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Low Fee Medical Colleges in Pakistan

Low Fee Medical Colleges in Pakistan.MD character reconducts or students confusion or MD character reconduct like an MD character conduct important admissions MD character will be there will be many students who will make merit and will go to government medical college but some students who will go to govt. Preference will be given to those who will not be able to make merit and want to do private MBBS, then the most important thing for them is what is the fee structure of which medical college and which medical college is such that the fee is all less than so that they keep it on preference.

So that they don’t have to go to high-fee colleges and get admission in low-fee medical colleges and they can smoothly do MBBS with good affordability inside this post I have given you three medical colleges in Sindh which are reasonable compared to the rest of the medical colleges in terms of fee structure and their fee is less than 1 crore. If you compile it for five years, it will be less than one crore. Which are the medical colleges?

Low Fee Medical Colleges in Pakistan

Whether your merit will be made in government or not you are not necessarily going to a private college and you are doing it a little fast, so don’t think like that first let yourself get the result by chance. Then go and start making up your mind. You don’t need to be engaged with any medical college in advance.

You don’t need to talk or use any other means that you have to take admission so many students have merit. I don’t know about the points, but some students know that I could not perform well enough to secure my seat, but in this case, they will go to a private medical college. I want to take admission, I talked to you about all the medical colleges of Sindh, especially the medical colleges of Karachi, and told you which medical college has the fee structure,

How Much Low Fee Medical Colleges in Pakistan

How much is the fee, is it one crore, one crore is ten lakh or two lakhs even I covered every medical college How many medical colleges are there, and what is their fee structure, but the purpose of making this post is to tell you which three Amna Inayat medical college are there which have quite low fee structure as compared to those medical colleges. And it can be quite affordable for you so that whenever you go to take admission in private schools, obviously, many students are worried that there are too many fees and too many expenses.

We have seen a lot of fee increases this year. There are fee structures up to one crore thirty-five four lakhs and these are the fee structures within which you come, say food charges, your rent, accommodation, they are not involved, so obviously when Your tuition charges and other charges become so much, your PMDC fee is an extra fee, library fee means so many of your things, then students are very worried. If he is investing 1 crore two lakhs, then his preference will be that let me go to a college with one crore and not one crore two lakhs.

Private Azra Naheed Medical College

There is a very important thing in it and above all I shared a video with you in which I told you that whenever you go to a private Azra Naheed medical college, you have eight other parameters along with the fee. I will also share the link of the parameters I mentioned in the description of this post so that you can see the parameters on the basis of which medical college should be your preference, which is the most key.

If there is a factor, it is the fee, so obviously it is a private matter, the name is for all the fees, education obviously means according to the government, the subjects are the same, and the most important thing is that BS is such an education. In which the student studies by himself, if you gets lectures, you also study online, take information from the website, you take it from books, but still, the student has to study his own efforts and create concepts by himself.

You have to study yourself and you have to do it day and night, then you become a good competent doctor, so the fee is one of those vectors, whenever you take admission to a private medical college, this is your top preference. What is the fee structure of the college? You visit it again and again to find out how much relief can be found in it. Etc. What is inside it is many. By the way, I mean all the things I told you in this post.

Women Medical College Low Fee Medical Colleges in Pakistan

There are eight parameters, and there is the problem of recognition, besides education, there is a system in it, but the most important role that plays is your fee. Throughout continuously a huge amount has to be given to the medical college so that you can do MBBS smoothly. An increase is also seen in it every year, so parents are also worried about this, of course, they take admission, but after that, there are many problems, then the way inflation is increasing, students are also worried.

Those who have enough then live in trouble because their monthly expenses increase, so now which are the three medical colleges that can be the best according to the affordability of their fees? It has been said that this medical college has 1 crore two million or 10 million or mostly medical colleges you hear that it is above 1 crore so which are the medical colleges whose fee is less than 1 crore and that Is it in Sindh or in Karachi? Now the first medical college that comes to us is Sulaiman Roshan Medical College.

Low Fee Medical Colleges in Pakistan First Year Fee Details

It is in the Tando Jam area. Now you can see its face structure and it is showing on your screen. It may be that if we talk about the fees of his first year, if you have year one, that is, two thousand twenty-three twenty-four, your fee is fifteen hundred thousand fifty thousand, now fifty thousand is within it. The admission fees are non-refundable but they are one-time within the first year and within the second year fifteen lakhs seventy-five thousand it means that if your fifteen lakhs were increased in the first year, then your admission was increased.

It doesn’t count, but you have to give, but you don’t consider it, if you look at it, next year, that is, within the thirty years, your sixteen lakhs fifty-three thousand seven fifty, that is, there is a huge spike in it, almost seventy-eight. thousand, after that your seventeen lacks thirty-six thousand in this you can also see a lot of increase and year five finally lakh, total ah tuition fees lakh,

Low Fee Medical Colleges in Pakistan Board Verification Fee

Or university affiliation fees. % ah, or year, year, year, or year lakh almost board verification fee year one if we combine the total in it then your other charges should be compiled then four lakh fifty-eight thousand eight sixty-four if we add this four lakh fifty-eight thousand to eighty-three, then it comes almost every year, if it is compiled after five years, then your eighty-seven lakh ninety-seven thousand is now eighty-seven lahks ninety seven.

Thousand means if you are taking admission to a medical college which has 12 million or 25 million and there is a child in a medical college with 87 million then you can see the difference if that child is working hard on his own and studying, so After five years he has to become a doctor, you have to become a doctor too, but what will be the difference if you have paid 34 lakhs, 35 lakhs or 25 lakhs more than him?

Focus on Affordability

If you don’t have awareness, you don’t know that if you didn’t see the fee structure, you didn’t know about this medical college. told that it was a medical college, you missed this opportunity, then you feel sad again, and then you have this medical college in Salman Roshan Tando Adam. Those who live in Sindh must consider it, obviously, they are more than this area.

They will be familiar, they will know that but those who are from other provinces, especially from Punjab, many children move to Sindh, move to Karachi for MBBS, I made a video for them last If you go to Sindh with Punjab domicile, what challenges do you have to face later, in this regard, you can keep this medical college as a reference so that you can afford it in a good way. The biggest thing is to afford the fee.

Introduction to Muhammad Medical College

Now if we talk about the next medical college, the next medical college we have is Muhammad Medical College. Within the first year, we have nineteen lakh twenty-five thousand and in addition, eight hundred seventy-five thousand within the second year, eight hundred seventy five thousand within the third year, eight hundred and seventy five thousand within the fourth year, and also in the final year. If its first admission fee fifteen fifty thousand almost ninety-four lakh twenty-four five thousand fees fee structure difference comes but remember that these are the ones whose fees are quite low but these are the fee structures in which your rent charges, your food, accommodation, etc.,

Whatever your charges are, they are not added, they depend on you, whether you spend forty thousand monthly on it, fifty, sixty, or whatever your affordability is. We meet at home it is up to each student, the parents pay according to their affordability every month or you have to keep yourself in the budget.

Introduction to Liaquat College of Medicine

We have Liaquat College of Medicine and its if your fee structure is two thousand twenty-three twenty for four first year in it you have sixteen lakh seventy-seven thousand that tuition fee and thirty three thousand your admission fee ie seventeen lakh ten thousand your first year second year lakh third year nineteen lakh sixty thousand fourth year twenty-one lakh ten thousand and final year twenty two lakh eighty thousand total program ninety-eight lakh seventy thousand hostel charges with food ah per month amount fifty thousand accommodation with food .

Fifty thousand ah mention five point five percent agreement total ninety-eight lakh, you have to choose that these three medical colleges whose fees are less than one crore are coming within your affordability, you can take admission in it, then you take admission in them, and if you take admission in any such medical college whose fee is 1 crore ten or 15 two lakh or if it is what you want but my aim to help you is that the aim of making this post is that those students who are very difficult to get private MBBS .

Guidance for Aspiring Medical Students with Limited Resources

A post should be made for those who try to bring themselves into it with very limited resources, which are the colleges whose fee structure is very low. You used to have the same fee structure two or three years ago, now if the average is one crore ten or two lakh, then you have to adjust yourself accordingly. If you liked it, it was informative for you, please like, comment and share with all the students who are seeking admission to private MBBS,

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