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Spicy Chicken Macaroni Recipe In 30-mint

Today we are going to share the Chicken macaroni recipe with you, it will have a combo of macaroni, one will be a little spicy and the spicy will make a creamy macaroni to complement it. By changing them a little, we have arranged these recipes especially for you, so that you can make these in your feasts or at home to impress people or your family members, then start making them.

First, what we are going to make is a cheeseburger macaroni recipe , it will take very few ingredients, all the ingredients you will have at home, first of all, you have to take a pan and add a little oil to it, and today you For the sake of simplicity, we will see the entire in cups and tablespoons so that it becomes easier for you to make it.

Add Ingredients In Chicken Macaroni Recipe

First of all, add one tablespoon of crushed garlic in this oil and let this one tablespoon of garlic for 30 to 40 minutes. You have to cook it for a second and then fry it. If the garlic is fried in this oil for 30 seconds, then it will start to get a nice golden color. You have to fry the onion for two to three minutes. You can also take more Chicken Recipe, and cut into cubes like this, you have to add it and stir fry it a little.

It will be done at this point we will add salt to it, one teaspoon, you have added salt and cook the chicken for two minutes and you do not have to cover while cooking the chicken, if you cover it, let it leave the water. We don’t want what is water and onion, we want soft chicken in it, so it will be the same way, you keep it open and fry it while stirring.

Chicken Adding Vegetable cheeseburger macaroni recipe

There is no time to cook it. It will take a chicken to cook for about four minutes. Here you have to add half a cup of carrot. Look like this. It is cut into cubes but little cubes. Then cook it for two minutes. Add the carrot. It is cooked for three minutes, after that you will add capsicum to it, and mix it for 10 seconds, just don’t cook it too much, now add the rest of the spices, add a teaspoon of chopped black pepper to it.

You have to add hot sauce to it, you have to add about one and a half teaspoons of vinegar. Add chili flakes for extra spicyness and heat and these are tomatoes but their seeds are separated, I only have two tablespoons of the outer one. All the tomatoes will take this mix. Now these are our vegetables and Chicken which are ready here. We can add pasta or macaroni to it.

Baked Macaroni Recipe

So here I kept the macaroni to boil. The macaroni has been boiled here. You have to check them by eating them a little bit, it should not be too soft otherwise later when we cook it, it will be completely maxed out, so I am taking it out. Yes, I have taken simple water, I put salt in it, I have checked it, the salt should be as salty as the sea water is so that you can feel it and you have to put your macaroni in it when the macaroni is cooked.

Chicken Macaroni Cooking Process

When you take it out, what you have to do is to take cold water and pour it over it in this way, the extra starch will also come out and the macaroni will also become cold and the cooking process will also stop. Once the macaroni is soaked with water, pour a little one or two tablespoons of oil on it and shake it so that the oil spreads well. So your macaroni will stick and often mash from the bottom.

The shape is also maintained, so here you have to add about three cups of macaroni and make it max. Now at the end we have to add ketchup to it. If you max it well, then this is a type of macaroni we have prepared, which is spicy macaroni, in it you will get proper heat, you will get spicyness, all the flavors will also get the best baked macaroni recipe.

Spicy Macaroni Recipe

To make macaroni with white sauce, for that, we have to prepare macaroni separately, white sauce will have to be done separately, so I tell you both things, first of all take a pan and in it we start making macaroni. It is kept today. Three to four table spoons of oil will be added to it. There is a similar recipe of garlic in it Only the spices will be changed. Go ahead and fry the garlic for thirty seconds.

One more tip here is that when you are making this macaroni which is either the first one or that one or this one, you have to keep the fire high if the fire is low. So onions will release water or if you are adding chicken, it will release water due to which the whole flavor will be spoiled, so keep the fire a little high.

Chicken macaroni salad

Now this garlic is cooked for thirty seconds. Color has also come on top of it, well, then a cup of onion will be added to it, chopped, and cooked. As soon as the onion is fried, a quarter cup of carrot will be added to it. When the carrot is cooked a little, then half a cup of Shimla pepper will be added in it like this. When it is mixed well, turn off the flame. Now the macaroni is ready. Now we have to make the sauce.

Add Sauce to chicken macaroni salad recipe

Now we have to make the sauce for this. You will take a pan and put it on the fire, in this pan, you are going to cook and for the bechamel sauce, first of all, you have to make a mixture of butter and flour with it, so here I am melting the butter. We have to add flour to the gram of butter and the quantity of flour you have to keep is more than two tablespoons and a little less than three tablespoons. It will become a mixture.

Mix it well. See it. Yes, this mixture has become. Now we will add milk little by little. First, add a little and mix it well. Then the lungs will not be formed. You can see this. Now we will add the rest of the milk to it. It has been mixed with the stomach, so you have to cook it on a low flame while mixing it, and this sauce will start getting thick and see that there are no lumps in it. Our best sauce is if it is getting thick.

Add Ingredients

It has started to boil, then we have to cook it a little while stirring it, do not make it too thick at this point, otherwise, the pasta will be too thick. Yes, we did not thicken it further. Here our sauce is completely ready. Look at its smoothness and how well it has thickened. I have half a cup of moza rela cheese, which is pizza cheese. We add it to it. If you take it, it will make this sauce a little spicy. Season it with a little salt, paper, a little oregano leaves, and mix it.

See, now that string is forming inside it. Let’s mix it well, then our sauce is ready. Now this is the macaroni we have made. We will put this sauce in this macaroni and it will be max and it will be very creamy. Our macaroni is ready. If it’s done, yes, look at this great macaroni, it’s ready. Now we have to put the platter and for the platter, I’m using this dish. Look at the macaroni. Now this is the second Macaroni Recipe. Ours is also ready.

Hot And Spicy flavor Macaroni

Let’s taste the creamy one. The spicy one is coming. Now we check the second one. The flavor of both is completely different. What is spicy is essential in it, you will get the spicy flavor, all those flavors, that hot sauce is coming out a very good flavor. The second one has very light spices inside. It has black pepper and salt in it. But if a separate fusion is made, then this recipe is going to be made chicken macaroni salad recipe.

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