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Delicious Turkish Chicken Soup Recipe

You will have a Turkish Chicken Soup Recipe, or other than that, chicken hot and soft soup, whatever kind of soup you have had. Believe me, if you will drink this soup made by me once, then all the other soups before it. You will think it is useless, but this is such a wonderful and delicious recipe, the special thing here is that your children will drink it very happily and eat it, they will understand that you have added noodles to it.

Although there is no such cycle, what has been added, let me go ahead and tell you, in the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, my friends, get one. Here, I have taken chicken soup. Here, I have taken boneless chicken. Yes, you must take a bowl. This will enhance your Chicken Soup test. When the soup is ready, add black cardamom to it. I have four to five pieces of garlic.

Chicken Boiling Time Chicken Soup Recipe

There are four to five green chilies and two pieces. We have to add one teaspoon of salt to it and the rest of the water will go into it. , we will prepare ice cream here. If you want, you can prepare it in the pressure cooker in fifteen minutes. and if you want to make it like me in a pot or in a pan, then it will take you twenty to twenty-five minutes, well, it will be maxed out seven to eight glasses.

Here I have water. What is the ad? If you have a small pot, then add five glasses. Go ahead and add whatever water you have. You can add more. It is not necessary. Like me, you have to add six to seven glasses of water. Okay, let’s cover. We will do it and for 25 minutes we have to make ice for it, cover it well, and cook it, then let’s take it. 25 minutes have passed.

Ingredients in Chicken Recipe

The fragrant chicken is ready, so look at it. I am showing it to you. Our wonderful Chicken Soup Recipe is tender. We have to shred it and keep it aside. We have to filter the cold one, but one thing you have to take care of is the foam on the sides, you have to filter it while playing with it. The sweet-smelling ice we’ve taken out,, and these are the five tricks I’m going to show you that we’ve added to the ice. You will find out by yourself.

The same pot in which we made the yakhni, I washed it again and put it on the stove. I have dried it well. I have added oil to it. Remember, if you don’t use ghee, then these five eggs will go in it. This is too much now because they are cooked for twenty-five minutes, so you have to do this on low flame. All you have to do is mash or mash them like this.

Adding oil For Chicken Soup Recipe

Well, one thing you have to take care of is that you have to mash them quickly before the oil gets hot because it is very You will change your color soon, so when it comes to a light golden color, then you have to start adding the rest of the things to it. Okay, we will mash them well in this way and we will see what effect they have.

We had taken them out in the cold, so we did not waste them. We had also taken out the effect of the rest of the things. I have taken the chilies which I have cut in this way, they will be fried for one to two minutes, and they will get crispy, too much, you don’t have to fry them, you should take care of this. The flame will be low. If you fry them on a high flame, then they will burn very quickly.

Added vegetables Chicken Soup

We have added a small onion here. If it is of the size, then you will take half. Well, one thing you have to take care of is that you don’t add too much onion and you don’t have to redden it too much. Okay, so let’s go. We have to let it sit for one to two minutes. Next thing. We have to add carrots here. I had a big size carrot which I have graded.

Well, if you want, you can cut it and add it, but the pattern will remain the same, so the beauty of your item will also be added. It will be delicious and cooked. If you have small carrots, you can take two. OK, if it is a big size, then only one will be taken. Here, we have boiled it for one to one and a half minutes. What are the remaining vegetables that we have to add in it? It was cut in a long way, like this, four to five tablespoons, I have added cabbage here.

Add spices Chicken Soup Recipe

Things will be kept the same so the thing will be good to see. If it is made, then it is beautiful, then the heart will automatically like to eat it. For one to one and a half minutes, we put all the vegetables to sleep again. Some dry powdered spices will be added here. But you have to add one teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon we have added black pepper powder, only one teaspoon will be pepper powder here.

Turkish Chicken Soup Recipe

One teaspoon is enough, you don’t need to add more, so let’s fry them well for one to one and a half minutes. We have to fry them again. Do it when it is hot, it will be easy for you to shed, you can do it easily with the help of your hands. Well, if it is hot, it is done quickly. We have to do this with the chicken for one to two minutes so that the vegetables and the spices are cooked well and the smell of the chicken is sweet and the smell of the chicken is gone.

So let’s go for one to one and a half minutes, for two minutes, we have to do it well. Yes, I made six to seven glasses of yakhni, which is now five glasses. Here, I will add one more glass to it. It is now six glasses. OK, when the soup is ready, it will be four and a half glasses. This beautiful color will remain. Friends, you can see it on top of it.

Turkish Chicken Soup Recipe

We have added pepper and powder to it. That is why it is visible. Otherwise, we have not added turmeric etc. to it. let’s add two table spoons here. Three table spoons is fine, so table spoon here I have taken chilly sauce, this is three and three table spoon here, except for the sauce, I have to add it, it is two and this is done after that. Let’s go, what will we do now, well, we have to max it, along with maxing the flame, I have set it to medium to high flame.

You have to do the rest of the work on medium to high flame. I will also let you know. Let’s go. It has been two to three minutes of cooking it. It has started to get excited. Now we have to add the thing that you like very much. Okay. So they will consider it as a noodle, but its length is more, so I have cut them off, that’s enough.

There will be a lot of buns. We have to cook it stirring well for one to two minutes. After one to two minutes we have to cover it and cook it on medium to high flame. But this time we have to cover it and cook it not for twenty to twenty-five minutes but for eight to ten minutes so that the spectres and other things are cooked well and our soup is fragrant and delicious.

Add egg in Turkish Chicken Soup Recipe

If it is ready, take it. . It has been cooking for ten minutes. I have taken four tablespoons of corn flour and a little water. Remember, whenever you make soup, add it in batches by adding it at once, you will not spoil the food. I won’t even sit and you’ll realize that you’ve got to keep it thick okay so work with comfort with peace with love with love so it’ll also give you love so beautiful And it will be a delicious idea, okay, flame is medium here, and now we have to add egg to it.

Egg, I have taken one. You have to take care that the egg or the egg you have to throw it well, you will also add batches, add little by little and after adding too much, you don’t need to stir what is there by adding a little. You have to stir it gently, the pattern that is there will remain and the wonderful kind of beauty will come into it. , so after adding the egg, one thing you have to take care of is that it should be removed immediately.

Texture Turkish Chicken Soup Recipe

Do not take it down. You have to cook it for at least five to seven minutes. This will clean the pot well. Well, otherwise, no one will drink the soup, everyone will leave it. You have to take care of these things, tips and tricks. Everyone will like it, so let’s cook it for 8 to 10 minutes, so the Chicken Soup is thick enough. Let it cool down and it will be thicker.

We will make our soup in it leaving aromas, so check its color and its texture Check its thickness, and how sweet and kind it is. Believe me, if you eat oysters, you will eat and drink them. The hot turkey soup is ready, so friends enjoy Chicken Soup.

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