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PAEC Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Jobs

So for this government job you people from all over Pakistan PAEC Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission jobs can apply online from the comfort of your home and the jobs have come here within the Atomic Energy Commission. And in addition to this, the education provided here is also very low, that is, primary pass, middle pass, metric pass, all people can apply for this job..

You guys are watching Glassed and In today’s post, I am going to tell you that the Atomic Energy Commission has announced the latest jobs. Even if you have a low level of education i.e. you have a middle pass, you can apply even if you have a metric pass, those with more education can still apply, but those with less education must apply PAEC Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission jobs.

Apply for PAEC Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission jobs

I will tell you how to apply for vacancies, how to apply online and at the end of the video I will tell you how much your salary will be. But before proceeding, I request you. If you guys haven’t subscribed to this YouTube channel of carrier job twenty four yet,. Also, you guys don’t have to miss any step. Alright, come on, there are jobs in the public sector, i.e. within the atomic energy, here you guys can apply, and apart from that, let me tell you the details of here.

Less educated people can also apply, more educated people can also apply, I will provide you the link of this website in the description, so you guys don’t take any tension, nd other than CA Audit Assistant and there are many more posts that you can apply, you will see the official advertisement of this job on your screen which is written here. Jobs have come here from BPS four to fourteen, which is based on merit, you can apply from all over the country, that is, from all over Pakistan.

Age Limit For PAEC jobs

First of all, there is a job here, that is the job of account assistant, for which those with BSCB work can apply and there are eighteen vacancies on open merit, both boys and girls can apply here. And the age limit is from 18 to 30 years. The next vacancy we have is an assistant HC job for which graduates can apply. There is an age limit from eighteen to thirty years here, there are sixty-six vacancies on open merit which you can apply for Pakistan PAEC jobs.

Next, we have the vacancy of Audit Assistant for which B.Sc, candidates can apply. There are twenty-two seats on open merit and apart from this, you can apply for separate quota seats from Punjab, Sindh, FATA, and all other places. The vacancy we have is CA Vacancy CA and BSc BCom or if you have a degree then you guys can apply from Pakistan and we have UD We have upper division clerk jobs for which enter base people can apply,

Apply for Online PAEC jobs in Pakistan

Those who have entered can apply, except for entering, anyone else here, that is, no certificate is required, no computer certificate. You don’t have all the jobs of experience and experience, right? And you can apply here for UDC jobs from all over Pakistan and also for LDC jobs from all over Pakistan. Can and for LDC job you need matric for UTC job you need enter minimum your typing speed should be on keyboard ok and next we have a vacancy of storekeeper.

Vacancies PAEC jobs in Pakistan

For store keeper you guys can apply interpass people can apply for store keeper and also for lab assistant ah next we have jobs FSC what people have done I work done FI What happened then those people can also apply easily for this job. Next, we have a vacancy for a Store Colorer job for which Interpass people can apply. Vacancies that you guys can apply for from Pakistan.

Next, we have a vacancy for JCC and Treasurer SSI office boy is ok for office boy only middle pass record for other jobs is metric pass record For JCC Tracer and ASS, those who have metric passes can apply, the age limit is eighteen to thirty years and for all jobs, you can apply on open merit in Pakistan, that is, you people. From any city, any village, any country, any part of Pakistan you live. So you guys can apply for this job. Well, how did you guys apply for PAEC jobs in Pakistan?

Last Date PAEC government jobs in Pakistan

To apply you have to visit their official website. The link to this website will also be given to you in the description. So what you guys have to do is to go to the description and apply online from this website. December 27 is the last date to apply for PAEC Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission jobs.

Apply online for any jobs in Pakistan, you can do it all online. The work can be done by us. If you want me to apply for a job, you can message us on WhatsApp at zero three one two double eight three five seven zero nine and apply online at home. The charges will be four hundred rupees and the rest if you have a laptop or laptop then you should apply yourself immediately.

You don’t have to apply from mobile because many mistakes are made from mobile, due to which your form gets rejected and you will get your form rejected in the process of saving three hundred and four hundred. Well, that’s why, brother, you have to fill the form very carefully so that you don’t make any mistakes. If you want to apply from me sitting at home, you can also apply from me and after applying, I will send you the admit card, as proof, take a screenshot of the number and take care of it. Keep it, write it, and keep it, God willing, I will meet you in another new post with another new government jobs in Pakistan.

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