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Sponge Cake Recipe In Blender 30 mint

Today I will teach you a basic or plain sponge cake Recipe, which you can serve with tea, that is, you can also serve it tea because it is very delicious, and if you want, you can also make a cream cake with it, i.e. ice cake recipe. If you can make it, it can be made into a chocolate cake recipe very easily by layering it, and I will teach you how to make it in a blender, which makes it even easier to make this chocolate cake recipe , we need to bake it in the oven.

Without an oven, I will teach you both ways and you can see how perfect the result is, even if we are pressing it, it is very sponge. If you follow the step-by-step recipe, let’s start making the sponge cake recipe , then, first of all, we need a blender and in the blender, we will put milk, the milk that I have used here is not the same. It is neither cold nor warm room temperature milk, I have used it here in the sponge cake recipe and the milk that is in it is open milk i.e. do not take dairy milk.

Adding ingredients Sponge cake recipe

What is the cup used here means half a cup and after adding milk, I have put sugar in it, then the sugar that is there will use granulated sugar because what is in the blender will be crushed, it will be easy for you to make the Sponge Cake. And I have added the sugar and after adding it, we will blend the two things. Even if you are new to my channel, please subscribe to my site and press the bell icon and notification to watch my every post.

You can find that we will blend the two things so much that the grain of sugar is completely gone. It took about a minute and a half in the milk. Within a minute and a half, what is there is sugar. The grain was gone in the blender and here I have cut the scene because the scene was quite big, I am showing it to you. After the two blended very well, I added more. Look, these are blended well. After that, I added three eggs. I used the larger ones. If her eggs are of small size.

Checking the eggs for the best pound cake recipe

To add eggs to your cake recipe, you will first need to crack them open into a separate bowl and give them a quick whisk. Then, add them one at a time to your cake batter while mixing continuously. This will ensure that the eggs are evenly distributed throughout the batter. Do you need any further assistance with your cake recipe?

After that, I add vanilla essence one tablespoon because the smell of vanilla essence is very good inside the sponge cake, so I will put it inside besides, the vanilla essence is added only for the aroma. It has no function inside this Sponge Cake i.e. it doesn’t help to rise, it is only added for aroma. Where will you get vanilla essence and vanilla license many readers don’t get vanilla essence.

Ingredients for Cake Recipe

Look where you get baking supplies, it’s common, it’s a very basic thing for cakes, so there you will find it in both small and big packaging. If you are very keen to make a Mug cake Recipe, you will take a bigger packing, it is a very useful thing, and if you make it less, then you will take less. Now add all the ingredients and blend for two minutes so that the eggs are well blended.

Now see I have blended all the ingredients well. In it we will add more things inside the blender, so I am putting it now after that we will add oil in it, we will add three parts to four cups, that is, you will divide one cup into four parts and take three parts and one. Will leave the part. I am pouring with a measuring cup which you will find in Azali Bazaar. You will find this set, it will be easy for you to make it. Take it once. And now we’re going to land everything even further for a minute.

Chocolate Cake Recipe

Someone asked me in the comment section if they could use ghee instead of oil. So yes you can use it inside the best pound cake recipe. Apart from this, you can also use butter. But I always use oil to make the cake because the Sponge Cake made with oil remains very soft until later, that is, even if you put it in the fridge, it will still be soft, while the cake made with oil will remain soft.

If the cake that is made is kept in a dark refrigerator, then it becomes hard and it is not so fun to eat because what is made of spinach cake is ice cake, and cream best pound cake recipe, and the glass of cream is also kept in the refrigerator. We can’t leave it but the ice cake cake which if made with ghee then hardens a bit when it is kept in the fridge is not so much fun to eat but if it is made with oil it tastes good.

It looks very delicious and you can use butter instead of ghee. The smell of butter is very good in the Sponge Cake, but after going to the fridge, even the butter becomes hard.

Best pound cake recipe

Therefore, the best result is the cake made with oil, so I always show you the cake made with oil. After that, what we need now is a big pot, take any bowl or any big pot in which to max everything inside, everything should be very easy, so here we are putting all the batter that we have made in the blender, put it completely. will Not even a bit of it will be left in the blender.

After, adding the whole meter, we need to sieve it, we will put the flour in it, so the flour I have used here is one and a half cups, i.e. one and a half cups and complete flour should not be added in one time. We will add half and add half again, then add half and we will mix it. Here we will max it. So that all the flour in it should be maxed out in a good way, you don’t need to mix it by hand.

Maxing Ingredients

I have maxed it out on the same step, and after that, I added two and a half teaspoons of baking powder, I have only used baking powder here, I have not used baking soda. After that, the remaining flour has been added and after adding it, we will make it max. Now, what we will mix here will be maxed with a light hand and we will make it so much that the lumps that are in the cake are now even a little bit.

There should be no flour or anything else, so here I have shortened it, but look, you can still feel a little lung in it, so we have to mix it so much. These lungs should be finished, not even a little bit should be left and what is in this recipe must use baking powder or baking soda, it becomes bitter, and its taste is not good, so I also.

Mug cake Recipe

We need more who are new Readers who don’t know how to get butter paper and how is butter paper so I have shown in the post a very short post I have made button paper This is the method and we do cutting in this way, we place the mole upside down, mark it, then cut it with a pan, and after regressing the mole with oil, keep butter paper.

We keep the mole on the bottom and also do the sides well with whatever oil is available. If what you have is not pea paper. So, it is available from the stationery shop, but if you need to make it quickly and you need to make it immediately, then you can also add flour to it and roll it. Extra flour will rub you off. So in this way, you can make it without water paper.

Carrot Cake Recipe Design

In addition to this, the mole that will be used for a single use must be nine inches or larger than nine inches. A small mole will be used in this cake. It is a big cake and a cream cake because it is made from it, so it is a big one so that its layers can be well, so it will use a big mole inside this Sponge Cake. And all this work should be done already. I have shown it here for the sake of showing you.

Otherwise, when we make it better, we immediately put it in the mole, so you have to do the same after that. I have taped it so that the topper is taped so that all the air bubbles in it come out. After that, we will pack the cake. Now I will tell you how to make this punch cake. If we can bake it, we need a thick and big soak and we will use the thick soak in addition, we will use aluminum and we will not use steel soak to bake the cake.

Sponge Cake Recipe

And after that, for any small soaking that happens, I have to put the lid upside down because what everyone has does not stand, so the lid can also do the same thing, so I put the lid upside down here. I have done it and put it on it. Look at this punch cake. The soaking is normal. It is not hot. It has not been heated before. After that, we will cover it and put the cloth etc.

After that, I light the fire, then I cover it and put the cloth on it, so now I will tell you the timing without the oven breaking. For this sponge cake, we will not do any kind of soaking first, we will keep it on medium for two minutes, we will keep it on medium for two minutes, that we will lighten the eyes, we will do it on low flame.

Time Duration Cake recipe

We will give it for twenty to thirty-five minutes. Within thirty to thirty-five minutes, this cake which is a sponge cake will be completely ready for soaking and now I am telling you the timing of the oven. Who will do it for one hundred and eighty five minutes and after that the sponge cake will be completely ready in the oven within one hundred and eighty minutes. Here, it has been 20 minutes for the cake.

I am also showing the cake in 20 minutes because I make the complete cake only by soaking it. It’s not like I make over and then soak what’s left and show you guys. It does not move in this way. So see it has been soaking for 20 minutes but now the cake that is on top has puffed up but it is still quite raw and it will bake more.

Baking Time Sponge Cake Recipe

So now again I am covering it with cloth it and after that when completed thirty to thirty five minutes then we will check again. Look, it’s been almost thirty five minutes. So I am checking for thirty five minutes, see what the cake is, it has turned back, the side has also become golden and I will show you by checking with a stick, so see that whenever you check with a stick, only the center is done.

I will put the stick in the side or somewhere else, and then you will not know the result, whether it is back or not, when I put the stick in the center, it is completely clear here, there is not even a bit of batter in it. This cake has been baked, but if even a little bit of batter comes on top of this stick, then understand that the cake is raw from the center, so it will be baked further.

Backing Time Sponge Cake Recipe

Now there is a lot of light here. I will show you the no-curve light up close now. Look, I turned on the low light, so look at something like this. It looks like this. It is completely back. After a little bit, you will feel that the cake is puffed, after that, we will leave the cake to cool down, so here I had to show you, I am showing you quickly.

We will separate what is there with a knife in this way, because what is on the side is butter paper, so we have not applied it, only oil has been greased, so we will separate its sides with a knife in this way. After doing it, we will turn it over so that I can show you how it is golden and the result of this punch cake is perfect. It is also very easy to make and you can eat it with the recipe.

Cake Recipe Complete

If you do, you will have a lot of fun. It’s a very good cake. Look at the backside. This is how it is golden. Complete. It is golden in a very good way. After removing the butter paper, I will show you how it is golden. Yes, you can see the result. How good it is. It has become weak. If you follow the step by step recipe in this way, you will be able to make a cake in the same way. It is soft. And now we cut the Sponge Cake Recipe that we are.

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