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Government Jobs SIUT Hospital Jobs 2024

New Government Jobs in Pakistan Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation at SIUT Hospital offers a multitude of career opportunities across various disciplines. This announcement invites applications for a diverse range of positions, catering to individuals with different educational backgrounds and expertise.

The institute is actively seeking qualified professionals to contribute to its mission of providing exceptional healthcare services. Those who are MBPS holders are degree holders, especially NSTP or Consultants, OMO Consultants, Radiology, Cardiology, Sonogists, Diabetologists, Neutronologists, etc.

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Government Jobs SIUT Hospital Jobs 2024

There are also in MBware who have education will be able to apply but after that who has done electrical engineer work for BS and accordingly those who have education wheel is mechanical engineer. Civil Supervisor is increasing for B.Tech and DAE in Civil Engineering who have education is L Trainee Medical Social Officer is increasing Trainee Medical Social Worker who has Bachelor of Arts.

siut hospital karachi
siut hospital Karachi

And They are freshers they can also apply Housekeeping supervisor is increasing NSC technician is increasing those who have intermediate education and NF straight technician diploma they should take it Deputy Manager Finance Deputy Manager HRA Domain Resource There are officers and then there are more increments which include librarian for master bachelor plumber increments electrician increments carpenter increments.

Available Positions Government Jobs in Pakistan

  1. Medical Positions:
    • Consultant Nephrologist
    • Consultant Urologist
    • RMO Consultant
    • Radiology Consultant
    • Cardiology Consultant
    • Sonologist
    • Diabetologist
      β€” Neutronechist
  2. Engineering and Technical Positions SIUT hospital jobs.
    Electrical Engineer typically deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. An Electrical Engineer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, which includes courses in circuit analysis, digital systems, electromagnetic fields, and power systems. They are trained to design, develop, test, and maintain electrical systems and equipment.
    It seems like you have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and work as a Mechanical Engineer. That’s great! What kind of projects are you currently working on?
  3. Healthcare Support Positions:
    • Trainee Medical Social Officer (BA degree required)
    • Trainee Medical Social Worker (Fresh graduates with a Bachelor’s degree)
    • Housekeeping Supervisor
    • NFTV Technician (Intermediate education and NFC technician diploma)
    • X-ray Technician (Diploma required)
    • ICU Technician (Diploma required)
    • Generator Operator (DAE in Electrical/Electronics)
  4. Finance and Administration:
    • Deputy Manager Finance
    • Deputy Manager HRA
    • Domain Resource Officer
    • Administrative Officer (Graduation required)
  5. IT and Operations:
    • Trainee Computer Operator (Intermediate education)
  6. Support Staff Positions:
    • Laboratory Technician
    • X-ray Technician
    • Biomedical Engineer
    • Registered Senior Nurse
    • Nursing Staff (Diploma/PSN required)
  7. Facility Management SIUT Hospital
    • Librarian (Master’s/Bachelor’s degree)
    • Plumber (Matriculation)
    • Electrician (Matriculation)
    • Carpenter (Matriculation)
    • Telephone Operator (Intermediate education)
  8. Security and General Services:
    • Security Incharge
    • Security Guard
    • Chowkidar
    • Sanitary Worker
      β€” Ward Boy and helpers
  9. Civil Supervisor (B.Tech/DAE in Civil Engineering)

Application Details For SIUT Hospital Karachi

  • Eligible candidates are encouraged to apply before the deadline on January 24, 2024.
  • Applicants should carefully review the educational qualifications for each position and submit the required documents accordingly.
  • The selection process will be based on merit and the relevance of qualifications to the respective positions.

Conclusion for all of Pakistan apply before the deadline on January 24, 2024.
This array of career opportunities at Khand Institute of Urology and Transplantation reflects the commitment of SIUT Hospital to enhance its workforce with skilled and dedicated professionals. Prospective applicants are urged to seize this opportunity by applying promptly and aligning their qualifications with the specific requirements of each position.

Government Jobs in Pakistan 2024

Note: All interested candidates should check the eligibility criteria for each position, submit the required documents, and ensure their applications are received before the closing date of January 2024.

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