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If you join pak army jobs 2023 and belong to Karachi Badin and want to be a part of it, then this is a golden opportunity for you. Its requirements, education, age, height, what documents should be taken, what day will be the method to submit it, I will share everything with you.

How to Apply for Pak Army Jobs 2023?

There are some sop for pak army jobs. First of all, you are getting seven days from 1st December 2023 to 7th December 2023. You have to go there and submit your documents. At what time you have to go, he himself mentioned. That is, you can go from 9 am to 3 pm and submit your documents. I told you that from December till December 7, you can submit the documents. Now we will look at the qualifications required for a constable. You should have at least matriculation or if you have any other degree then that is metric.

Qualification Pak Army Jobs 2023

Now tell me which person does not have a metric. In today’s era, many people are like this. For, someone who has studied for sixteen years, someone has studied for eighteen years, then most of the people in Pakistan have done matriculation, so you can apply. OK next, how old should you be? Your age should be between eighteen to twenty-three years.

Requirement For Pakistan Army Jobs

What is the requirement of your height for a constable? He is a male citizen. These are jobs for men. Females can apply for this. Tomorrow you require that you should be at least five feet six inches tall. If all these three things are complete and you or his If you live in nearby areas then why are you waiting, I can go and get the documents submitted or through a friend or

relative and if selected, is there anything like that in this.

Pak Army jobs 2023 online apply For Male

Now the important thing is what documents you have to submit. The first thing to be done in the documents is your actual degree i.e. you have done matriculation, then you have to get four photocopies of the actual matriculation and the same. Okay, I have understood the first point, you have kept the actual degree with you, and you have to send it back to them.

Documents required for government jobs 2023

You have to do it no issue, okay and after getting four copies of it, now you have to prepare your complete set, then on the second number you have put your real dominance and ah PRC, okay, this is what you have done with that, then you have your real computerized ah which is yours. card, he has put his father’s card, which is CNIC,

you have to put a copy of it, not the original, and after this, you have to get ten passport-size photographs made, your photographs have to be made and they have to be put along with it between December 7 and December 7. You have to go and submit it and after that, they will check you. If people meet their criteria then they will definitely call you and they will guide you through further procedures.

How to Apply Online for Govt Jobs 2023

If you do not understand then what do you want to simplify? The recruitment officer is manager Asif Ali. Two numbers have also been given, you have to call them and ask about anything. Even if your question is that brother, I am not from my area and I want to apply and I can manage, then can I apply? So you can also ask this question. So they will guide you further better.

I would say that before you go and apply if you are from Punjab then ask them once on call, it will be better for you. But if you belong to Karachi, Hyderabad, or these areas then I would recommend that you like and may Allah Pak make someone better for you.

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