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How to apply for FIA Jobs in Pakistan 2024 All the information about the jobs from BS to BS 15, in this post you can know that the serial number is Assistant, its BS is 15 scale and the serial number is two, Sub Inspector Investigation is BS 14 scale, the serial number is three. The stenotype is BS 14 scale and the serial number is four. UDC is BS 11 scale and the serial number is six.

Assistant Sub Inspector is not BS. Constable is the most number of candidates applying for the govt jobs of force. Constable’s Vansi is also included. Its twenty is similar. The serial number is nine, the staff car driver is twenty-four scale, his serial number is 10, the dispatch rider is twenty-four scale, and the serial number is 11, Naib Cassid is BS one scale,

Requirement for FIA Jobs 2024

The serial number is 13, Chowkidar, his is BS one scale, right now I am of his qualification age. I have started telling you all the information about your chest and extent physically, so let’s talk about the assistant one by one, similarly, I will tell you the information about the remaining Vansiyas, so I have shared its scale with you.

Now I will tell you the age limit and minimum qualification and experience and also I will tell you for which post you will have a physical test and for which post you will not have a physical test. Okay Assistant A. Limit 18 to 28. There is no age relaxation available for this. If your age is 29 years, still you cannot apply. It should be 28 years or below then you will be able to apply because there is no age relaxation for this FIA job.

Qualification and experience for Govt jobs in Pakistan

Minimum qualification and experience. Let me tell you, Second Class or Grade C Bachelor Degree from University along with Weeks Basic IT Training Course and MS Office i.e. Excel PowerPoint World, you should know this, it is okay, there is no physical test for this, there will be only return test, there will be an interview for it.

There will be a final medical and you will be selected. The second vacancy is for the post of Sub Inspector Investigation. The scale is BS 14. I have already told you, the age prescribed for this is 18 to 25 years. Any age relaxation is available. It is not only necessary that your age should be between 18 to 25. For this also the qualification is same.

FIA jobs in Pakistan

It would be best if you had a second-class grade C bachelor’s degree and no experience will be required for this if you are fresh, you can apply. It is a physical test. Let me tell you that your height should be 5 feet 6 inches for male candidates, and 5 feet for female candidates, The chest of male candidates should be 33 to 34, and after this, the Stenotype is BS 14 scale, I told you earlier also.

And its age limit is 18 to 25 and education is intermediate. Also, the minimum speed of shorthand is 80 WPM and typing speed is 40 WPM. Must be computer literate. You should have computer proficiency. There is no physical test. There will be only a return test. There will be an interview. Similarly, you can also apply for the post of UDC. The age has been kept between 18 to 25.

Age Limit for Govt jobs in Pakistan

No age relaxation is available. There should be intermediate training and three weeks IT basic training course is necessary for you. , MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint World, you should know this also, there will be no physical test, there will be only return test,, there will be an interview and final medical can be done, and you will be selected Inshallah, after this, many candidates will be Assistant Sub Inspector.

They were more demanding that its scale is nine, the age should be between 18 to 25, it is okay, no age relaxation is available and bachelor degree second class is okay, there will be a physical test and it has no experience, okay i.e. If you have a bachelor’s degree, you can apply easily. If you do not have experience, you can still apply.

Constable vacancy FIA Jobs 2024

The height for a male candidate is 5 feet 6, for a female candidate is 5 feet 4, 3 33, and 34 is ok. Constable vacancy. It is BS, its scale is ok, there is a lot of demand, many candidates apply for the post of constable in FIA, male and female candidates are ok, the above method is same, their physical will also be ok, the return will also be there and Let me tell you the method of all the elite,

The maximum age in this is 18 to 25, it is clear and in this, you should have enrollment, there is no experience with second division, you should have only matriculation education, you can apply for height for male. The candidate’s 5 feet height is okay. The chest is 5 feet height. For Male candidates, the chest is 33 to 34.

Car Drivers for Gov jobs in Pakistan

After this, Staff Car Drivers are BS 4 scale and aged is 18 to 30 years. The rest is Vansiya was 18 to 25. The age limit is higher. Primary education is 5 years. It is necessary to have a motorcycle and LTV license and you should know the traffic rules. There will be no physical test. It is okay to leave the race, nor is there any height requirement in this Govt jobs.

Nor is there a demand for chest only there will be a test on your return or there will be an interview, you can get selected, and you can also apply for dispatch rider, it has only four scales, it is okay and it is between 18 to 30 years, it is and it is The education you have is primary and you should know traffic rules. you can apply for Naib Kas too. If your education is less, okay you can apply for the Naib Kasid post.

Chowkidar for FIA jobs in Pakistan

BS 1 scale is 18 to 25. The age should be 18 to 25. Age relaxation is not available. Primary training has been given. There is no experience in terms of training. Okay, Chowkidar is BS 1 and her age is between 18 to 25. It is primary training. There is no experience for this also. So This was Vania, this Vania is going to come in 13 categories and these are general terms and conditions if you want,

You can read them, okay yes and all the details are available in it. You have to apply for Recruitment F.G. You have to visit the website, and let me share its NOC with you, okay, this NOC was published in 2023 and it includes all the vacancies that I have shared with you now, Sub Inspector, UDC, LDC, NB, how is it, and Staff Car Driver jobs in Pakistan.

Apply online for FIA jobs in Pakistan

Vacancy of Assistant is available, here you can see this NOC, let us visit their website, sir, we have opened their official website, Federal Investigation Agency, okay here is the registration form, this is the personal information you have given.

To apply, here you can see your name father’s name CNIC number mobile number ok here you set login i.e. here you have to enter your password and email confirm the password ok here is this code to for verification You have to put it here and here you have to register yourself, this will happen, you will be registered here, its application will start completely in 2024,

FIA jobs in Pakistan

Currently this advertisement, this form with personal information is open. It is okay and as soon as the online application starts completely, I will let you know through a message or a short post. Okay, the purpose of telling you first is so that you can prepare yourself. Someone is left in the physical test or someone is left in the return test. As soon as the application starts, you will be informed.

Here is their registration form, after a few days, maybe at the end of December or in January. It is okay if you start applying for gov jobs in Pakistan in the first week.

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