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How To Apply Pakistan Oudience Factory jobs you belong to any corner of Pakistan, you can apply for Pof Jobs, you belong to Punjab, you belong to Sindh, you belong to Sindh rural to Sindh urban. From Kashmir, Gilgit, Baltistan, Balochistan, whichever province you belong to, if you are a Pakistani citizen, you can apply. There is no application fee. The interesting thing is that there is no application fee.

You are absolutely free. can apply online and both can apply apply this time i say must apply this time i will tell you complete method to apply so friends if talking about vacancies i tell you that How many vacancies have come first number is medical officer post is seventeen basic pay scale your education should be MBBS or should be and your age should be thirty years there is one set of KPK and open merit.

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Pakistan Ordnance Factory POF Jobs

There is one seat on open merit, which means that those who can apply from all over Pakistan, these are the total seats, then there is the seat of assistant manager technical, this is also the basic pay scale of seventeen and BSc Engineering which If you have done or have equivalent education, then you can apply this time. The age limit is thirty years and there is one seat for merit.

Punjab has one seat. Sindh rural has one seat. Sindh urban has one seat. Total There are four seats, after that the number comes Assistant Manager Chemical, this post is basic pay scale seventeen, you should also have B.Sc in Engineering or its equivalent, your education should be thirty years and the age limit is also 30 years.


POF Jobs Required Education

There is one seat of PK of Punjab, one seat of Sindh unit, one seat of Sindh urban, total seats are also four, after that the post of assistant manager admin is seventeen basic pay scale, and your education should be MBA. MPAMA Admin Science Those who have done this will know and age limit is 30. Sindh rural has one seat. KPK has one seat. Total seats are two.

Assistant programmer seat is also basic. The pay scale is seventeen. The education of MS Sahib should be eighteen years and thirty years is the age limit. There is one seat for Sindh ruler. There is one seat for Sindh urban. Seats have been reserved for people from Sindh and after that the posts of our work will come down,

POF Jobs Age Limit

Now we are starting from here, the post in charge is twelfth basic pay scale, retired JCO Jonse is from army. GCU means junior commission officer, those retired GCO who have done gun fitting course from school of Nowshera, then they can apply for it. The age limit is 50 years. Sindh has three seats of Sindh urban.

There is one seat, total seats have become four, after that there is post of gate supervisor, basic pay scale is seventh and minimum education should be metric pass. There are JCOs they can also apply and its equivalent who are retired from the police ranks you can also apply for POF Jobs. The age limit is 50 years and the seats in it. Yes, now I am telling you the seats.

Sindh Govt Jobs In Pakistan

There are seven seats of Sindh, three seats of Sindh urban, five seats of KPK, one seat of Balochistan, two seats of X FATA, total of nineteen seats, but here you have to apply for it and education is also there. The minimum metric should be yours. Metric has the industry of metric, so every employee has it, don’t you just apply and go ahead,

God bless you and after that, there is a post of security assistant on the eighth number, basic pay is square seven, even if If you have metric certificate then you can apply for it Retired NCOs and its equivalent ranger Police FC personnel can also apply forty five years age limit is one seat on merit Punjab has four seats Sindh rural has one seat, Sindh urban has one seat, KPK has two seats,

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Balochistan has two seats, total eleven seats, after that they need skilled worker in last, basic pay scale is seventh, their retired EME. Gunfitter JCOs and NCOs who had the gunfitter trade at the rank of gunfitter in the army are retired JCOs Junior Commissioned Officers or NCOs who are meritorious. They can only apply for it, the age limit is forty-five years and there are four seats on merit, that is,

There are four seats all over Pakistan, so I will give you the link, you can click on the link and reach this website. You can also read this advertisement yourself, the rest is how to apply. And like the video and press the bell icon button so that every latest update will reach you first and yes, you have to apply before December 1, 2023.

Government Jobs Apply Online

If you apply fir POF Jobs, your application will be rejected, so without waiting, let’s go to the computer screen,this is Pakistan.They are Apply for BS twelve and below post, we click on it, after that a window like this interface will open in front of you, in which you have to fill a form post Apply for who. The post you want to apply is guard skill and these are four posts of get supervisor charge man,

Whichever you want to apply for, you have to enter it. Here you have to click on the X service, after that you will be asked in which post you have served, which unit, which rank, which trade, and when you were recruited and when you retired. After that, CNAC will ask for your religion, father’s name and disability. If you have any disability, then you have to mention it here.

Government POF Jobs

In this, ask that if your parents have died during service, then you have to mention them here, what do you think of them, sons, daughters, widows, etc. You have mentioned all this here. You have to fill in which district you are domiciled in. You have to write it here. You have to write it here. You have to write it here. What is your date of birth? You have to enter it here.

You have to write the number here. After that, an alternate number means any number. So let it be. If you click on which city is it, many cities will be given an option here. You can click on your cities. Center of test. You will choose or not, then you will have to go here and everything will be yours, so whatever is near your house,

Then you have to enter here the address here you have to enter Means where you are currently living is the address and permanent address means that which is in your CNAC which is your permanent address you have to enter here. After that, it will come to academic information, here you have to mention your degrees, if you have a graduation degree,

Then you have to enter the degree title of the graduation degree here. Have you done arts science commerce or all this you have to mention here how many marks you have got total marks then it is not only for graduation no matter how many degrees you have here you will enter number wise. After going down, you are asking about work experience.

If you have worked somewhere before, here you have to mention your position, organization where you work, job description, write a little here. You have come here and sold all the forms, after that you have to check here by making a check mark. You have to submit. When you submit, your application will reach the POF. After that, they will respond to you.

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