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Congratulations to the youth who applied for the seat of Police Constable in the Special Protection Unit SPU CPEC Sindh Police Jobs, the final merit list of your interview has been released, and now the notification has been issued regularly. Medical has been issued, it is essential to understand the medical notification that has been issued for Sindh police jobs 2023.

let me explain to you the medical quotation given inside it and I will also show you the notification as to where this notification is till now. Released where will the medicals of the youth start and on which date, so that you can get the information through the website. Whatever is the latest update from time to time, it can reach you easily regarding your Sindh Police job. we will move towards the notification.

Notification Sindh police jobs 2023

I will explain everything to you by showing the notification and let me explain the matter to you now. What is to be done and what is this medical notification that has been issued? So let’s move towards the information about the notification and the details, brother, see here on your screen, the interview process of physical tests for qualified candidates.

The Post of Police Constable in SPU CPEC Sindh Karachi, now whatever is here, you guys have to understand some things and understand carefully, see here 15 .01 .2024, this is the notification of 15 1 204 Office of the Inspector General of Police Hyderabad Range is fine, what is inside it is The Senior Superintendent of Police All Hyderabad Range,

government jobs in karachi
government jobs in karachi

Sindh Police Jobs In Karachi

Whatever is included in it at this time, some concern things are very important to understand, on the recommendation of M/s Regional Police Hospital, RPH, The Advanced Laboratories. Pvt Ltd is approved for conducting the screening test of the approved candidate of Police Constable SPU CPEC of Hyderabad Range by the direction of IGP Sindh Karachi.

Approved laboratories should conduct for screening test of each candidate the cost of the screening test bhai you guys The cost will be Rs 4980, in which the name of the test which are given by the quotation is correct. The quotation is Hepatitis B, Elisa, C, Elisa, HIV AIDS, Elisa, Blood, CP, CBC, Serum Cretanette Serum, SGBT, Blood Grouping, Urine, Deer, Chest X-ray, PA View, and ECG, all these tests will be included.

Medical Test Government Sindh Jobs in Karachi

Your total cost will be Rs 980, whatever the amount, these tests will be done for you, well along with this, check the date and time here brother, Jam Shoro Badan Dadu Hyderabad Tandwa Laya Thath Thando Mohammad Khan Matiyari and Sujawal, there are total 249 candidates whose There will be a medical test on January 17 at the Regional Police Hospital, Hyderabad Range.

FAQS for Government jobs in karachi

  1. How much is the cost of the screening test mentioned in the Sindh Police Constable Medical Notification?
  • The cost for the screening test, as per the medical notification, is Rs 4980. This amount covers various tests including Hepatitis B, Elisa, C, Elisa, HIV AIDS, Blood CP, CBC, and others.
  1. What tests are included in the Rs 4980 medical screening for the SPU CPEC Sindh Police Constable position?
  • The medical screening tests covered by the Rs 4980 cost include Hepatitis B, Elisa, C, Elisa, HIV AIDS, Blood CP, CBC, Serum Creatinine, Serum SGBT, Blood Grouping, Urine, Deer, Chest X-ray (PA View), and ECG.
  1. When is the scheduled date for the medical test for Police Constable candidates in the Hyderabad Range?
  • The medical test for Police Constable candidates in the Hyderabad Range is scheduled for January 17, 2024, at the Regional Police Hospital.
  1. Where will the medical test take place for candidates from Jam Shoro, Dadu, Hyderabad, Tando Allahyar, Thatta, Thando Mohammad Khan, Matiyari, and Sujawal?
  • The medical test for candidates from the mentioned areas will take place at the Regional Police Hospital in Hyderabad.
  1. How can candidates check if they are included in the list for the medical test on January 17?
  • Lists of candidates selected for the medical test will be made available. Candidates can check their inclusion in the list, and details will be communicated on where and how to reach the Regional Police Hospital for the test For government jobs in karachi.

The date of the medical test has been given. Brother, you all must have gone with 980. Lists will be made of those of you who are here. Along with the lists, you will be If people are concerned if they have to reach the police or regional police hospital, then brother, this is the latest update, now start your medical preparation,

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