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Latest Pakistan Railway Jobs 2023

There are available Government Jobs in Pakistan Railway Jobs 2023 from the government of Pakistan, in which you can apply from all over Pakistan, which jobs are available, how many jobs are available and how to apply. I am going to do it, friends, there are jobs in it, first of all, there are jobs of four man GR-2 fabrication and next, the scale you can see here is sixteen scale, after that there is a job of four-man GR-two steel melter.

It has 16th scale, after that Junior Chargeman is the job of Sub Engineer GRI, it is 11th scale after that, see next here, friends, Junior Clerk is the job of lower division clerk, it has no scale, after that, Ministry Master. The job of molder is no scale, after that the job of mason is the job of fabrication.

Qualification Pakistan Railway Jobs 2023

After that, qualification and experience . are mentioned here, age limit is also mentioned here, you can see here and next here is method submission of application, here you have to read this instruction and apply them There is a way, friends, I will also share it with you, friends, to apply in it, first of all you have to open Google chrome browser and here you have to search a site, the name of the website is Pakistan.

You have to search by writing Railway Pakistan Railway. When you search, friends, first of all, the link that will appear in front of you, you have to click on it and open it. The website will open, a page like this will open and after coming here, you will see the option of carrier, you have to click on the option of carrier, when you click on the option of carrier, .

Pakistan Railway govt jobs 2023

If you do, what is in front of you, the next page will open and what I have to do on the next page, see here, friends, let me check here, this job has come, see, friends, this is the job that we were discussing. Here are the jobs, after that they can see the department location and what is here, when this issue happened and after that the last date is also mentioned, after that there is the option of download file. When you click on it, friends, this ad that we made will appear in front of you.

This ad has already appeared in front of you. If you want to do it after that, you have to go to Google and here you have to search for Pakistan Railway job jobs farm. You have to write this. You have to do it when you search first of all the link that will come first of all the link that will come first of all the link that will come you click on it and here the PDF form will come in front of you and you can download it.

Government Jobs Online Apply

When you download it, a form like this will appear in front of you and you have to fill it, how to fill it, see here, friends, how to fill it, leave the reference number here. After that, next here is the name of post, you will see the name of the post on which you are applying, then you will see its scale here, how much scale it is, then you will put the photo here, after that here.

You will write your name, your name, your email address, and then your postal address, that is, your postal address. In the postal address, your postal address, etc. should appear. So your postal address should be here, after that write your permanent address. After that, you have to state the district of domicile. After that, you have to write the name of the district where the domicile is made.

Experience for govt jobs 2023

After that, you have to write the name of the district. You have to click and after that next province is next morning you have to select and next contact number you have to give your phone number age on closing date you have to mention your age on closing date how much you have Age is created after that, next do you mention minimum education qualification in the advertisement, that is, what is the minimum qualification you have, is your requirement fulfilled or not?

Which examination is here if you will write passing or write metric then next board will write university from which you did degree then major subject after that next second you have to take enter then next bachelor degree, here you have to give information from lowest degree to highest degree, after that professional experience is what you have to do in professional experience, here you have to give exact name of post designation where you used to apply before Pakistan Railway Jobs 2023.

Pak Railway Jobs 2023

You have to share your experience of doing this Government Jobs before Write the name, write the name of the institution in which you used to work, your grade, which was government or semi-government or private, then what the duration, where, and how long you worked after that, job description. I want to tell you what kind of job it was, you can share your experience here, after that type is what you have done here typing shorthand speed wear application computer course means.

if you have done the course then you have done short hands. I want to tell you how much the speed is. If not done, you can skip it. It’s not mandatory. you have to fill it. You can skip it. If you haven’t done it, then write the course here. Which course is the name of the institution, the period you started, what was the major area, what was the subject, then you can give it there if you want to leave it, you can also leave it after that, next, what is the date here. Write down when you submit Pak Railway Jobs 2023

Required Qualification Pak Railway Jobs

After that, you have to sign. You have to sign your signature. After doing one fill, friends you have to come again to add. After coming to add, here the method submission application is written to you. So big, you have to read it. See here, friends, application will be submitted on plain paper by indicating here it is saying that you have to take a simple paper, on it you have to write what you have come to apply on a post, that is to be written, after that, father name is to be written.

Application For Pakistan Railway Government Jobs

Date of birth is to be written, the ID card number is to be written, and academic qualification is to be written. After that, you have academic qualifications along with what you have. In academic qualification, you have brought attested copies of relevant documents, that is, you have to attest all the documents and attach them along with the ID card. You have been selected. After that, you have to take the qualification test and attach it to it. After attaching it, where should you send it?

Friends application must be applied must be submitted via courier registration post within fifteen days date advertisement of the following address address is given divisional person officer workshop Pakistan Railways Mughalpura you have to send to this address if this address is not your address like friends You have to apply Government Jobs like this, friends, you have to get the job, friends, it was the job that today’s new information Pak Railway Jobs 2023.

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