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Delicious Tea Cake Recipe in the oven

I am sharing the Tea Cake Recipe with You. I received an email from someone yesterday. And if you don’t find these cakes there, you miss them a lot, so I thought you should make a riposte for everyone, in which we will share with you the exact bakery recipe and maintain the cost so that as many as possible. If you buy a cake, you can easily make two to three cakes at home.

The main thing to remember in baking at home is that whatever ingredients you are using, first of all, they should be dry and the quantities should be measured on the scale. Yes, there is often a difference inside the cup and the result cannot be found, so take a small scale and measure it. By the way, I will also tell you that the cup is two cups of sugar.

Ingredient for Tea Cake Recipe

I took two cups of sugar and measured it. peace is taken it will be fine like this if you get caster sugar which is granulated but small granules can also be used in it two cups of sugar and its weight will be three and a half hundred grams. Many people ask you what to use, so I am using these standard cups, see above them that two forty ml one cup is written like this, now it contains two hundred and fifty grams of oil.

Which will be a little more than one cup, one cup, and a quarter of four cups, if you take it, it will be equal. The work you have to do is to max the oil with sugar, in this way, max it and when it gets mixed a little, we will do it by running the meter, and then both of them will become one. You will beat the sugar and oil for about three to four minutes on a medium speed, and then both of them will be mixed well.

Eggs for Tea Cake Recipe in oven

I believe you are referring to a recipe for tea cake that requires eggs and needs to be baked in an oven.Now six eggs will be used in this recipe. There were medium-sized eggs. I will add one to it so that it can be mixed in it. These eggs can absorb these eggs in this mixture. You have to add one egg and beat it. If the color becomes a little light, then the next egg inside it, the eggs will be maxed inside it, and then this thing will be made. Look, this is oil, eggs, and sugar inside it. I have the flour.

You have to take the flour. It is three hundred and twenty grams, two cups of flour will be taken and shifted inside it, which means passing it through a net. There are fifteen grams of baking powder in it, you’ve got to take it in with the flour, and it’s two or three pinches of salt, just to balance it out, and it also makes it easier for your throat. I will not like it.

Butter Paper for Tea Cake in the oven

While eating the cake, put the salt in it like this. Now we will mix this flour with this mixture. Look, it will become a batter. Now our cakes have one last thing in them. This is lemon essence, you can also add vanilla essence to it, but lemon essence is used in bakeries, so you have to add two to three drops, because it becomes sharp, then it will not be fun, and it should be added to it.

Fold it to the max, it will be a big fluffy batter. Let’s say it’s about two inches, a big size mold for a tea time cake that’s seven inches by three inches and two and a half inches. Inside this butter paper, I have applied a little oil and stuck it inside so that the cake could come out well and not stick inside. and two hundred and fifty grams of weight should be put inside each one.

For this size, if you are taking a seven-inch three-inch cake, in which a big size cake is made, you have to put four and a half hundred grams inside it, and this is They will pour two hundred and fifty grams of water into it, so it will almost fill the mold a little less than half. Tape it like this and keep it on the side. Now see the batter I have filled inside the three molds.

Preheat the oven for about 20 minutes

They will be taped little by little. Now it’s time to cook them. Many people say that we don’t have an oven, so I thought I’d tell you in a pan. Well, if you have to cook them in an oven, you have to cook them for half an hour at one hundred and eighty degrees Celsius. You have to bag it to make the best cakes. Before that, you have to preheat the oven for about 20 minutes.

It’s almost ten minutes, this fire is going inside it, so I’m going to put these cakes inside it, the cakes will come inside it, we’re going to cover it on top, now we’re going to bake this cake. Therefore, the temperature is very important. You have to heat the pan empty once, just as you preheat the wool. The pan should be heated well.

Baking time Tea Cake recipe

Let it run empty and let it heat up well, then place the cake inside it as we have placed the cake inside it and come. You have to slow down the fire with a double fire, meaning the fire with a tail is not light, double or a little more, then it will cook your cakes well and burn from the bottom. Well, you have to let it cook, it will take 40 minutes, and it will be cooked perfectly.

If there is no such thing, then they are back. Now look, these cakes have come here. Now one thing you have to do is to take oil. Take oil and apply it with a brush and apply it here and there. Don’t dry it. Apply a little oil on top of the hot cakes. It is that this cake is not dry, its moisture remains inside it, now I have cooled it, so I will cut it and show it to you.

Complete Tea Cake Recipe

And the reason for this, which we put on top of the shopper, is that moisture will not come out of it. Now I will take it out from here and see that it will come out very comfortably. And it will remove it. And see the shape, Masha Allah, it is very cute, great color. Now it has to be cut. It is used for cutting with a slicing knife. So we will cut See this.

Look at this, it is very soft, Masha Allah, just like this tea time cake or fruit cake, it is called fruit cake because it has ashrafian inside. If you want to add some almonds etc., then you can add them. The recipe will remain the same, just add whatever is extra toti-frooti etc. you can find cakes like this in big bakeries, it has no bean flavor.

Great flavor in the Tea Cake recipe

It doesn’t even need wool and if you calculate the ingredients, it can easily be made into five cakes, and within this size, it is quite a large size and you can calculate how much cheaper it would cost you. It is from the bakery, so make it at home and enjoy it it has a great flavor in Tea Cake recipes,

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