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New National Bank Jobs 2023

The job I got at the National Bank of Pakistan, so I how to apply for these Bank Jobs based on their qualifications, their work, and their test. As much as we know how their test will be and what will be their syllabus, we will give you complete guidelines, so watch the post till the end, the job show of the National Bank of Pakistan is being shown on your screen,

So the post in question is General Banking Officer. This is the post of OGTH, its place of posting, let me tell you about where this post is, it is from Bannu, Dera Ghazi Khan, Faisalabad, Gilgit, Gwadar, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Pradan Mianwali, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, Koeta, Rawalpindi, Sahiwal, and Sialkot.

Education For National Bank Jobs 2023

I also share their eligibility criteria with you, for you should have minimum graduation or its equivalent degree, apart from this your CGP or your percentage should be at 60 i.e.

Your minimum graduation. You should have a first division in it, only then you can apply. If you do not have first division then you cannot apply in it and the second thing is that if it is a banking job then there are often questions in the mind of the candidate that maybe for this If you want a commerce-related degree like B.Com, BBA, etc., then simple graduation is required in it. Even if you have a BA, you can apply for Bank Jobs.

The age limit for Bank jobs in Pakistan

The age limit is 26 years, its last date is online for application, which is online. Your age on the day of application should be up to 26 years. The experience required for this should be one year but if you are fresh then it is written that a fresh graduate is eligible to apply, so even if you are fresh you can apply for Bank Job. You can get SC but if you have one year of banking experience then you will be given more preference.

So if you are already doing a bank job then you should apply for it. This is a government job. Let me tell you about the work. The main duties that he has are to manage and handle all front and back office transactions efficiently. Apart from this, to manage and handle remittance-related activities, and to open and maintain customer accounts. Within this, there are general duties to open customer accounts.

Bank jobs in Pakistan

If any account has become dormant, that is, the account that is not used for a long time and there is no incoming or outgoing transaction, then that account becomes dormant. If it is not closed, then look at it concerning it and close the account. Apart from this, it is also written here that one assigns that when you have to deal with cash,

If you are given a related duty, then you will have to do it, that is, the job of a cashier is different from this, their job is simple, if I tell you in simple terms, their work is more in the things related to cheques. This means that the work done related to check cashing is very little or almost non-existent. Apart from this, if one has to assist in processing and managing term deposits and other than this, then the operations manager has to do some other work in addition to this.

Required information Bank Jobs 2023

A lot of it is written inside to generate various month-end reports, the reports to be prepared at month end, the day-to-day work that happens inside the bank, so this is from this reference, apart from this, the knowledge you should have: Good communication, interpersonal skills. Should have process skills, should be effective team player code, customer service, then within that, whatever is yours, other knowledge is required, it is not any degrees, etc.

The degree they have required from you is just a BA, so you have to apply online for this. Now I will tell you how to apply online, you have to click on the link that is shown on your screen and you have to search for it. After this, as soon as you click on this link, this application will be in front of you. The form will open, you have to select the post of GBO,

Required documents For Bank Jobs 2023

You have to send your location, you can also select the district to which you belong the division to which you belong, or where you want to get posted. You can also enter there, apart from this you have to write your details, here you have to write your name, you have to write your father’s name, you have to write your age, you have to write your date of birth and you have to put your CNIC, you have to write an email, nationality, religion, etc.

After this you have to write the place of domicile, apart from this you have to write your mobile number and the mobile number should not be portable i.e. it should not be converted to any other number. After this, you have to write your mailing address. After this, you have to write your academic or professional qualifications for government jobs.

Other Information For Pakistan Bank Jobs 2023

Inside that you have to write the qualification, name of the institute, and wherever you are from the time you started till the ending year of your degree when you got it, you have to write the grade division, in this way, you have to put other qualifications also here. You have to do it and if you have any experience then you can also mention it.

Here you have to write the name of the organization, the position, whatever was your grade and from which A to which level you have worked, you have to write that and If you have worked in more than one company, then you can also write that you have to make the name of the organization and the from name the same, after that, it will be consent, you have to say yes on this Government jobs.

Educational Documents Information

Attached will be the recent CV which you have made, you have to upload it here. If you click on it, it will be uploaded to your PC from wherever you have kept it. You have to take a picture of your CNAC and you have to upload it here. Apart from this, you have to scan your educational documents and create a file of them and after that when they request you to choose the file, you have to go there and paste it i.e. if you click on the chosen file then Wherever you have placed it, it will be posted there.

Apart from this, you have to submit your experience letter. If you have done a previous job, then you have to file a choice and upload it above it. After this, you have to submit it here. After this, as soon as you get the message about the test, you will know when it will be tested and this is the way to apply online and apart from this, I will also tell you about its test, which is the general test.

The bank itself takes it or sometimes it happens that NTS also takes it, which was the last time they were tested, when this last badge came, the test they had was taken by IBP, and the method of that test was taken by the Institute of Bankers Pakistan. What happens is that there are three portions in it, one is the English portion, one is general knowledge and one is current affairs, so you already know that current affairs is the latest Government jobs.

Criteria for Government jobs

There is also general knowledge, apart from this, there is English in it and the last time their criteria was that you have to pass all three, that is, for example, if the test is of 100 marks and you have approximately 30 marks. There will be one portion of 30, the second portion will be of 40 and the third portion will be of 40, so this percentage will be made at the end when your result will be shown if you have given the test of State Bank jobs,

Then there is the same policy in State Bank that If you have set the criteria for passing month at 50, then you will have to take 15 marks each from each portion, that is, if you have 30 marks in General Knowledge, then you will need 15 marks. In this current affair, I will also You will need 15 marks and in English you will need 20 marks for Pakistan bank jobs.

General Knowledge, Current Affairs, and Computer.

So if you fail in any of these parts then you will be disqualified but this was the last time criterion so this time if the bank takes its test or If NTS is taken or someone else takes it, then the new syllabus that will be shared based on whatever their criteria is, will also be shared with you, Inshallah, but the basic things, because anyway it is being done on BA basis, so these things are mandatory in it. There will be English General Knowledge, Current Affairs and Computer.

Nowadays, you know that it is a part of the syllabus of every test, so you should prepare for that also, meaning when you start preparing for this test, then you have to prepare these four things in a good manner. After that, whatever syllabus will be shown or whatever update will come from this reference, then I will share Bank jobs in Pakistan with you guys.

The package of these people is also very good, the salary package is also 60 plus package, apart from this, if you have any other degree. Other means, if you have done an M.Phil etc. then you will also get its allowance of Rs. 000 because it is a government job, apart from this, your medical, etc., and the bank facility available for your medical, etc. or based on the loan, is also included in Pakistan bank jobs.

If you get a lot of concessions then there is also a government job, so this is a very good opportunity, you people should apply for Government jobs , if there is any update in this regard then I will share it with you people Inshallah, if you have any question then you can comment. You can apply Pakistan bank jobs,

Pakistan bank jobs
Pakistan bank jobs
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