Who Was Genghis Khan?

Who Was Genghis Khan? Whenever the history of the world mentions the most brutal ruler or the person who oppressed human lives, the first name that will come will be Genghis Khan. It is felt as it was felt in this period. The stories of Genghis Khan’s atrocities are so extensive that historians even shed their blood and say that not even one chapter of it has been completed yet Genghis Khan is not the name of a person but Cruelty is the name of the line that was drawn with the blood of millions of people,

but do you know how Genghis Khan became the cruelest person in history, what were the factors that made Genghis Khan kill millions of people? . What was prophesied when Genghis Khan was born? Who Was Genghis Khan?How did Genghis Khan die? The complete story of Genghis Khan’s life is the topic of today’s post and today we will tell you the amazing facts about the life of Genghis Khan, the cruelest person in the history of the world. Still, before we proceed in the post-north of the Gopi Desert, the fertile valleys of the Carolina River and the Onan River were inhabited by Indian tribes, and among these tribes was a Mongol tribe.

Who Was Genghis Khan?

Genghis Khan was born in the year 1162 in the village of Dulun Baldu, Mongolia, to a man named Yusukai, a Mongol tribe. His parents named him Tamujan. The literal meaning of the word Tamujan is blacksmith. When Genghis Khan was born, blood was frozen in his palm. From which a red spot of blood was formed. According to local traditions, it was predicted that he would grow up to be a leader.

Genghis Khan’s clan was nomadic. He used to roam around in search of water along with his sheep, goats, and horses, going from one place today and tomorrow to another. People remained hidden under constant threat. It was an inauspicious beginning. In his youth, he was also captured in a raid by a rival clan. A stick was tied around his neck and he was kept hungry and thirsty for several days. Out of this state of destitution, an unsung captive of an ancient and barren country, Tamojan emerged as the most powerful man in the world.

How many people are related to Genghis Khan

The Mongols were a nation of savage hunters and nomads who knew nothing of humanity. Since this area was snowy. Therefore, they needed skins to protect them from snowfall and cold, for which they used to hide and hunt wild horses and barasings. To avoid the cold, they used to eat the flesh of animals as well as their intestines and drink their blood.

At the time of his birth, his nation was divided into hundreds of families. And his own tribe was also angry with him. The boy was still very young when his father was poisoned to death by his enemies. Thus the boy grew up under the shadow of his widowed mother along with his other siblings. His mother often sat him down at night and recited after the bravery and courage of his ancestors. This was the reason why Tamujan was fearless from childhood.

Genghis Khan’s wife’s kidnapping

The event in Genghis Khan’s life that provoked him and the event that is said to have made Genghis Khan cruel and oppressive was the kidnapping of his wife Bolta Khatun. The kidnapping of women was common in the tribal society of Central Asia. Genghis Khan’s mother himself was kidnapped by his father. And then he married Genghis Khan’s wife, Burta Khatun, who was taken away by an enemy tribe.

Genghis Khan loved his wife immensely. To release her, Genghis Khan made several attacks on the tribe and succeeded in recovering his wife Burta Khatun. Genghis Khan’s revolution actually begins with the release of his wife and the revenge of his father and appears to turn the world upside down in a fit of rage.

When Genghis Khan became the chief of his tribe in 1175.

So his rivalry with other tribes started. He tried hard to bring all the tribes and circles under his influence. Because at that time Mongolia was ruled by many. Then, after assessing the situation, he gathered all the chiefs together and came up with a plan to conquer other areas. After this advice, he became very popular. All the other chiefs unanimously recognized him as their chief, the chief of the Mongols, and gave him the title of Genghis Khan in a council near the river Anan.

Genghis Khan formally introduced the Mongol Empire as a strong empire. Along with the reorganization of the army of the Mongol Empire, he also put other institutions on a firmer footing. The principles of military organization he laid down served as a guiding light for military experts for centuries. The establishment of the Mongol Empire Later, Genghis Khan sent several ambassadors to different countries in 1219 who were killed. After conquering many regions, he looted the regions of Bukhara and Murg and occupied them every night.

How many people did Genghis Khan kill?

After that, he turned to Turkey and South-Eastern European countries. His forces invaded southern Russia and northern. Wherever the Mongols passed under the leadership of Genghis Khan, death was seen and corpses were found. It is said that in the area where the Mongol army passed, nogi and skulls were found for years. Genghis Khan massacred about four million people in his lifetime.

He set a record for killing 1748,000 people in one hour, which still stands today. And even today he is remembered as the most brutal and cruel ruler in history. After conquering any city or any empire, Genghis Khan was famous for cutting off the heads of the killed people and building them into minarets. After that, he made a bowl of these skulls and put alcohol in it, and Halaku Khan continued this tradition for decades. Most of the victims of Genghis Khan’s persecution were Muslims and Chinese.

The attack on Baghdad

Historians According to Genghis Khan, he kept the killing market hot so that the world would remember him because Genghis Khan used to say that there is no sound of good while evil is heard far and wide, so he chose a bad reputation. Genghis Khan was not only an enemy of mankind, but even knowledge was not safe from his destruction and after the attack on Baghdad, Genghis Khan burned thousands of rare copies of ancient Muslim books. Many books were thrown into the river, the number of which can be estimated from the fact that the water of the river remained black due to the ink of these books for many days.

The new and unique thing that the researchers told while analyzing his psychology is that Genghis Khan did not get respect in his family nor did the chiefs of the tribe consider him as their own. Was Genghis Khan, the Mongol warrior of half the world, the scorned boy of his tribe? His tribe was responsible for the hatred he felt. Who left a clever, brave, kind, and sensible person open to taking revenge on the world instead of controlling it.

How Did Genghis Khan Die

How Did Genghis Khan Die?The strange thing is that this young man who was hated in his tribe managed to raise the most powerful army despite being rejected. Genghis Khan was engaged in the conquests of China for many years. He was engaged in the conquest of the city on August 18, 1227, when he suddenly fell ill and died. There are many hypotheses about his death. He was hunting when he suddenly fell from his horse and was seriously injured and later died of his injuries.

Genghis khan children

Taking the opportunity, he stabbed Genghis Khan with a poisonous dagger so much that he could not survive. Another tradition is that an arrow was shot in the contemporary of Genghis Khan, which proved to be fatal, but according to the reliable tradition, he died due to illness. After that, the dead body of Khan was brought to his native village where according to his will he was buried in an unknown place. In another place, it is generally believed that his grave is unknown.

Mongol Empire
Mongol Empire
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