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Shami Kabab Recipe

Beef Shami Kabab Recipe. There are two ways to make kebabs. One is to take beef or mutton mince and cook it with lentils. The benefit of using herbs is that the Shami Kabab become more fibrous, they have more texture and I would say a depth that you like the look of as well as the flavor. Here are two main things that will be used in these Shami Kabab.

First, I have taken beef and this beef is boneless. Half a kilo. I have taken this meat and cleaned it well. There should not be too much silver skin here also we have removed the silver skin because it will not decompose well inside and it will taste good again in Shami Kabab. I took two hundred and fifty grams of dal and soaked it for three to four hours. Now this dal is soft, we can boil it.

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Ingredients Shami Kabab Recipe

One kilo of meat is half a kilo of dal, and half a kilo of meat is two hundred and fifty grams, which means one foot of dal. will use You can also make it without a pressure cooker but it will save a little time. We will add two to three tablespoons of oil to it. When this oil gets a little hot, in it I cut one-inch pieces of ginger and add four to five cloves of garlic.

You have to brown them a little in this oil. When it starts to color a little on top of the garlic and ginger, add the meat. You have to roast this meat for three to four minutes in this hot oil and a little in a hot pot. There is a slight smell of beef, so this thing is the solution to this thing. We have seasoned this oil with ginger and garlic and roasted the meat in it, so now that problem will be solved.

Chicken Shami Kabab Recipe

Now we will add water to it, with which this meat will also boil and the dal will also boil. At this point, I am adding two cups of water to it. The number of onions has been cut, these onions will be added to it, now the next special thing in this recipe is the standing hot spices, the true flavor of Shami Ke=abab comes from the hot spices.

It will taste good, but when you add the hot spices to it, you will not have to grind it on the kiln to cook it. And while eating Shami Kabab will come in the mouth and it tastes bad very bad. We will put them in the same way as we do in Yakhni Pulau etc. so that their flavor also comes and that taste also comes well and we don’t get them inside our mouth.

Beef Shami Kabab Recipe

To make it, half of the muslin, black pepper, one coriander, two to three sharp leaves, two pieces of cinnamon, one black cardamom three or four green cardamoms, cumin, and the rest of the spices, we have to go ahead and add them. You have to put these spices inside the pot at points, tie it well, and add this potli to it as well. Now we will add salt to it. I think a teaspoon of salt is enough for the amount of lentils and meat. If you eat more, you can add a little more.

Add three to four red chilies. Well, we have shaken it once. Now it’s time to turn off the cooker, but before that, think about it a little. All your things are dipped in water. So I think it’s a little watery. We put a little water in it. So I’m adding a little more water so that the lentils and meat are dipped in it well. One thing I have forgotten is turmeric you can also add a quarter tablespoon of turmeric it will give a good color stir it once and let the water get hot so that this water gets hot.

This is to put the lid on the cooker. You will close the cooker and wait for it to start running. When the start starts running, then you have to let them cook in the cooker for the normal amount of time you want to cook the meat. Give it five to ten minutes extra so that the meat becomes soft. You will add one tablespoon of cumin and one tablespoon of coriander in a pan.

Shami Kabab

It has to be roasted for three minutes, when this cumin is roasted, we will take it out and grind it. First, check the dal. Look, the dal is completely rotten. Also, check the meat. See that the meat is also rotten Work is to be done, I told you the trick that how much water should be in it, and now see that the water is not too much in it. Before mash, so that the water is dry, then mash it, but at this point, because the water is full, you will see

A little water at the bottom, but overall, the water inside it was exactly as much. The lentil has also absorbed the meat and has decomposed inside it and everything has become perfect, one thing you have to do is to remove this potli, we will discard this pot with spices and this mixture The rest is what you have to mash.

By mashing, the fibers of this meat will open and it will be maxed with the lentil, ginger onion, and garlic inside it. The thing will be combined, I have mashed it, and now see all the fibers of the meat have been opened, the dal has been maxed in it and you don’t need to cook it anymore because the water was exactly full in it, see this now.

We will take this mixture out from here, now our main work is done in Shami Kebab, which we have done, here our mixture is ready. First, the spices that we added to it were the spices that needed to be cooked, it was necessary to bring a fragrance to them, now we will add the spices that we want to taste, otherwise, we cook these spices first.

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Their taste used to be wasted, so now all those spices will go into it and this Syrian Shami Kabab mixture will be ready. We had roasted cumin and coriander, we will add it. Add chopped red pepper. I have kept a little less than a teaspoon. Add crushed red pepper. A teaspoon. We have added salt before, I have checked, and it looks almost full to me, but for Syrian kebabs, because they are eaten with something, a little salt should be added to them, so they are full now and in short supply.

Check now and complete the salt. So, I feel less salt in it. After adding these spices, some green will go in it. Here I have taken Coriander and cut it like this. All you have to do is add the chopped coriander, add the green chillies and these are the mint leaves. If it becomes waste, break it with your hands like this, it will smell better and taste better.

Add the juice of one or two lemons to it, after adding these things, add it to this mixture. You can also add onion to it, raw onion, but if you want to freeze it, then don’t add it. If you want to cook it at the same time, you can do it according to your preference. We will sort it so that the red pepper and the rest of the spices in it are all well and what it has is done. I want to give you two tips on this point.

Taste what we have made. You should taste the whole process so that you know at which point you have made a mistake in any spice, first, we put all the ingredients. After it has been boiled, you can check at this point. If there is a shortage of salt and pepper in something, fill it up. This is a matter of common sense. Almost all people will know the other thing.

Shami Kabab Recipe

What I want to give is that if your mixture is loose and the kebabs are not forming properly, their shape is not being formed, then keep it in the refrigerator in the lower part where it is cool, and do not freeze for a while. So the dal will be hard and you will be able to shape it. My mixture is perfect for making Shami Kabab. As much as we have added water and everything, I have given you tips on how to make it.

I have taken a little oil so that I can grease my hands a little and with that, we can make kebabs. If it is more fun, then we have made a medium-sized kebab here. So this is how you make Syrian kebabs, I made these kebabs, I made medium-sized Shami Kabab, and at the end, there was a little mixture left, so I made this small kebab,

So this is the Shami Kabab that if your Mother is cooking, she will cook what is left for herself, so I say that there is nothing more than the kindness of parents, so we will cook this Shami Kabab now. Yes, if you want to freeze them, you will freeze them at the same point. Like this, I have put a layer here. Here, I have placed a pan so that we can cook these Shami Kabab, we will add two or three tablespoons of oil to the pan. Coat and cook it and another.

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