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Why Did China’s One Child Policy?

Why Did China’s One Child Policy? The administration of the southern Chinese region of Shenzhen announced prize money equivalent to about 3,000 dollars for families who have three or more children. I will be able to get Isn’t it fun to announce that both children and dollars are in the cradle of parents, but friends, Shenzhen is not the only area in this city that is giving cash rewards for the birth of children, but some other areas in the city encourage the birth of children.

For financial benefits, tax exemptions and subsidies, etc. are being given. Campaigns are being conducted in this regard almost all over the city. You may have a question that the city is the most populous country in the world with one billion and forty-two million people. There is a country, what has happened here the birth of more children is being encouraged, on the other hand, in Pakistan,

Why Did China’s Child Policy?

The population is almost six times less than the city, and China, despite being at the forefront of the population, has more children in the country. People want friends. The main reason for such initiatives in the city is that according to various estimates, the birth rate has been recorded as one point zero nine per woman in 2022, which was one point one five per woman in 2021. The birth rate has been continuously declining for a few years.

The most dangerous thing is that the total population of this city recorded a decline last year for the first time in the last six decades. According to some research, if this trend continues, the population of this city will eventually Another interesting reason behind this declining population is the controversial one-child policy implemented in the city four decades ago. After all, why did city bring this policy, and how did the government implement this policy?

How did the Government implement this policy?

And what effects did this have on society and on future generations of Chinese who grew up without siblings? Did this ban apply to all Chinese people or were some people exempted? Whether or not the cityhas achieved its goals with this ban. Let’s know it all. When the modern city came into existence in the nineteen hundred years, its population was more than four million people. China’s founding leader Mao Zedong believed that more population could change China’s destiny.

Large families were therefore encouraged in the early years of the Matriarchy. Rather, during this period, mothers with four or more children were called Hero Mothers in the city. They were given rewards and financial benefits for having more children. During the nineteen sixty-nine years there was a famine and an estimated three to four and a half million people lost their lives in city.

China’s Population In 1970

But the rapid population growth still did not stop but continued. In 1970, the population had exceeded eighty-two million. Which consisted of four crores in nineteen hundred inches. That is, you can imagine that in just a few decades, an increase of about twenty-eight million people was recorded, which is more than the current total population of Pakistan. At that time, the birth rate in the city was surprisingly more than six children per woman.

Look at these conditions. The Chinese government finally realized the seriousness of the situation as it was very difficult to provide food, jobs, and food for such a rapidly growing population. Given these concerns, the Chinese government introduced a family planning policy in the early 1970s. whose name was a letter longer and fearful. It was intended to encourage citizens to marry faster, with couples having longer intervals between children after marriage and having fewer children overall.

In 1976 the Birth Rate

However, this policy was not forced by the government, i.e. it was not formally implemented. The results proved to be good and in 1976 the birth rate at the time of maternal mortality had dropped to a staggering 6 to 3.24 children per woman. That is, it was almost half. Despite the good results, according to the city new government, the rate was still high. In 1978,

The government of Dundee started encouraging Chinese couples to have only two children under a voluntary program, changing the program the following year to emphasizing only one child. And in nineteen eighty, it was made into a formal policy and put into effect, thus China’s famous and controversial one child policy began. Which continued for the next four decades.

One Child Policy

What were the effects of this controversial and strange one-child policy in human history? You should understand that almost an entire generation has neither a sister nor a brother. There is neither an uncle nor an aunt, but these children are also deprived of relations like uncles and aunts. Now we know that this policy was applied to every citizen or that some people were also exempted from it.

Friends, the application of the one-child policy was not the same for every Chinese citizen. Some ethnic groups were exempted from it, but some such scenarios. There were also those based on which a couple could think about a second or third child if they wanted to do so, let us tell you about all these exceptions. He was allowed by the government to have a second child.

Second Child Birth Allowed?

Similarly, couples who have remarried after divorce and have only one child from their previous marriage, i.e. the total of both men and women from the previous marriage are allowed to be one. If there is only one child, such couples should also have one more child after the new marriage On the third place were couples who were the only children of their parents and had only one son or only one daughter.

Similarly, the Uighur Muslim community living in city western province of Xinjiang also had an exception to the limit of three children in this policy. There were some more scenarios based on which second childbirth was allowed. It is obviously not possible to tell about each one here. Now let me tell you an interesting thing during the time when the one-child policy was in effect, the use of such drugs increased in city, which could increase the chances of having twins, and this happened according to reports in the city.

Ultrasound Machine Imaging Technology

During this period, a thirty-three percent increase in the birth rate of twins was noted. Now we see the effects of this policy on the Chinese society. Although the city implemented the one-child policy to reduce its population and achieve economic goals, it had a very negative impact on China’s society. In general, the son is considered to be the support of the parents in old age, because in the city,

The gender of the child could be determined from the birth of the child with ultrasound imaging technology, and this facility was also available to about eighty-three percent of pregnant mothers. It turned out that millions of abortions took place in this city during this time. It is said that most of them were done to have a child of their sex.

If the Chinese authorities found out about this, they were forced to do so. The number of forced dowries is also estimated in the millions. Its problems were also many. In fact, every child born in this city is issued a birth certificate called Rights. The child can benefit from education in schools as well as health and other facilities. Now after going against the policy. When the other child could not be registered, then the burden of the education and health of the other child also fell on the parents.

Moreover, in case of violation of this policy, a heavy fine or social maintenance fee was imposed on the parents. was There was no fixed amount of this fine. Let us also tell you that a family was fined approximately one hundred and ten thousand US dollars for violating the policy. Which amounts to about seven million Chinese yuan. Yes, but it has to be admitted that this couple did a bit too much of a violation. And the number of their children reached seven.

There are also reports claiming that parents had to lose their jobs due to the violation of the policy forced by the state to give up children to married couples. Preventing birth is also a violation of human rights. According to human rights, it is the basic right of parents to be able to decide the number and spacing of children themselves. What did China finally get from the one child policy?

The Chinese authorities believe that the amazing economic growth in China is the result, but no authentic data is available in this regard. Yes, however, one thing was definitely noticed because almost every Chinese family had only one child. Therefore, the children born during this time were brought up in a better way. They had access to relatively better education and educational opportunities.

Why Did China’s One Child Policy?

This is the reason why an increase in the number of children enrolled in the university was noted during this period. There was a lot of improvement in the education of girls in particular. Friends, there is no doubt that city controlled the rapidly growing population. Which happened because of this policy. And this city also wanted to achieve this. But according to some experts, even if this policy had not been implemented, population reduction would not have been a big problem for city.

this city would have developed and food etc. problems would not have arisen. But on the other hand, this city has lost a lot from population control. First of all, the balance in the male to female ratio has not been maintained. According to the data of 2022, the percentage of males in city is one-five percent, while the percentage of males has decreased to forty-eight point eight-five percent, which is less than twenty percent. This may be due to abortions.

What we told you about, but the damage caused in this cityas a result of this policy is an alarming reduction in the birth rate. It is necessary to have two indicators of one child per woman, but as a result of this policy in this city, this rate had reached two thousand and fifteen and reached one decimal six and seven.

Two Child Policy Changed

This is the reason why the Chinese authorities realized the danger and they relaxed this policy from 2016 and changed the one child policy to a two child policy, but this also did not have any significant benefit and the birth rate decreased. It was seen that in the fall of 2021, one decimal point had fallen to an alarming level, which is the reason why the two-child policy was changed to a three-child policy in 2021.

Lata cash rewards are also being given to the parents, which we have told you about in the beginning. Some reports in the Chinese province of Sichuan have also allowed unmarried couples to register their children. Friends, let me know this too. That the two child policy has been applied in China’s neighboring country Vietnam since the last years of the nineteen eighties, but it was not as strict as in the city.

How would your life pass if you had no brother, sister, father, uncle, aunt, aunt or uncle. Make sure to let us know your opinion in the comments andata cash rewards are also being given to the parents, which we have told you about in the beginning. Some reports in the Chinese province of Sichuan have also allowed unmarried couples to register their children. , let me know this too.

That the two child policy has been applied in China’s neighboring country Vietnam since the last years of the nineteen eighties, but it was not as strict as in the city. How would your life pass if you had no brother, sister, father, uncle, aunt, aunt or uncle. Make sure to let us know your opinion in the comments.

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