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Latest FPSC Jobs 2023

Government jobs in Pakistan have been opened, there are many jobs, that have been opened in GFJ FPSC Jobs Federal Public Service Commission, both males and females can apply, they can apply from all over Pakistan, I will tell you how to apply online. Before I tell you. As you can see, these are permanent jobs. Yes, this is the area education officer’s scale.

Its scale is 16 and those who have master’s degrees can also apply. Those who have done law education can also apply. Apart from this, they can apply for jobs from East Pakistan, and both males and females can apply. Yes, there is a post, and apart from this, there is a job of Assistant Professor in Islamiat, yes, its grade is a scale is18, so these are permanent jobs,.

FPSC Jobs in Pakistan

You can see that for this also, education should be a master’s or education in a relevant subject or field, they can apply and a number vacancy can apply from all over Pakistan, I will tell you in the last date how to do it online. General Staff This is an officer’s job. This is a biomedical job. This is a medical job. You can see that this one should have medical education,

It should be a pharmacy, or else it should be registered with HEC PCP and apart from this, there are several vacancies to apply from all over Pakistan. Apart from this, there are other government jobs also, you can see that there are Inspector Legal jobs, with a scale is 16, these are permanent govt jobs, you can apply for one job from all over Pakistan,

Age Limit for FPSC Jobs in Pakistan

The age limit is 20 to 28 years, there are National Saving Officer jobs. Apart from this, the number of vacancies is one, and those who have done Master Dig Master, that too Statistics Master, Commerce, Accounting, Finance, Business Administrator, Public Administrator, and whatever degree they have can apply. Apart from this, the number of vacancies is that of System Account Officer and the number is vacancy two and this is you.

Apart from this, the scale of the professor is 20, the scale is 20, there are 20 permanent jobs, and the one who has done Ph.D., FCPS, MD, MSM, this is the job in the medical department, you can see and the number of vacancies is total 11. You can apply from all over Pakistan, this number is the details of the vacancy and apart from this, the next job is,

Apply online for govt jobs in Pakistan

You are the job of Deputy Director Engineer, it is 18 scale and here is the mention, you can see the number of vacancies one, its advertisement, how to open. I will tell you about that too and apart from this, I will also tell you about the online method. This is the job of a Boiler Engineer. Those who have done engineering and related fields can apply and there are several vacancies for Assistant Engineer, those who have done it, too.

You can apply if there is one vacancy or two vacancies, you have to apply in any case, you will know your result, the paper you have to give, the test paper you have to give, what are the questions that come, you are bound to get it, maybe it is your lucky one, your name. You can get admission in Medical or you can see the beauty of medicine,

Education for Government jobs in Pakistan

The job of Instructor English Female and Staff Nurse is Staff Nurse, its scale is 16, those who have done Matriculation Diploma Nursing i.e. Matriculation. Either a Diploma in Nursing or a Midwife Female, can apply, The limit is 20 to 28 years, and number vacancy one and from East, Pakistan can apply. Posting is also within Islamabad, this is it and whatever outstanding post I have announced.

They can be posted anywhere from all over Pakistan. These four staff nurses are on a scale of 16 and their number vacancy is 16 i.e. 16 vacancies are MTE, 20, 28, and those with experience as midwives and nurses, both male and female can apply. I will tell you how to apply and stay with me, do not skip my video, you have to open this main website of the Federal Public Service Commission,

Information For Government Jobs in Pakistan

I will give its link in the above description, you can directly open it. You have to go here and open the advertisement, those who are interested in education or whatever can check about it, how to process the fees, all the methods are mentioned inside it, so I will also give you some information or you can download the challan.

All you have to do here is the challan form, you have to click here to deposit the money, you have to print a copy of the challan, then you have to fill it, then you have to go to the bank and get the deposit done. Apart from this, before applying online, note one thing. Documents will be clicked here online. All your documents, including educational documents, photos, CV and personal information,

Recruitment Government jobs in Pakistan

Have to be saved and scanned in the system and the deposit slips also have to be scanned for the recruitment you have applied for. Whether it is a staff nurse, medical or technical, whatever profession you have done for a National Serving Officer or you have to do it for an Area Education Officer, then for example, I do it.

For Area Education Officer, you will select it here, this is the mention which Here also you can see its scale, you have applied for this job, here you have done it once, here you have to give the CNC number, the bank which is the deposit bank, the date on which you have deposited the money in the bank or else you have to give the deposit fee.

Scales details in Government jobs in Pakistan

The amount which has to be deposited has to be mentioned here. How many 100 i.e. 300 have to be made, according to that 300. Apart from this, the bank name in which you have made the payment has to be mentioned here, then the bank branch code has to be mentioned here and the location of the bank.

That’s what has to be mentioned here, you can see what their scale is, from 14 to 17, their fee is Rs 300 and for 18, those with 18 scales will deposit Rs 750, those with 19 scales will deposit Rs 1200 and those with 20 scales will pay Rs 1500. If you deposit Rs. 1500 or more then issue date of domicile is mentioned here. If your domicile is mentioned then the issue date will be mentioned there. You can see it.

Last date Government jobs in Pakistan

Mention all this here which I told you about your test centre. Whichever city is close to you – GDG Khan, Galgat, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore or Multan. Select the city which is nearest to you and you feel that you have to select it. Similarly, for the interview test, you have to select the interviewer accordingly.

That center of the recruitment office of the office will come and the test you have to give will come accordingly, you have to give this code, here you have to save it, whoever asks for this requirement for the next procedure, then you must give it,

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