this raw, also put now will And we stir it and now dish out. So let’s take out the eva of the pan in this beautiful pan.

Garnish Keema Recipe

Garnish with ginger. And a little we sprinkle green coriander. Let’s try full of flavor, super fast and super yummy. Taste addicting with naan and like I told you guys, my kids make nacho ah kadhahi again. So, if you guys want that heart, you must write it, then I will also give you the recipe and it is made. is dangerous. It will be fun, everyone will have fun or have fun.

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