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Chicken Chowmein Recipe 15 min

how to make chow mein Chicken Chowmein Recipe Chinese series everything is done almost ah norals are left so today we will make many samples anyway norals again all the things in it you made like we did anyway you can use like how to cut a chicken Have to marinate. Go to the same ah player, it has everything you can see from there. I have to cut the chicken very thinly so it will not take much time to cook it.

Just two hundred grams of chicken, slices, about a tablespoon, except sauce, one forty, white paper, half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of fresh gin, and garlic teaspoon of corn flour. I would say half an hour of fish I always find it very easy for Chinese people to sit down it is not fun so all you have to do is make the sauce first and chop these vegetables I told you how to cut these vegetables and make them in the sauce.

How to make chow mein Chicken ChowMein Recipe

Yes, it is very simple. They take about two tablespoons of soy sauce. Oh, it will have a slight shine and the flavor will open up a little. So take about two tablespoons. About a tablespoon of vinegar. Well, I am using it. You will use what you have. I don’t want to take everything. You will get too many ingredients. Oil is very important, but if you overdo it, it will be bad.

It will take up to one teaspoon, we will put one in it, if there is an option for chicken curry flavor, then there is about half a tablespoon of corn flour, a little hot water, abouand t five or six tablespoons so that you chicken cubby is melted. And it will not be a little, you will cook it and keep it. Half a spoon sug of ar if you feel that you are not getting your chicken to dissolve,

Ingredients For Chow Mein Recipe

Why don’t you strain it later, if you want, keep it for twenty-five seconds and a good bit of it. Take it out. You have to fry chicken in anything. You have to make something for the kids. Make fried rice from the leftovers. If you add it, it will make a lot of fried rice. Increase it, add Kush Chili or we have made a hotspot, you can go and see it. Use whatever vegetables you like.

Cabbage. In the beginning, we will put it not too finely. The carrot is also not very fine. I think it will become spicy, so don’t boil it at all. About four tablespoons of salt. This is the change. First, you add salt to the water and then you put noodles in it. Which noodles should you use? Therefore, the noodles that are used are thin and soft, if you live outside, you get soft,

Available in Pakistan chow mein noodles

Which we call, or in the market, they come in a tiger-shaped packet in Pakistanchow mein noodles. Ideally, you should take this packet. It should not be used, but if it is not available, then just use the packet. I am using the thin one. This is what someone is making for four people, so I will use one packet for about one and a half. I put in it these Noors which are ours.

What you have to do is make sure that the water is completely rapidly boiled and then you put salt in it and then you put notes. And whatever is written in front of you, you will see it on the packet, ten minutes, twelve minutes, four minutes, whatever it is, I will check it in these ten cases, I will see it. I will keep this filling slightly raw so that it does not become too much halwa because someone put cocoa on it.

Adding Oil And Water to Chow mein noodles

You will shake it, there is no need to add oil, and you don’t have to do anything. Now if you have to shake it. It’s good. If you have everything ready, then there is no need, otherwise, you can cool it as you have already made it. Add cold water and add ice. My water is getting cold, so if you have not added water, cool So this steam, which is more important so tip foreign use, put a tap spoon tablespoon of oil.

So that they do not hide from each other. You can take any good utensil, whether you take a frying pan, take a non-stick, or take a frankincense in which you want to take it, but you have to heat the utensil first. Then you have to add oil. Well, take this Chinese walk too. The big heavy-duty pan is ours. Good-looking iron is bad, not bad, it’s just iron, it’s actually like that.

Add the Chicken shrimp chow mein noodles

Ah, they do a lot of deep frying in restaurants, we will not do deep frying, we will take four or five tablespoons of oil and the meat is too much and if there is extra, we will take it out. Just a little bit. When your pan gets a little hot, you have to add the chicken and cook it for two to three minutes.

It has to be cooked further, now see this overall, it should start getting a little color, we mean this is just a friendly put. A little color should come inside it. You have my garlic fresh very important. A handhand-painted I like more near le spoon. Hand-crushed fresh garlic, one tablespoon, one teaspoon, i.e. ginger, has to be done here for thirty seconds. It started to smell good.

Add Vegetable shrimp chow mein

So that the crudeness of the abuse also ends. I have carrot and green onion part, cook it for 30 seconds, after that, you have to add capsicum and stop again, use as much as you like but don’t do it, cook it for 30 seconds. so that the dirtiness in the vegetable will also be removed, if a little garlic and ginger are added to it, then it must have felt that there is more oil in it because we were at that depth,

There was more oil in it, not five. tip spoon enough because there are vegetables in it, there is also meat and these noodles also have to come. If you have to put oil too, it will be very dry. Add extra oil. You just have to take it out and mix it in the breath. Salt is added. The white paper is a little too cold, so you can add water in it a little, and two or three tablespoons to make a stream. it’s beautiful. Chicken authentic garnish.

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