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Latest PAEC Jobs in Pakistan 2023

Latest PAEC Jobs in Pakistan there has been a great announcement of junior executive junior assistant and computer operators for the whole of Pakistan. Apply for the Commission of govt jobs in Pakistan. I will tell you the complete and easy way to apply online from all over Pakistan in the studio. Be sure to watch the post till the end. You can also visit it.

A post has also been uploaded on all the banked federal and provincial government jobs in Pakistan. are The completely easy way to apply them is explained in detail. You must also watch these videos. Let’s see today’s job. Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission govt jobs in Pakistan. You have to apply online only on this website carrier jobs dot nighty one dot com dot PK by 18th December 2023.

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Education for Latest PAEC Jobs in Pakistan

First vacancy, you can see the package of the major admin page is one hundred and seventy thousand. Your education is MBA, BBA four four-year, MPA, Mars, MSC, MARHM, and six years relevant you should have one hundred and thirty-two thousand. Those who have experience will be preferred otherwise you can also apply for junior executive one finance the pay package will be ninety-three thousand one hundred and nineteen rupees if you have done an MCom, MBA finance or postgraduate degree,

You should not have more than one second division, if you have experience, then you will be preferred, otherwise, you can also apply for computer operator Rs.62,749. C of Physics Maths Test Economics or if you have BCSBITK with elemental experience then you will be preferred otherwise you can also apply press junior assistant one motor transport and admin.

Pay Package Age Limit for Government Jobs in Pakistan

His pay package is sixty thousand six hundred and sixty-three rupees. Have you done BCom BBABCS for two years or BABSC in a relevant field? If you have experience then you should be preferred. Otherwise, you can also apply pressure on it, which is a common condition, you can see it in detail on their website. The maximum age limit should be thirty-five years.

You can visit their official website carrier job ninety-one dot com dot PK. How do you pay online? You have to search on Google. It is possible to search carrier jobs with ninety-one dot com dot p. You may encounter such an error. So you have to open the browser of Microsoft H. So now if you have to search for it then this website will come up in front of you.

Apply Online for govt jobs in Pakistan

This is Job’s retirement. The one you want to apply against is mentioned in front of you. This instruction is also mentioned in front of you, you can set it yourself in detail. If you are registered on Carrier Job Ninety then just log in otherwise click on the sign-up button, a form will appear in front of you here is your number email network, mobile number, password, confirm, password secret Set the question, and sign up by writing this capture.

Click on the signin button. Here, you have to enter your password and log in. As soon as you log in, everything will appear in front of you. Before, you have to click on my CV. Yes, as soon as you click on the My CV button, some information tab will open in front of you. Personal information. For this, you have to add personal information for govt jobs in Pakistan.

Criteria Government Jobs in Pakistan

Also, you have to click here to complete your name, father, name, date of birth, nationality, gender, medical status, religion, and your set, after that, complete your computer address and enter your date information here. Click on the button. After that, you have to click on academic information. Now you can see your education in academic information, you will add a metric, onward, metric, inter-graduation, and master one by one here. And you have to click on the academy.

From here you will set the degree tape certificate freedom specialty now, and after that your complete and complete degree or total marks of ten marks. Also, you have to add other information, which is education, one by one here. After that, you have to click on technical information. If you have any technical information, you can add it here.

Experience for govt jobs in Pakistan

Leave it blank Experience Certificate Do you have any experience working somewhere already then you can add it here otherwise you can also leave it blank medical history if you are disabled major disease or any unfit you have If you have details then enter it here otherwise leave it blank. Driving Licenses If you want to add driver’s license information here, then it is ok, you can leave it blank.

After that, you have to click on finalize unfinalize, whatever data you have entered behind, you have to click on the finalize CV button, and then you will be finalized. After that, you have b of front job Click on the tone. If you are eligible for this post then this apply now button will open for you. If you are not eligible for this post, you will be locked.

After that, you have to click on the Apply Here button, click the Yes Apply Now button, and then you will apply online. After that, you have to click on the match job tab of the post against which you have applied, then this job information will be mentioned here.

Education Department Jobs 2023
Education Department Jobs 2023
ISIL Ismail Industries Limited
ISIL Ismail Industries Limited

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